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Chapter 960 Revival

Theo crossed the bridge carefully, preparing himself to react to any kind of situation. After all, this place was Helheim. He couldn’t be careless in this place or he might accidentally go to the reincarnation path, or so he thought.

While walking on the bridge, he found several souls with lifeless eyes. It seemed their memory had been wiped out before going to reincarnation.

‘Now that I think about it, there are a few verses of the afterlife… They are reincarnation, Heaven or Hell, return to the ground, or nothingness. Either way, I don’t think any of those will allow you to keep your memory.’ Theo muttered, thinking about the fact no one had ever proved themselves to have died.

‘Still, there is a path to revive yourself… Doesn’t this mean there’s a possibility to come back to life?’ Theo narrowed his eyes, wondering how powerful the Death Authority was.

Unfortunately, when he asked this question, Hel didn’t say a single thing as if she needed to hide this fact.

“Whatever. I know that the stronger I get, the more knowledgeable I become… There’s no need to rush.” Theo muttered and continued his way toward the end.

After half an hour, he arrived at the end of the bridge.

He thought this place would have a castle since the bridge keeper told him to go to the throne. However, he turned out to be wrong.

The moment he arrived, he saw a huge cliff with numerous souls climbing it. There seemed to be a few paths, from the steep and narrow path to the gentle and wide path.

On top of the cliff stood tall a huge throne. It was so tall that Theo could see it from the ground.

“It seems that is my destination.” Theo narrowed his eyes while wondering which path he should take.

“Why is there a living person coming to this place?” A deep voice echoed in his ears, carrying boundless killing intent. Even Theo could see his own death when he sensed this killing intent.

Without hesitation, Theo turned around and found a black-colored snake. Its length was more than a hundred feet, stunning Theo for a split second.

‘I almost mistook him…’ Theo remembered the serpent in his consciousness and shook his head, preparing his answer to this snake.

In the myth, there was supposed to be a beast that protected this place, but since thousands of years had passed, he thought this snake was the beast’s replacement.

Hence, he answered him without hesitation. “I am Theodore Griffith. I wish to revive my body and return to the world of the living.”

“Revive your body?” The snake squinted his eyes as if trying to see through him. He also noticed the smell of death, so he thought Theo wasn’t lying.

“Yes.” Theo nodded and pointed at the paths. “And I heard from the bridge keeper that I need to go to the throne and tell my reason.”

“…” The snake fell silent for a moment before looking at the throne. “You’re free to go. Take the most gentle path.”

Theo raised his eyebrows, never expecting to get the easiest path to cross.

“The privilege of a King.” The snake snorted. “Normally, you will need to cross the most dangerous path because you have tricked, killed, and made people’s lives miserable… But a part of you is still alive. With the privilege of being a King, you are to ascend to the hill of reincarnation through the gentlest slope.”

Hearing the explanation made him wonder many things, but the snake looked away as if telling him he had no time to talk to him, turning him down.

In the end, Theo nodded, walked toward the hill and picked the gentlest slope according to the snake. It might take a bit longer, but there was no danger.

After a long two hours, he finally reached the top of the hill, finding this tall throne. He couldn’t see it earlier, but the throne was emitting black light. Yet, this black light could somehow brighten the throne, making it look more majestic.

‘What kind of throne is this?’ Theo muttered, hoping Hel could tell him something. Unfortunately, she refused to tell him anything, so he figured it out by himself.

When the soul approached the throne, they fell to their knees as if paying respect to the king of death. After that, they looped around the throne ten times before their soul vanished into thin air.

Since he didn’t want to disturb the process, Theo waited for another two souls to finish their reincarnation before kneeling in front of the throne.

He lowered his head and closed his eyes, conveying his feelings and wishes to the throne.

“I wish to revive my body and transfer my soul to that body.”

Theo kept wishing for the throne a few times before the Magic Power in the area fluctuated, forming a single line around the throne.

Instead of a circle, it was a rectangle.

It seemed the throne wanted him to do the same thing as the soul. Hence, he rose from the ground and started following its request.

To his surprise, the more he walked, the weaker the Magic Power fluctuation got.

But his attention soon shifted to his body because the change started after crossing it once.

The skin on his finger started to get peeled, revealing his flesh. The excruciating pain also followed right after, jolting his mind.

Still, compared to what he had gone through this whole time, the pain was still bearable. He continued without letting out a single scream.

The more he walked, the more skin tore. When there was no more skin to be peeled, it was the turn for his flesh to be stripped. The blood also followed his flesh and disappeared into thin air.

Theo wanted to stop because he thought this was a scam, but the Goddess of Death should be aware of what was happening. Since she didn’t say anything, this must be a necessary process.

The pain soon disappeared when only his skeleton was left. However, Theo didn’t hesitate to continue walking forward.

As expected, the bones gradually disappeared from him until nothing remained.

To his surprise, his body became the blue-colored soul similar to everyone else here. He didn’t dare to stop, so he observed the change of his body while walking.

When he thought the soul would vanish too, Theo found a skull began to be created, followed by the rest of the skeleton. After that, organs and flesh gradually returned to his body before being wrapped by warm skin.

The Magic Power fluctuation disappeared as soon as his body returned to normal. At the same time, he also understood what had happened.

‘Reviving my body and moving my soul into this body. I see… It disintegrated my Clone Body and recreated the Main Body with my soul in it…’


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