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God of Tricksters – Chapter 934: Unending Ice And Snow Region Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 934 – Unending Ice And Snow Region

When he read this report, Theo was still unaware that everything he received came from his parents, from the basic training of Five Aspects that gave him the best foundation to his artifact.

The basic training came from his parents, who used their connections to learn from many masters who specialized in their own Aspects, creating that perfect basic Five Aspects Foundation.

The Materialization Skill Book came from Ray’s own understanding of Control. Even though his power wasn’t as strong as Leonardo’s, he was once known as the greatest genius in Control. He poured all that knowledge into that small notebook. If Theo didn’t destroy the book after learning it, there would be a bloodbath just to get it.

Last but not least, the blue artifact. Valerie asked Nina to give it to Theo so that the latter didn’t know his parents had given him all this stuff. And it also pushed him away from the Griffith Family.

There was also an arrangement for Leonardo, but in the end, he also achieved it from the talent he’d shown in the Grand Gaia Competition.

Unfortunately, Theo was unaware of all this.

All he could do right now was to lean back on his chair and sort of his feelings.

“At least, I know what had happened in the past. I don’t have time to think about this for the time being since it’s not like I’m planning to blow out my cover right now.” Theo shook his head with a serious expression.

After calming his heart down, he continued to the next problem regarding the special region.

“This is Bernard. I want to invite you to join the group to explore an icy special region. Of course, you’re free to act alone, but I hope that you can enter together.”

Theo narrowed his eyes when he read this message. Before agreeing or rejecting him, he looked at the information of the region.

“This region is called the Unending Ice and Snow Region,” Theo muttered and continued.

The Unending Ice and Snow Region seemed to be a place filled with snow and icy rivers. It was also covered by a frozen mist that would give a complicated problem if it entered your lungs.

The icy mist could easily kill a Mythical Rank Expert after getting exposed to it for a certain period.

However, the frozen mist would melt and turn into a normal mist every ten years. This process would last for a few days.

This region would give people special opportunities because there were numerous treasures inside, including those that could increase one’s status points.

Though, there were numerous hidden dangers that might kill them when they entered this place.

“Hmm… Basically, this place is a high risk high return region. If I can take advantage of it, I can increase my status points. However, the fatality rate for this place is about… ten percent, meaning one out of ten people would end up dying.

“As for the monsters that resided in this place… they are undead?” Theo widened his eyes in bewilderment. “No. The extreme temperature of this place is the reason why there are only undead living in this place. No living beings can actually withstand the extreme temperature.

“And every ten years, the place will warm up and melt that icy mist, returning it to the normal state.

“Even so, the report said the mist is so thick that I can only look a few feet in front of me. Going with a group is recommended because they can cover all directions. Awareness doesn’t seem to be working.

“And the only way to exit the mist is through the GPS that records our track. As long as we can follow the same route, we can leave.

“There are also hills, valleys, and mountains in this area. But more importantly, no one has ever seen the edge of this place.

“First of all, this place is at the edge of what the humans have explored. Although the mist stretches over thirty miles long, it’s impossible to go around it because there are numerous King Class Monsters around that area.

“So, those who want to sneak around to enter the mist from another entrance will be killed by those monsters.

“This place is so mysterious that they believe it is a territory of a powerful monster which might be a World Class Monster.

“But it’s been 47 years of its discovery. No one has ever found that kind of monster. But there was also a possibility that those who had seen the monsters couldn’t return.

“Either way, as long as the people don’t go too deep, they can return. There are numerous treasures in the area. The herbs that survive are able to increase someone’s attribute points. But most of them are compatible with those with Water Affinity.

“I can go there to get all these items and exchange them for money, Star Points, or another treasure that can increase my status points.” Theo narrowed his eyes. “So, this place is basically a treasure stove.”

Theo’s expression became serious as he read the rest of the information.

To be honest, he would be lying if he wasn’t tempted by this information. After all, it would be easy for him to get billions if he entered.

But because he couldn’t go too deep, he didn’t believe it would be more than ten billion, which was his yearly salary.

However, if there was a group of people entering, especially for a big group like the Star Group, the company should be able to profit hundreds of billions at once.

Theo pondered for a moment and accepted the invitation.

Soon, a video of Bernard appeared on the screen.

“I know you’re going to accept it. Anyway, there won’t be any Mythical Rank Experts coming because they will release too much disturbance and make the mission fail.

“Some Mythical Rank Experts will escort you and stop at a certain distance. As for the meeting point, let’s meet at the Star Group… six days from now… We’ll prepare the escort party and transportation.”


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