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Chapter 950 Convincing Isaac

‘In the beginning, there was only coldness. This matches the description of Niflheim to be the first world. And if I go up, I’ll die because of the heat… Does that mean I can’t go up because it’s the path to Muspelheim? And I need to go down to Helheim?’ Theo narrowed his eyes.

‘So, it’s now confirmed that this place is where the Norse Mythology took place?’ Theo finally came to a realization. ‘Most mythologies actually came from the other side? What mythology took place on Thersland’s other side? Italy’s other side?’

The world hadn’t known the relation between mythologies and this world simply because they couldn’t find concrete proof. And the only reason Theo was aware of such a thing was due to the illusion he saw earlier.

The man claimed to be Owen, his brother. He thought that was an illusion, but because of this realization, he thought it was possible.

‘That man was actually my brother, Owen? And everything I saw earlier was real? That was the thing my parents experienced in the past?’ Theo widened his eyes, understanding why his parents could do such a thing in Thersland. They had been broken by what Eric did.

Theo closed his eyes for a moment. Although the feeling and sensation had disappeared, preventing tears from coming out, Theo’s heart still beat rapidly.

This revelation was simply too shocking. There were complicated emotions rushing into him, wondering what had gone wrong this whole time.

‘So, my brother had a time element. The rarest element on Earth that is said to be far rarer than the space element and only one person out of one billion can have it. And it’s also the element of the current strongest expert on Earth. How did he receive the blessing from Chronos?

‘But if everything was true, after dying, he should have come to this place and used the ice to freeze his own soul from going to Helheim. And the only reason he waited here was to meet me, who would come to this place 31 years after his death.

‘Assuming there are many places where souls go when they die, and Helheim is just one of them… My brother actually chose this place because he could trap himself in Niflheim.

‘Now that he had fulfilled his wish, he went to Helheim… Was this the entire process? How did he control the illusion? How did he stop me from breaking free from the illusion?’ Theo looked down, falling into deep thought.

However, his thoughts abruptly stopped when he looked at the trapped Isaac.

‘Whatever. I can think of this later. I should finish my matter here first… Distraction will only slow me down in this place or even influence my emotion. I should consider them an illusion for the time being.’ Theo shook his head and immediately went to help Isaac.

To his surprise, the hands had become weakened. It didn’t take too much effort to free Isaac from the hands.

“I love you!” Isaac suddenly grabbed his hands and proceeded to kiss him, but Theo ended up kicking him on the stomach with an annoyed expression.

“What the heck…” Theo’s eyebrows twitched.

“Why was there a truck when I was about to kiss my wife?” Isaac shouted while looking around, only to find Theo with a darkened expression.

“It seems you had a good dream.” Theo’s eyes were emanating killing intent, becoming the wake up call for Isaac.

“Ah! It was an illusion.” Isaac widened his eyes in shock.

Theo wanted to say something, but he honestly preferred to stay quiet for the time being, lest he said something useless with his restless heart.

He pointed at their back and said, “You stay there, and I’ll break through the last two lines. I’ll throw everything to you. Take it and leave this place immediately.”

“What? You’re planning to handle so many 1000 Years Old Zombies at once?”

“You don’t need to care about me. I have learned that we shouldn’t become too greedy at this point… The next time we’re trapped inside the illusion, we might not be able to go back.”

“…” Isaac narrowed his eyes. “Do you know something that I don’t?”

“Yes. But it’s not something I can share with you. All you need to know is that after tossing all the artifacts, I’m going to find another way to escape their chase. We’ll meet again outside.”

“Since when did you decide all this? We still have days to gather some artifacts… There’s a possibility that the artifacts we’re aiming for are enough to reach our target.”

“Then, you will die.” Theo sighed and pointed at the ground. “Why do you think the hands captured us and trapped us inside an illusion?”

“!!!” Isaac sucked a cold breath as if realizing what had happened. He thought for a moment and understood Theo’s meaning.

Although reluctant, if what in his mind was the cause, he would need to go back immediately.

“Fine. I’m not going to be greedy.” Isaac nodded. “I’ll go with your plan.”


After Isaac took a few steps back and positioned himself far enough from the zombies, Theo disappeared into the mist.

In Isaac’s mind, Theo was planning to risk his life to wrap up everything. But the reality couldn’t be any more different.

Theo simply used his Blink to enter this place and found five treasures. Two of them were rusty weapons, another two were herbs, and the last one was a shield.

Without hesitation, Theo threw everything in his direction.




The weapons landed on the snow in rapid succession as Isaac immediately approached them to check their conditions. He soon heard Theo saying, “I’m leaving now!”

“Y—” Isaac wanted to reply, but hearing his rushed tone, he knew the zombies must be chasing Theo. Not wanting to waste Theo’s sacrifice, he remained silent and gathered all the artifacts they got.

After that, he turned around and ran away according to the tracker. He thought, ‘It seems you’re someone I can trust… Don’t worry. I won’t cheat you.”

Little did he know, Theo was sitting on the ground leisurely while waiting for his Blink to be usable again. Then, he returned to his original position and continued his journey.


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