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Guild Wars – Chapter 339: Legendary Skills Galore 2 Bahasa Indonesia

After Rambunctious Buttlover was Kiran, who was a Martial Artist.

「Inner Force – Passive skill

Effect: A special energy (Qi) courses through your body, specifically your meridians, that prolongs your life, increases your overall power and connects you to the essence of the world.」

「Unarmed Combat Mastery – Passive skill

Effect: The User can use any form of hand-to-hand combat skills or techniques without draining stamina, and the damage and defense when using such techniques is increased by 20%.」

「Cultivate – Active skill

Effect: Meditate to channel the world’s energy through your body, increasing your quantity and quality of Qi at a steady pace.

Note: Can only be done out of combat, and in places with ambient Worldly Energy.

Duration: 1 hour

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Qi Wave – Active skill

Effect: Send out a wave of condensed Qi made through cultivation to damage all enemies within 1 mile. This deals 500% special damage.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

After Kiran was naturally Uno, who now possessed the Vanguard class.

「Protection Aura – Passive skill

Effect: All allies within an Area Zone have their physical defense raised by 60%, their magical defense by 50%, their physical resistance by 10%, and their magical resistance by 5%. Their base HP is also increased by 50%.」

「Immovable Wall – Passive skill

Effect: All stuns, knockbacks and knock-ups are ineffective on the User. The User’s base defense is magnified by 40% and their universal resistances are set to 70%.」

「All-out Defense – Active skill

Effect: Forgo all personal defense to create a huge barrier covering an area of 1 mile that protects all allies within.

Note: Barrier has 50% damage reduction but no reflection. It also has a damage threshold of 4,000,000 at Rank 1.

Duration: 1 hour.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Deflect – Active skill

Effect: Charge up your shield and deflect the attack of a foe that is beyond your threshold.

Note 1: This requires a shield of the Legendary Rank at the least.

Note 2: Deflect can only work if the incoming attack deals above 10,000,000 damage at once.

Note 3: There is a 1% chance to perfectly reflect the attack at Rank 1.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

After him was Cobra, the Slayer of all living beings.

「Extreme Stealth – Passive skill

Effect: Remain invisible to all enemies below your level. Those at your level have a 10% chance to detect you while those above you have varying chances to do so. Does not consume stamina.」

「Blood Aura – Passive skill

Effect: An air of murder surrounds the User, granting 20% increase to damage and defense when using small bladed weapons. The User’s execution chance is fixed at 50% per strike when an enemy is below 30% HP.」

「Disable – Active skill

Effect: Fire a special dart of poison that silences the target, preventing them from using their skill or spells. Some enemies might also be paralyzed for a short period.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Sure-kill Strike – Active skill

Effect: Thrust your blade into the core weak point of an enemy, taking their life away while you watch their soul leave their body.

Note 1: Enemy must be at 100% HP.

Note 2: Enemy must be within 1 Rank of yours.

Note 3: Enemy must be unaware of your presence.

Cooldown: 1 week.」

Now, only Boyd was left with his Maverick class.

「Bide – Passive skill

Effect: The User acc.u.mulates damage received from enemies to increase their own damage through built-up rage. The threshold is 70% damage increase per combat encounter.」

「Improvisation – Passive skill

Effect: The User can adopt any fighting style or use any large weapon without the required mastery, though the damage output with the new style/weapon would be reduced by 30%. 」

「Unpreditable Strike – Active skill

Effect: Slash, punch, kick or charge an enemy randomly and without prior contemplation, yielding random effects. This ranges from 1% damage to 100%, and may or may not backlash the User.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Berserk – Active skill

Effect: Unleash all pent up rage and anger, throwing one’s consciousness into the abyss as they let their inner monster run wild. Damage, defense, and HP are increased by 90%.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 1 days.」

Upon reading all their base class skills, Riveting Night was more than shaken. As much as she wanted to individually assess and understand their skills, she understood that she’d be able to get a better handle in a combat situation.

Thinking like this, she had an idea.

“Now that you have all classed up, you will follow me to a dungeon so that I can assess your combat effectiveness.” She commanded.

The others shared a look of excitement. After having their power greatly buffed like this, a battle was exactly what they needed so that they could flex themselves and earn Riveting Night’s praise!

As such, Riveting Night led them out of the Guild Hall and towards the entrance. As always, there was a wealth of players standing there, but all of them were currently staring dazedly at something before them.

This was naturally the announcement from the system that Sublime Notion and Rina were going for.

「Boundless System-wide Announcement

Players Sublime Notion, Eye Patch, Quiet Blade, Alpha Male, Gentle Lamb, Rambunctious Buttlover, Dreary Traveler, Slim Fatty, Warm Spring, Silent Walker, Loving Aunt, Jada, Jade, Akainu, Sanji, Deployed Soldier, Happy Saint and Noble Writer have simultaneously obtained Legendary classes and well as reaching Rank 2.

Guild Umbra obtains the title ‘Guild of Legends’. This is one of the 10 greatest accolades!」

Many players were shaken by this. Umbra had done something that should be beyond impossible, which was to have almost all their core members acquire Legendary classes at once, while also jumping to Rank 2.

Currently, the average player was still trying to reach level 40, much less thinking about Ranking Up. As the number 1 player guild, Umbra more than lived up to its resounding reputation.

The old players already knew of Umbra’s excellence, but the new ones had been doubtful. The First Player Auction had demonstrated that Umbra boasted great wealth and good connections, but the actual power of the members had remained a bit obscure.

After seeing this announcement though, all players understood that they were fundamentally playing a different game. If they were playing a competitive MMORPG with a high difficulty, Umbra was playing a single-player game at the recruit difficulty.

