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Guild Wars – Chapter 132: [R-18] Love That Transcends Fate 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Draco could only shiver strongly when Eva began to stroke his d.i.c.k slightly more forcefully, her eyes focused on his reaction since she enjoyed the feeling of pleasing him. Eva loved seeing his feeble attempts of trying to hide his lewd visage, but failing miserably.

Eva moved her hand down onto his shaft, while she brought her lips closer to his d.i.c.k. She licked it gently, like it was ice cream on a cone. A gentle, probing lick to see his reaction and spike his l.u.s.t.

Eva wanted to give Draco what she felt he deserved, which was a pleasure beyond what he could fathom. She might not be like the succubi or nymphs who had supernatural s.e.x.u.a.l prowess, but she had the one thing they – and no other female – ever would.

His heart.

Draco shivered when he felt Eva lick his glans, and he looked down to see her smiling happily. She brought her lips closer to his member once again and kissed it twice, expressing her love and fealty to it.

Draco reached down and mussed her hair by pushing it back, preventing it from interrupting her in any way. Eva chuckled lightly and positioned herself properly as her black pupils flashed with resolve.

Then, she swallowed Draco.

Her mouth was warm and wet, and Draco felt her tongue wrap around the head of his d.i.c.k expertly. It rolled around his glans multiple times, which sent strong signals to his brain that resulted in him letting out some m.o.a.ns.

Eva’s mouth was tight and small. One could see that her blood-red lips were stretched to take all of Draco’s d.i.c.k in.

Looking at her bulging cheeks as she slobbered on his d.i.c.k only added to her beauty and was another form of visual stimulation for Draco.

Eva made sure every section of his shaft was coated in her saliva. When that was done, she began to move her head back and forth slowly, using her lips and tongue to stimulate Draco’s c.o.c.k.

Like every other girl, she had started out a bit rough when she did this for Draco in their past life, especially since his manhood was impressive. However, after the countless times they had done it with each other, she had learned how to do it to perfectly suit Draco’s needs.

Draco felt her warm mouth envelop his member and rub it thoroughly, which forced him to close his eyes as his breathing became heavy and rushed. Eva was too good at sucking him off. She knew exactly what to do to get him there.

Case in point, Eva raised the tip of her tongue – which was underneath Draco’s c.o.c.k in her mouth – and used it to rub his frenulum. It swiped left and right in a high tempo, even as she continued to allow his d.i.c.k to penetrate her mouth.

Draco shivered as she did this and his abdomen started to feel heavy as he felt a burning liquid rise along his urethra. Eva noticed that his c.o.c.k began to throb strongly and realized that his orgasm was building up.

As such, she let go of her idea to slowly stimulate him. It seemed like their arousal was too strong. Just as she ended up reaching her orgasm quickly when he went down on her, he was also about to c.u.m faster than usual in the real world.

Eva increased her tempo, her neck pumping back and forth as she worked like a piston. She stopped licking his frenulum, rather opting to stick to the tried and true stimulation through lubricated friction in her mouth.

This allowed Draco to last longer and enjoy the pleasure a bit longer as it lost that mind-numbing intensity, but it gained a certain pressure that made his s.e.m.e.n climb up his shaft slowly, ready to fire at any moment.

No matter how strongly he tried to withhold it, nothing could stop his orgasm from breaking free, as he shot a mouthful of c.u.m into Eva’s throat, forcing her to swallow it all in large gulps.

She never even considered any other outcome, and the satisfaction she felt as his energetic and vibrant s.e.m.e.n went down her throat was something indescribable. She felt stronger and much more motivated to continue their lovemaking after she drank his c.u.m.

To her, it tasted like the sweetest syrup, a flavor one would love to add to their dessert. Eva swallowed it all up with an expression of gratification on her face, not even letting a drop go to waste.

She rose to her feet and gazed into Draco’s slightly blissful eyes with pride and joy for being able to bring him such contentment. Eva couldn’t help but feel up his sturdy body while he stood there aimlessly.

Draco’s mind eventually came back and he marveled at Eva’s prowess. Truly, it was only she who could maneuver his body with such grace and skill.

Draco kissed her on the forehead and brought her to the bed, where they sat down together. He gently messed up her hair – again – and spoke softly.

“That was amazing. Are you ready?”

Eva didn’t even hesitate for a second before she replied with a loving smile. “I am.”

Draco nodded and carried her to the center of the bed, putting her down on her back softly. He made sure she was in a comfortable position before he parted her soft and supple legs.

He loomed over her, his twitching member hovering right above her abdomen. He paused to take in the sight of his woman, his perfect and supreme Celestial Maiden, and felt his blood boil.

Eva stared at Draco as he loomed over her, taking in the majesty of her Handsome Devil and his impressive prowess, feeling her mind spin and her body begin to heat up even more as desire flooded her.

Draco placed the tip of his d.i.c.k against her entrance, but didn’t push in just yet. He knew Eva could block the pain with her Control, but she wouldn’t. She would treasure the pain of her first time with him and Draco felt both gratified and uncomfortable.

