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God of Tricksters – Chapter 959: Reality Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 959 Reality

“I’m THEODORE GRIFFITH. I’m here to revive myself!”

His shout resounded across the bridge as the hands vanished into thin air. And because he released all his emotion without constraint and his Order was activated, there was a wave of Magic Power that shook the area.


The bridge keeper could feel Theo’s Order and bowed her head while putting her hand on the chest. “Certainly. I have confirmed your identity and purpose.”

Theo still ignored her as his focus shifted to his chest.

“This is…” Theo muttered in a low voice while pressing his chest before he couldn’t contain his curiosity anymore and lifted up his shirt, finding the previous circle glowing in blue. “So, this is my Order.”

[This is surprising. I never expected you would find out your Order right now. However, your Order is as expected… Reality Order.]

“Yeah. I felt it too…” Theo nodded in understanding. He also had figured out his Order. The string in his heart that had been plaguing him ever since he learned about his clone had disappeared. There was only a pleasant and relieving feeling remaining.

“Reality, huh…” Theo took a deep breath.

[It’s the opposite of my Illusion Order, but I can say it’s related. In the past, my Illusion Order had five basic stages: Self-Illusion, Magic Illusion, Reality vs Illusion, Altering Illusion, and Illusion Realm.]

[Self-Illusion is like what you did earlier. Simply to say, recognizing yourself as a part of the illusion. Since you’re reality, you simply recognize yourself as the reality. After that, the power of Order will gradually flow in your body.]

[In my case, I can use Magic Illusion. It’s like the normal illusion you always use. Creating something with an illusion and stuff.]

[Then, Reality vs Illusion Stage allows me to turn reality into an illusion with limited power. Do you remember what your elder did? The one who used Illusion? It’s something like that. I’m afraid he also has an Illusion Order and his achievement is at this level… Though, he’s already old and can’t progress much further.]

[After that, it’s Altering Illusion. If that guy reached this level, I’m afraid your grandfather couldn’t defeat him easily.]

[Last but not least, Illusion Realm… The reality would be wrapped by his illusion for a certain range. To put it simply, the Dark Poison Swamp you know is something like this.]

‘For real? It’s surprising to know that my grandfather couldn’t defeat him?’

[I’m not sure. Your grandfather should have one of these four: War, King, General, or Commander Order. Seeing his power and how adept he was at using formation and stuff, he should have either King or General at the same level as that guy.]

‘Fair enough.’ Theo replied in his mind, understanding more about the battle. ‘Still, does this mean all top 100 people around the world have Orders? 100 people among billions of people… I guess that’s understandable since there are many King Class and World Class Monsters on the other side.’

[Enough with them. For you, I think your stages are similar to mine. Something like Self-Reality, Magical Reality, Illusion vs Reality, Altering Reality, and Special Realm.]

‘Recognition of myself, turning my Magic Power into a real object, turning an illusion into a reality, Altering the Reality itself and a special realm, huh.’ Theo narrowed his eyes. ‘But looking at this, Reality Order is pretty much similar to creation, huh?’

[Yes and no. A Creator is a great being that can hold thirteen big Orders to create this world. Your Reality Order is one of them. Instead of Fire Order or Ice Order, Element Order is one of the big Orders. There is also Life Order and Death Order.]

‘So, my Order is important?’

[That reflects your talent.]

The God of Mischief never held back when praising him because he had seen all the stuff Theo did. Even after getting recognized for his talent, Theo never became complacent. So, he believed there was no need to choose his words carefully.

‘I see. Still, there are Big and Small Orders? Does this mean the path of advancement is important?’ Theo asked.

[Not really. As long as you have enough mastery and are creative enough in using it, you can defeat those Big Order users. Don’t restrict yourself and look down on others.]

‘I see. Then, is there any advantage about Big Order?’

[It’s not my place to explain it. Now that you have activated your Order, you should be able to connect with the world and learn more about your Order. It should be able to tell you what to do next. Anyway, the world will tell you more about it when the time is right.]

‘Okay then.’ Theo nodded with a serious expression. ‘I will take one step at a time. At the very least, it’s satisfying to know my Order. I can grow faster after this.’

[For now, there’s one thing you need to do.]


The bridge keeper didn’t say anything when Theo abruptly stopped talking for a few minutes. In fact, she maintained her distance from him while waiting for Theo to finish his business. This was him activating his Order after all. There was no way she would disturb him.

After taking a deep breath, Theo shifted his focus back to the matter at hand. He looked at the bridge keeper and asked, “Can I cross the bridge now?”

“Of course. You have declared your own judgment, so you are free to cross the bridge. When you reach the Land of Death, you will need to go to the deepest part and reach the Death Throne.

“Because no one sits on the throne right now, you only need to convey your wish in the throne’s presence and your wish shall be granted.” The bridge keeper explained with a calm tone.

“Judgment…” Theo almost forgot about the riddle. ‘To think this was the judgment.’

But since he was in a hurry, Theo immediately walked forward with a determined face, wanting to finish his business as soon as possible before thinking about anything else.

When he passed her, the bridge keeper smiled and said, “Congratulations, O’ Reality King.”

Theo raised his eyebrows in shock as soon as he heard it. Although it was judgment, he had benefited from it.

With a smile on his face, Theo said, “Thanks.”


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