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Guild Wars – Chapter 268: A New Class Option Bahasa Indonesia

「System to Player Announcement

Your success chance is calculated based on your skills, equipment, techniques shown so far, level, stats and physique.」

Draco froze, then he slapped his forehead! Of course, this was it… no wonder he lost both times. However, Draco could not be blamed for his mistake.

Putting aside the fact that this Class Up Procedure stuff was new to him, the way the system had presented the choices made it seem as if the difficulty chance was calculated by the Rank of the class, not by his specific chances.

Each Rank of classes had uniform chances of success, so anyone smart enough would have come to the same conclusion as Draco.

But it seemed like the AI factored in his bloodline, everything he had shown/learned, all his skills, his shown techniques, his subjective magic, his titles, his rebuilt body, his Control and his equipment before drawing up the numbers.

In essence, if the AI ran 10,000 simulations of Draco attempting the procedure, only 1 of the 10,000 actually succeeded?! Why then would he waste his time attempting if this was the case?

He had thought that since the difficulty per Rank of the class was uniform, it was calculated with the stats and equipment of the average Rank 1, level 50 player. If so, his chances should be leagues above the others.

The Dragon King Class Up Procedure had been easier than the Demon Emperor one, so Draco believed that he had a chance. If he re-tried, he estimated a 30% success chance.

He would first blink towards the Sky Dragoness and fire Omega at point blank range. After clearing her, he would be sent into his first invincibility state, then he would summon the Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon would engage the Golden Dragon while it trapped the Earth Dragon in an Illusion. He would fire a second Omega at the Earth Dragon and have his second life ended.

As stated before, the invulnerability was external. If he thought he was smart and could fire out unlimited Omegas while in invincibility, wouldn’t that be a joke?

Did Draco consider himself smarter than the AI who had rebalanced him exactly to avoid these kind of loophole interactions between his skills?

Draco would then hold out for as long as he could until the Golden Dragon was defeated.

However, he estimated that his Black Dragon could only take the Golden Dragon down to 10% before the timer ran out. At that point, he would have to face down the monster on his own.

This would be the clutch point, where he would have to use all his skills and techniques to drain away that last 10% and become a Dragon King!

However, he gazed at the success chance for the Dragon King class and saw that it was the same as before. It had neither increased nor decreased, so Draco began to doubt his lofty ambition.

After all, if this class was supposed to be the same difficulty as the Demon Emperor one, how could he be allowed to succeed so easily? He hadn’t even had the chance to fart during the Demon Emperor one, so the Dragon King had to be just as hard.

The Dragon King class was even superior to the Demon Emperor one, so it didn’t make for it to be easier. Was there more to the battle with the three Dragon Lords that he wasn’t aware of yet?

But he had still been able to beat them down slightly, so this couldn’t be. Draco rubbed his chin thoughtfully and asked a very prudent question.

“After an attempt, do the inhabitants of the procedure remember my former attempt or is everything reset?”

「System to Player Announcement

All Class Up Procedure scenarios are reset after every attempt. All item and equipment cooldowns are reset after each attempt as well.」

Draco frowned deeply and asked one final question. “Are my success chances re-calculated after every attempt?”

「System to Player Announcement

Your success chance is re-calculated based on your progress during the last attempt.」

Draco froze. So, the AI was saying… that even with all his skills and boons, as well as fighting his enemies after understanding their battle styles while they would forget his, he still had the same success chance?

Draco did not want to believe it, but the AI was the last entity in the universe that would bullshit about something like this.

If it calculated this after running hundreds of simulations, then he would have to make hundreds – or currently thousands – of attempts to get the right combination.

It didn’t really help that his money capped him at 33 more chances…

Draco paused for a long while before leaving the Training Hall. He stood in the hallway of this particular floor of the Guild Hall for about one hour before re-entering the Training Hall.

He once again chose to select the Class Promotion procedures before going further by choosing the Class Up option.

This time Draco, activated his General Aspect the moment he made the choice, right before he saw the first screen.

「System to Player Announcement

Analyzing player stat allocation… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Analyzing player skills… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Analyzing player physique… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Analyzing player equipment… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Analyzing player techniques… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Analyzing player class paths… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Player analysis complete. New options available. Display?

Y/N 」

He quickly dispelled his form with a heavy sigh and panting as if he ran a marathon. He was truly pushing it for using it for the whole 3 milliseconds he could, but he wanted to test something out.

If his idea worked out, he would be solid. If not, he would only be disappointed, without having lost anything. Draco asked the system to display the choices and gazed at the first row.

He smirked when he saw that his idea paid off in the end.