Gratified because he was moved that she would take that horrid pain just to make sure she would remember their first time forever. Uncomfortable because he didn’t like the idea of causing her pain.

However, Eva caressed his cheek as she stared into his bright green eyes with her pitch-black ones. “Please don’t keep me waiting, Draco.”

Draco steeled himself and began pushing into her, pausing when he saw her expression twist greatly. Draco’s d.i.c.k was big, which was great for casual s.e.x with a girl who had already lost her v.i.r.g.i.nity, but not so great when it was the promised first time.

She smiled weakly and coaxed him on.

Honestly, one would think it was Draco who was having his h.y.m.e.n torn.

Draco continued to push in until he felt that thin membrane. When he reached here, he gritted his teeth and pushed in fully, snapping that membrane apart as he went to her deepest depths.

Eva’s canal squeezed Draco’s d.i.c.k like a clamp, spasming as her Vital Yin blood merged with Draco’s Vital Yang. Instead of bleeding out, it was absorbed into his d.i.c.k and combined with his s.e.m.e.n, forming the seeds of the child they planned to have.

She shuddered greatly as the pain washed over her, but she gritted her teeth and bore with it. Draco had taken a few v.i.r.g.i.nities during his time and he knew that foolishly waiting for the pain to die down would make it even more pronounced.

As such, he began to move slowly but surely, pulling his c.o.c.k out of her canal and pushing it back in, his mind trembling under the sheer magnitude of their connection at this moment.

Eva was too tight! He felt like he was trying to pass through a narrow crevice in a mountain, with either side leading to a bottomless abyss. It didn’t cause him pain, but moving was extremely difficult.

It if wasn’t for the fact that Eva was extremely wet, Draco would believe that his d.i.c.k would never have been able to enter.

Still, as he thrust into Eva, he felt her canal begin to loosen as the shape molded to fit his member. Her pain-filled expression began to ease slowly with each movement he made, and she closed her eyes as she began to make some strange sounds under her breath.

It was a surreal feeling.

Draco wasn’t pounding into her with force or l.u.s.tful desire. His movement was firm but gentle, pushing into her canal at a certain pace.

Eva also felt her pain subside as a strange feeling welled up in her. Having Draco penetrate her in such a manner caused her to feel like she was truly connected to him.

Draco leaned over Eva and brought his face closer to hers. She also opened her eyes and looked into his.

They just shared this intimate eye connection as they gazed into the souls of each other, even as Draco continued to push into her v.a.g.i.n.a with his member.

At this instant, Draco and Eva seemed to be pulled into a world where only the two of them existed, where their thoughts and hearts truly connected. They could feel the emotions and thoughts of the other.

Draco could feel Eva’s undying love, her happiness, and her pleasure.

Eva could feel Draco’s reverence for her, his obsession and his will to protect and provide.

This connection was unique but not exactly magical or anything like that. It usually occurred between a couple who truly loved each other from the bottom of their hearts. When they consummated their love, they would be so deeply connected that such a strange phenomenon was born.

This was described as ‘making love’.

Draco smiled gently as he kissed Eva and she kissed him back with the same softness. Their lips connected and it felt like all the words they wanted to say to each other were contained in this one kiss.

At this time, their genitals had long begun to shift slightly. Eva’s v.a.g.i.n.a merged into Draco’s shape and his phallic member began to reach out for her softest spots almost instinctively.

They didn’t need to guide it, as it happened on its own due to their emotional, spiritual and mental connection.

Eva wrapped her legs around Draco’s back as the fellow brought his hands to her chest and gently rubbed her n.i.p.p.l.es. Her cute little buds were teased by him as he continued to kiss her deeply.

Eva felt her body begin to melt into Draco as her climax grew with each moment they spent connected. The same happened to Draco, as their pleasure was being shared and enhanced during their connection.

Draco also felt his climax build as he continued to push deeper and deeper into his soulmate, his ethereal beauty. He m.o.a.ned softly as his bloodline boiled like it was simmering.

He felt a horrendous amount of his bloodline energy leave his body and concentrate in his scrotum. His normally lively s.p.e.r.m containing impressive hints of the Lucifer Lineage bloodline suddenly shifted from white to pure black.

Currently, his s.e.m.e.n contained Eva’s Vital Yin, his Vital Yang and a prohibitive amount of his bloodline energy… Draco felt some of his bloodline source, the black mass, leave his body and head to that region.

As this intense concoction of genetics climbed up his shaft, he felt his mind freeze. Draco suddenly shifted in demeanor as he roared out like a beast, his s.e.m.e.n bursting into Eva’s canal.

Because he had pressed the tip to her cervix, every single bit of fluid entered her w.o.m.b directly.

Draco’s reverse scale on his chest expanded and covered his skin, as he suddenly transformed into something half-human and half-dragon. His mind lost its coherence as his body shuddered greatly.

Eva was faring no better. The moment Draco’s s.e.m.e.n had entered her w.o.m.b, her bloodline also roiled as it concentrated into the walls of her w.o.m.b and her eggs, forcefully beginning her ovulation as it shot out from her ovaries.