Those outside the Guild Hall removed their focus from the announcement and watched the core members of Umbra exiting. Their hearts shook greatly as they felt their auras and saw their changes, especially for Silent Walker, Dreary Traveler, Warm Spring, Loving Aunt, Noble Writer, and Happy Saint who manifested the most visible outward changes.

Instantly, many players opened the photo mode and took pictures of the supreme line up that was Umbra’s core members. These photos were snapped on impulse, but these players here had no idea how much value these pictures would have in the future.

Riveting Night led them to the Portal Center, aiming to teleport them to their destination. However, before she did so, she realized there were some things she had failed to account for after their Class Ups, which was the fact that everyone had had enough experience to Rank Up once, except Rina.

As such, they each got 2 new class skills and some slightly different stats. Riveting Night quickly reopened the information they had sent her and pressed on the small arrow pointing right to see their Rank 2 information.

「Wordsmith – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Proofreading (Active), Appeal (Active).

Exp gain rate: 120%

Rank up difficulty: 40%

Class weapons: None

Class skills: Any literary」

「Ferromancer – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Summon Metal Golem (Active), Instant Craft (Active).

Exp gain rate: 100%

Rank up difficulty: 50%

Class weapons: Any metal

Class skills: Any metal」

「Information Broker – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Information Lockdown (Active), Instant Relocation (Active).

Exp gain rate: 120%

Rank up difficulty: 40%

Class weapons: None.

Class skills: Any informatory」

「Conglomerate Manager – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Liquidate Assets (Active), Declare Bankruptcy (Active).

Exp gain rate: 120%

Rank up difficulty: 40%

Class weapons: None

Class skills: Any mercantile」

「Fire Lord – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Flare (Active), Lava Field (Active).

Exp gain rate: 70%

Rank up difficulty: 30%

Class weapons: Staff, Wand, Tome

Class skills: Any fire」

「Ice Lord – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Glacier (Active), Arctic Field (Active).

Exp gain rate: 70%

Rank up difficulty: 30%

Class weapons: Staff, Wand, Tome

Class skills: Any ice」

「Enchantress – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Acid Rain (Active), Toxic Cloud (Active).

Exp gain rate: 100%

Rank up difficulty: 60%

Class weapons: Any magical

Class skills: Any poison or beguilement」

「Lord of Shadows – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Tendril Storm (Active), Darkness Devour (Active).

Exp gain rate: 90%

Rank up difficulty: 70%

Class weapons: None

Class skills: Any darkness」

「Demi-Angel – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Divine Blessing (Active), Wisdom of Heaven (Active).

Exp gain rate: 400%

Rank up difficulty: 10%

Class weapons: None

Class skills: Any healing or support」

「Lich – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Netherealm (Active), Convert (Active).

Exp gain rate: 90%

Rank up difficulty: 60%

Class weapons: None

Class skills: Any undead」

「Sword Supreme – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Parry (Active), Sword Shadows (Active).

Exp gain rate: 80%

Rank up difficulty: 90%

Class weapons: Any sword

Class skills: Any sword」

「Orator – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Storytelling (Active), Disenchant (Active).

Exp gain rate: 140%

Rank up difficulty: 40%

Class weapons: None

Class skills: Any bard」

「Martial Artist – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Eight Inner Gates – Gate of Opening (Active), Eight Inner Gates – Gate of Healing (Active).

Exp gain rate: 100%

Rank up difficulty: 60%

Class weapons: Any unarmed

Class skills: Any unarmed」

「Vanguard – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Shield Charge (Active), Tremor (Active).

Exp gain rate: 140%

Rank up difficulty: 30%

Class weapons: Any defensive

Class skills: Any defensive」

「Slayer – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Bloodletting (Active), Bloodseeking (Active).

Exp gain rate: 110%

Rank up difficulty: 50%

Class weapons: Any small

Class skills: Any assassin」

「Maverick – Legendary Class (Rank 2)

Skills: Ultra Colossus (Active), Rash Charge (Active).

Exp gain rate: 120%

Rank up difficulty: 40%

Class weapons: Any large

Class skills: Any berserker.」

Their stats hadn’t changed much, it was pretty uniform throughout. Their exp gain rate had been reduced while their Rank Up difficulties had been increased.

Apart from Warm Spring who went from 500% to 400%, the rest had lost about 20-30% of their exp gain compared to when they were at Rank 1. As for their difficulties, Warm Spring had the lowest increase from 1% to 10% while the others had increased by 20-40%.

Riveting Night noted this before entering the Portal Center with the others in tow. She chose to go to the Drevish Divine Empire’s territory, and their specific destination was one of the mid-tier cities there called Grego City.

Once they arrived in the town, they were shown a very different scene from usual. The Drevish Divine Empire was a non-human one, mostly lead by Hobgoblins, Gnomes, and Halflings.

Grego City was a bustling one, this one mid-tier city being even larger than Cario City which was a high-tier one in the Sturgehaven Kingdom. Then again, one was a Divine Empire and the other was an ordinary Kingdom, so was there even a need to compare?

The style of housing here was quite strange, with small tent-like homes made of a mixture of stone, wood, and cut-tiles. The shapes were not cubical, but sometimes triangular, sometimes rectangular, and – bizarrely – sometimes cylindrical.

Well, it was a bit much to expect the other races to share the same aesthetical taste as humankind.

On the streets there were many goblins, humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings wondering about on their own business. Just because it was a city in a non-human empire didn’t mean that other races could not enter.

On the contrary, all Divine Empires had such scenes as different races came through to enjoy their facilities and amenities. To a Divine Empire, what was most important was not the race of the residents by their patronization.

In other words, most Divine Empires were cosmopolitan in nature, so one would never see a uniform and stale scene when inside their borders.


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