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God of Tricksters – Chapter 992: Another Trickster? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 992 Another Trickster?

“Seal the entrance,” said one of the terrorists while putting down a few bags on the ground. At the same time, he also put on a gas mask with him. “Call the rest of the team B.”

“Understood.” One of them nodded and disappeared while the other started burning those few bags, resulting in a huge cloud of smoke that rapidly expanded to the entire room before spreading toward the tunnel and the next cave.

At the same time, more than thirty people gathered in this place, one of them being a Mythical Rank Expert.

“Everything is going according to the plan. We will follow the smoke.” The terrorist reported to the Mythical Rank Expert.

“Good. It’s time to exterminate these people.” The Mythical Rank Expert nodded with a serious expression before disappearing, “Let’s go. Follow me.”

All the people immediately disappeared, following the Mythical Rank Expert.

They were not the only group moving around in this cave. There was another group of people waiting around the entrance.

“Everything is going according to the plan.” A soldier entered a tent filled with several people. They all had exerted a powerful Magic Power from their body.

“Good. Make sure the soldiers watch the cave. We can’t let those terrorists escape.”

“Yes, Sir.” The soldier gave a salute before returning to his duty. But as soon as he left the tent, numerous roars resounded across the entire region.

“!!!” All the people inside the tent opened their eyes wide and immediately left the tent to check what was going on.

“What is this?” One of the Mythical Rank Experts from the military panicked while looking around, finding the roars coming from all directions. “We should have eliminated most of the monsters in this place, right?”

“Of course. It’s to prevent the terrorists from using them.” Another one nodded in agreement, replying with a horrified face.

“But these voices… it seems more than five hundred monsters are coming at us… And this number is the minimum. I’m afraid the real number is far bigger than this.”

“What’s about the people inside the hill?”

“We need to rescue them. Two of you will enter the cave and catch up to the advanced party. We expected a trap, but not at this scale.”

Two soldiers immediately followed the order and leaped to the entrance, but the ground suddenly started trembling.


A huge explosion followed right after as two giant holes appeared from the ground. Many people came out, ambushing the two soldiers.

“Impossible. They were supposed to have no holes in this area. There’s no way they can dig this kind of hole easily. Then…” The commander’s mouth widened as he recognized one of the people that came out of the ground. “You… You are the Ground Snake!”

“Code Name: Ground Snake. Class A Criminal that is said to murder a thousand people by swallowing them into the ground.” One of them muttered the details of the name before gulping down.

“How?! You’re not supposed to be here!”

“Heh… I’m just following someone’s order.” He snorted while raising his head, finding a huge falcon flying in the sky. If one took a closer look, they would find someone standing on top of his body.

“That man…” The commander recognized him again as he was from the same group as the man called Ground Snake. “You are Ama Bamapana, the holder of the blessing of the Trickster God from Northern Australia, Bamapana.”

“But he’s supposed to be from another organization from the western region… Why would he come here?”

Even the commander had no answer, wondering what was happening.

Surprisingly, the man, known as Ama Bamapana, smirked and shouted, “All of you are going to die here! You ask why I come here? You want to hunt my younger sister and think I won’t come here?”

“Younger sister?” The commander was bewildered because he had run a background check on the terrorist group they were fighting right now.

“Big Brother!” Suddenly, one of the terrorists that came out of the ground shouted while waving her hand. She put on a bright smile and crossed her arms, raising her breast as if seducing someone.

“I’m going to love you tonight, baby.” Ama licked his lips before raising both hands. “Now, it’s time for all the monsters I have brought here to kill all of you.”

With a single kick to the falcon’s head, the latter let out a huge cry, resulting in another series of roars from the monsters. It was clear that the falcon’s identity was a General Class Monster that Ama subdued to bring all the monsters.

When seeing something like this, the other Mythical Rank Expert from the military said, understanding what was going on. “We’ve been had. I still remember there is no girl like her in MAR Terrorist Organization…

“Bamapana is a trickster god who causes discord. He is obscene and profane and once committed incest, thus breaking a strict taboo. It’s clear that he’s only using this for the entire facade.

“He’s using our operation this time to eliminate us and create a huge discord among the Lowe Organization and the Starry Group. And us, the military, will be implicated in this.” The Mythical Rank Expert gave his assessment with a pale face.

It turned out the trap wasn’t laid by the terrorist organization they were about to wipe out. It was from Ama.

“Trickster god…” The commander gritted his teeth, realizing they were in the worst case scenario. If they retreated from him, the Lowe Organization and the Starry Group would be completely annihilated.

On the other hand, they might be wiped out by these terrorists.

As a commander, he had a vast amount of experience. Even in the worst case scenario, he still found something they could take advantage of.

Ama’s sister was just a Supreme Rank Expert. Knowing what kind of person Ama was, he should stop all these schemes as long as they held his sister hostage.

Without hesitation, the commander shouted while pointing at Ama’s sister, “Capture her!”

The other Mythical Rank Expert was the first to move, albeit he was stopped by the Ground Snake. “Do you think it’s going to be that easy?”

“Your opponent is me!” Ama shouted while ordering the falcon to dive down as he planned to defeat the commander himself.

Little did they know, there was another ray of hope that no one had discovered yet. He had long black hair and wore the same military clothes, observing the entire situation while muttering inwardly, ‘Trickster, huh…’


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