「Abyssal Prime – Class

Rank: Divine

Success Chance: 100%

Price: 1,000,000,000 platinum per attempt」

「Dragon King – Class

Rank: Legendary

Success Chance: 0.01%

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」

「Devil Lord – Class

Rank: Legendary

Success Chance: 0.01%

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」

「Demon Emperor – Class

Rank: Legendary

Success Chance: 0.01%

Price: 1,000,000 platinum per attempt」

「Magus – Class

Rank: Legendary

Success Chance: 0.01%

Price: 1,000,000 platinum per attempt」 etc

Everything was the same as before, with one key difference. There was a new class called Abyssal Prime which was also at the Divine Rank, but what shocked Draco was that he had a 100% success chance.

In other words, all he needed to do was to present himself and he would get it. Even if he tried to purposefully fail the procedure, he would still succeed!

However, his enthusiasm bled away when he saw the price. One billion platinum?! How was he supposed to earn that much in a short amount of time?

Even if he sold 10,000 top-grade Crystals, he would not reach that amount due to the value dropping with the high supply of them. Not only that, even if he did sell them for that amount, every power would skewer him to death.

He was more inclined to sell his Advanced Spatial Creation Device for the money, but if he did so openly, he would be killed to death as well. If he did so privately, it would only work the first few times before the gig would be up most definitely long before he collected that sum.

Once these powers realized he still had more of them, the War Maniac Pavilion wouldn’t protect him, but more likely lead the charge to smash him to oblivion.

Previously, Draco had planned to sell to the other races, but that was more as items for barter. For example, he could demand class/race change opportunities for Umbra’s members, land, unique equipment/items/skills/spells they possessed etc.

There was a reason why humans were the dominant species in Boundless, even though they got their assess whooped every millennium. If even the human race couldn’t give him all the raw platinum he needed, then the others races were less likely.

Unless he could find some treasury vault from the old era. At that time, even trillionaires in terms of platinum had existed, much less a mere billion. It wasn’t like now where the richest only had a collective 1 billion – the Merchant Association – and most of that stemmed from fixed assets.

But as one could imagine, Draco knew not where such a thing was. If he knew, why would he have been stuck in the previous timeline?

However, Draco pinned down some possible locations. The first was the Anomaly Realm, where Rila claimed she couldn’t see beyond the wall. Since the realm was built by Hikari’s dad, a Semi-Origin God, there should be something good there.

The second was the Ancestral City of Dragons. However, he could only access it after he completed his Divine Quest, which was to restore the Dragon Race.

「Restore the Dragon race – Divine Quest

Description: As one of the two remaining Dragonkin in the world, the task falls on your shoulders to rebuild the pure-blooded Dragon race by any means necessary.


1. There is no penalty for failure

2. This quest has no time limit

Rewards: Max reputation with the Dragon race, Access to the Divine Draconic Treasury and the Ancestral Dragon City.」

The third and final was the Abyssal Trove, which was the active skill of the Abyss Key. This had been prepared for whoever got this quest, and it existed in the old era, never having been opened since then.

Of these three choices, the most accessible was the Abyssal Trove. The Anomaly Realm barrier was made up of Divine Energy and even Rila couldn’t see through it.

It was unlikely that Draco could destroy a wall made of Divine Energy with his current means. In fact, saying that it was unlikely was being generous, extremely generous.

As for the second one, it was his most realistic shot at it, but it was not something that could be done unless Draco could fast-forward time. Even if he gave Hikari 100 eggs, until they hatched, nothing would be certain.

The Abyssal Trove was the only choice in the short term, although Draco had planned to give it to Eva and his people while he was at the Refinement God’s Treasury Unique Quest.

Its passives were the key to completing the quest and being the final victor, but Draco wanted to risk it all for the Divine Class. However, he was hesitant.

What if the Abyssal Trove had great items, which was totally normal, but no money? After all, it was constructed to stockpile precious items in case the world was wiped out by void monsters back then.

Who would save money when the world was coming to an end? Money would become the most useless thing then, and items as well as useful materials would be the most important.

Draco was stuck between a rock and hard place. Be selfish and destroy the key to search for the possibility of enough wealth to get the Divine Class or be selfless by handing the key over to his people to use for their benefit, opting to try and find other ways for the Divine Class?

Draco messaged Riveting Night and shared all of this with her. Before he made a decision, he wanted a second opinion, and Riveting Night was the best person to ask for such a thing.

“Use the Key. At the end of the day, it is external help. Acquiring a Divine Class would benefit you at a fundamental level, and I can certainly slaughter void monsters without it. -Eva.”

After she said this, Draco sighed with relief and nodded. He had been thinking too much. All he needed to do was acquire the class by any means necessary and dominate the world.

When did a monster like Riveting Night ever needed an Abyss Key to fight? She was currently preparing to head out and farm experience to reach Rank 2 after Draco, as well as increase her Legendary/Epic item arsenal.

By the time she was done, she would be just as broken as Draco was currently, which was how it should be seeing as they had the same relative strength.

Draco activated the Abyssal Trove skill of the key.

「System to Player Announcement

You will begin the Abyssal Trove bonus quest. Your item, ‘Abyss Key’ will be destroyed upon activation. Accept?

Y/N 」

Draco selected yes and was whisked away to far off lands.


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