She felt a great amount of energy leave her and enter her uterus, a bit of the white mass that formed her own bloodline source leaving her as this occurred.

Her body shivered as she transformed into a beacon of light, her skin emitting such brightness that it might blind any onlooker. Out of nowhere, her body seemed to don a white robe as the very light of the world covered her form like clothing.

Her black hair became white and her pupils became golden.

Draco and Eva stayed in this intense situation for a few minutes before they both passed out suddenly.


Draco awoke to see that he was in… space? He appeared to be in that same place he had seen Lucifer and Amaterasu during the Underwater Wreckage dungeon, staring at the big blue planet called earth nearby.

He saw himself, or what seemed like an older version of himself, standing there in a long black robe. Standing beside him was Eva… no someone who looked like Eva, but was slightly older.

She wore a white robe, her hair color was green while her eyes were black, the same prominent features as his own Eva.

Draco looked to his left and saw Eva herself, who was also staring ahead with confusion. When Draco saw this, he realized that they were together in this bizarre dream or vision, and opposite them were none other than their progenitors.

The one Draco assumed to be Lucifer spoke.

“We are not your Progenitors as you might think, nor any of your ancestors. We are essentially just you, just as you are us.”

He began very cryptically, making Draco want to thwack him on the head. Thank god he himself wasn’t that annoying all the time.

“Lucifer thought it would be wise to leave seeds of ourselves behind in case we failed in our battle, so we removed almost all of our bloodline source and merged it with some DNA from the sub-humans.”

Amaterasu spoke next, her sonorous voice no different from Eva’s.

Draco had to admit, in terms of looks and makeup, he couldn’t doubt the duo’s words. They were essentially like younger clones of the Godly Duo.

“Why create us?” Eva asked with a frown.

“We are not sure when we will return from the Gerdo Galaxy, no matter the outcome of our battle. As such, we planted these bloodline memories into your seeds so that we could share some important information for you when you attempt to create a child.”

Lucifer spoke, ignoring Eva’s question.

Or rather, it wasn’t that he ignored it, but rather that he wasn’t conscious or aware. This was just a well-planted bloodline memory that was supposed to play when they took each other’s v.i.r.g.i.nities. It was similar to watching a recording. You could learn from it, but you would be unable to directly interact with the content.

This meant that in case they would have managed to patch things up in their previous timeline and if Draco had found a way to unlock his bloodline, this would have never played. After all, Maria had already stolen his Vital Yang.

“We are not sure when you will be born. As we record this, we are about to go to battle, meaning we must leave this planet. We plan to return to our original home.”

“You are our hope for the future should we fail,” Amaterasu added to Lucifer’s earlier assertion.

“In this great universe, there is no heaven and hell, no magical upper realms or demeaning lower realms. This universe is a marvel of creation, a singular existence in all of reality, which has its own space-time and laws. Everything is contained in our universe, but nothing can lay claim to all of it.”

“For it is ever-expanding, adding to itself with every passing moment. New species are born, old species die out. New planets are formed, old planets wither. New suns are born, old suns extinguish.”

“The cycle of life is endless in our universe. If there is a creator or heavenly being, we are unaware of it. No one can claim to know because our universe is too unique and all-powerful.”

“Among the sentient races, there exists the Gerdo Galaxy which functions as a sort of capital for all of us. In the past, the human race had been the first to be born and we are the most powerful of all.”

“We have always been and we will always be. Even the sub-humans possess a power they do not understand, which brings me to the reason why we are in this situation.”

Lucifer paused here.

Amaterasu continued. “We were and still are feared greatly by all the races. Our capacity to grow, to procreate endlessly and to master everything in this universe is unmatched.”

“The ones most fit to rival us, the Angels, the Devils, the Giants, the Insectoids, the Beast races as well as the Dragon race all teamed up to take us down.”

“They paid a hefty price to do so, and only succeeded due to the fatal flaw of all humankind. Our arrogance and war-like nature, led us to great infighting long before we realized that we had been pitted against each other.”

“Billions of humans were killed, but we didn’t truly die. The advancements in the field of science were great and our genetics had grown too resilient. We were able to commandeer our race’s special orbital station to escape with as many bodies as we could gather, crashing onto this obscure planet in a distant galaxy after millennia of wandering.”

“The rest, you know.”

Lucifer took over with crossed arms.

“We are part of the 9, who came about due to the merging of the remaining human cells. We had collected some of the bodies of our enemies to experiment on. We succeeded in merging with the cells of the various races that attacked us.”

“For this reason, we possess such outlandish power compared to the sub-humans. Unfortunately, everything comes at a price. Our genetics became incompatible to the point that procreation between us was no longer possible.”

“We required a binding and calming agent. The DNA of sub-humans turned out to be the perfect solution to this. It is compatible with any race in this universe. We were able to foster your family, our descendants… but it wasn’t enough.”

Lucifer’s eyes flashed and even Amaterasu became serious.

“We needed to create the best offspring possible and as such, you two were created.”


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