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Chapter 985 Treatment

“Come inside.”

Theo felt relieved as he had already passed the first stage. Now he only needed to check whether his ability could remove the curse or not.

The house wasn’t that big, so they reached the room easily. In the bed was a woman who had disorderly breathing.

No, Theo even wondered if this person could be called a human anymore. Even he never saw someone reduced to this state.

The woman had long black hair like Felix, but she looked so thin that Theo wondered when was the last time she ate.

Her bones almost looked like they were attached directly to the skin.

As if feeling an unknown presence coming into her room, she weakly opened her eyes, looking at the young man.

When she saw such a young man, she wondered if her father had given up to even let someone like him treat her. On the other hand, she actually wanted her father to give up on her.

He had sacrificed so much in the past two years just to take care of her. But, as much as she wanted to give up on living, she couldn’t bear to leave her father behind. After all, her father was still searching for someone that could cure her.

As long as he hadn’t given up, she would also fight to the very end.

“…” Theo maintained his silence for a moment before glancing at Felix. “Come on. If you look at me as if you want to murder me, I can’t even do anything.”

Felix gritted his teeth and looked away, still doubting that the young man had some idea how to deal with this curse.

After getting some time from him, Theo immediately focused his senses on the woman’s body, finding a blue-colored Magic Power coming out of her stomach.

Although he wanted to think it wasn’t the curse, the young woman didn’t release Magic Power naturally, so it was clear that she wasn’t a Supreme Rank Expert.

That was why the only possible answer for the Magic Power coming out of her stomach was the curse. Luckily, the Magic Power had its normal color, showing that it wasn’t reinforced by an Order.

“How did she get cursed? Is it direct contact? Or…” Theo asked.

“Remotely. That shaman planted his power in her heart from afar by using some sort of traditional curse.”

“Planted remotely, huh…” Theo muttered and looked at the black lines that spread over her arms and necks like tree roots. “Those black lines…”

“It spread due to the curse.”

Theo contemplated before saying, “To be honest, there’s a possibility of me cutting the curse. If you have watched my video, I’m sure you are aware of my ability, right?”

“!!!” Felix widened his eyes for a moment, recalling the fight. Even Winston said something about his power being able to cut anything that didn’t have a physical form. There was hope that appeared in his heart. “Can you do it?”

“Yes. I haven’t tried fighting against a Mythical Rank Expert’s power, so I need to test a few things and ask you a few questions.”

Felix gritted his teeth when he heard Theo wanting to test a few things. After all, his daughter wasn’t an experimental subject.

“It’s your choice.” Theo shrugged. “If you don’t want to do it, then I have no choice other than to give up.”

After thinking for a while, Felix asked another question. “How confident are you?”

“I’m not sure. This is the first time I use my ability to heal someone, let alone fight against a Mythical Rank Expert’s curse.” Theo told the condition honestly because he didn’t want to get into more trouble after this.

“Fa…ther…” The woman opened her mouth, calling her father. She was so weak that her voice was shaking. Still, when one looked into her eyes, they could feel the sheer of her determination, indicating her answer.

No matter the result, she wanted to fight to the very end.

Even the people before Theo needed to do some experiments to understand her complete condition. There was no way someone as young as him could do everything without preparation.

He looked at her daughter. Her voice couldn’t help but echo in his ears… it was as if she was telling him, ‘Whether I die or recover, Father won’t be chained down by me anymore.’

Felix looked down while crossing his arms, falling into deep thought. It took him ten minutes before he opened his mouth. “Fine.”

Theo nodded with a serious expression, knowing how hard it was for him to give that answer.

“First, I want to ask a few questions.” Theo raised his finger. “How long has she gotten this curse?”

“2 years, 1 month, and 3 days.”

“Does the energy from the curse in her stomach grow weaker or stronger?”


“What kind of treatment did she receive?”

“Various from taking medicine, operation, to healing abilities.”

“The curse is simply far too strong, huh…” Theo thought for a moment and asked, “Any discomfort when getting the treatment?”

“Yes. But now that her body has become fully numb. She didn’t experience any pain or even touch during the last three treatments.” Now that Felix had agreed, he started cooperating with Theo by answering all his questions to the best of his ability.

“Is it because of those black lines?” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Possibly. The last person also gave the same conclusion. However, there was no concrete evidence.”

Theo looked down, contemplating a few things. ‘I want to use my Death Avatar to push all the curse out of her body with the help of my sense of Touch, but I don’t know if it’s going to work.’

“I’m going to try something, and I have no idea what will happen. Are you alright with that? It’s just a simple skill that can push away all poison and curse from my body… I’m going to use my Sense of Touch to try extending that power to her body.” Theo explained with a calm expression.

Felix wanted to chop Theo when he heard the first question, but the thought vanished after listening to his explanation. A few people in the past had used such a skill, and none of them worked, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem with his daughter’s body.

“Go on.” Felix agreed, not knowing whether to be happy or sad that he already knew the outcome.

Theo nodded while raising his hand, summoning his Death Avatar.


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