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Chapter 991 Assassination

‘Hmm. There is only blood splattered around…’ Theo muttered inwardly while looking around the cave with his night vision. It was clear that the Lowe Organization had dealt with all the monsters by themselves.

He was well aware that a big operation meant the people would have an easier time because they shared the job.

However, they soon reached the first cave inside this hill. Unlike this fifteen feet wide tunnel, this cave was so big that it could allow many Supreme Rank Experts to fight.

More importantly, there was no pillar needed to support the roof. Everything was compact enough that even if they hit it, the roof wouldn’t collapse. It should be a perfect place to ambush them, but they only found some corpses and a few people from the Lowe Organization.

It turned out the Lowe Organization had cleared this cave fifteen minutes ago. They killed five Supreme Rank Experts in this place with only one person dying from their side.

“…” Theo fell silent, wondering if the situation was this easy. He looked around and found there was no opening on the wall. It would be a perfect place to launch a sneak attack when remembering the dwarf’s case.

Although he wanted to stop and check this place, he couldn’t do that because the group would need to follow his action.

Ultimately, they continued walking inside and found another group of the Lowe Organization standing by.

“This is going to be an easy mission, I think.”

“Yeah. The Lowe Organization is sweeping through this cave. And because they’re advancing first, they might be able to handle all the enemies without us.”

“Then, why don’t we just go back?”

“Right? We can just take it easy outside.”

The people from the Starry Group started a discussion among themselves, gradually lowering their guard.

“What do you think?” Even Melinda came closer and asked with an innocent face, wanting to hear the thought of the number one expert on the list.

“I’m worried about their stamina. The first cave only has four people to watch over them, while the second cave has seven. The deeper they enter, the more people will need to retire.” Theo shook his head while maintaining his vigilance. Of course, Theo said in a very low voice so that no one heard his thought, lest they thought many things about him. He just didn’t want more trouble.

“I see.” Melinda nodded furiously. After talking to Theo for a while, she seemed to have gotten used to Theo’s behavior. Unlike the rumor and his previous actions, Theo wasn’t someone hateful. In fact, he had been sharing some of his wisdom with her.

“See that?” Theo pointed forward as they entered the third cave. As he said earlier, there were a total of ten people that waited in this place.

And they still fought against the monsters most of the time instead of the terrorist. It was clear that the latter planned to use attrition warfare.

“Hmm?” Theo narrowed his eyes while looking down as though he had got some inspiration. Without hesitation, he walked faster and caught up with the Mythical Rank Expert that led their small group, Brad.

“Do you need something from me?” Brad narrowed his eyes. He had been tasked to protect Theo, so he was assigned to this group that consisted of eight pairs.

“I feel like we’ve been moving too smoothly,” Theo mentioned while looking back.

“What do you mean? Are you getting paranoid again?”

“Who knows. It’s just… there’s no means of communication, so we don’t know what happens to the front group or those who have been left behind. And we’re the last group to enter…” Theo squinted his eyes, indirectly implying his suspicion.

“As I said earlier, you might want to take it easy first. This mission is easy because our number is far superior to them.” Brad smirked.

“…” Theo scratched the back of his head, wondering what he should do to make Brad understand. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do as the group advanced further, finding more and more people from the Lowe Organization to get some rest.

The group had yet to know that something was happening behind the scene.

While the advance party took care of the monsters as well as some terrorists, there was a movement in the first cave that they passed.

“Hey. Have you finished recovering your Magic Power? We should get going soon…”

“Right! We need to catch up to the front group. We need to show the Starry Group, especially that bastard Joker, who’s the boss here. We don’t need them.”

“You just don’t like that Joker, don’t you?”

“Aren’t you the same? He’s hogging all the attention just because he defeated that Winston. If not because Winston was unaware of his ability, there was no way Joker could win.”

The four of them talked about Theo while recovering their Magic Power. It was just a simple talk while waiting. They wouldn’t go all the way to annoy Theo since the Lowe Organization wouldn’t protect them if they incurred Theo’s wrath.

“Still, the scene where that Joker didn’t get into the name list was too satisfying.”

“Right? I almost laughed. It turned out he has no backbone.”

“He’s just a freaking beta. Hahahaha.”

“He should have gone back to America and become the king there. He can’t do shit here.”

“Let’s go back. We should be able to pass him and sneer—!” Before he finished his words, the guy’s eyes opened wide as if seeing a ghost.

The group turned around to see what he had seen but to no avail. There was nothing in that direction, so they thought this guy was messing with them.

But soon, the man’s body fell to the ground with two short knives piercing both his head and throat.

“!!!” Because there was no sunlight inside the cave, they had a limited range of vision even with their night vision. Still, they were shocked when they saw two knives killing their comrade without making a single sound.

All three of them immediately rose from the ground to prepare to fight, but a few shadows flashed in their vision before sending their heads flying.

“Spot A, cleared.” One of the shadows said while glancing at his surroundings. “Team B is in position. Team C is going to start soon, and Team D is on their way. It’s time for us to pay the price of messing with us.”


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