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Chapter 886 – Contract

Star Group.

“Seriously?” Bernard’s voice, which was filled with doubt and trouble, echoed inside the room. He looked at the couple sitting on the sofa before turning to Theo across from him.

After coming to an agreement, Theo was guided by the couple to enter the US. Luckily, there was no need for a security check when they entered because Hendry seemed to know the people in charge there.

As soon as they returned to the other side, they walked down the street and entered a house that seemed to be their property until Bernard sent their people to pick them up.

It took an hour for Theo to finally meet Bernard again.

Obviously, he was dumbfounded because never in his wildest imagination would Theo appear with his parents. It was impossible in his opinion because Theo wasn’t supposed to have enough strength to go from Italy to America through the other side.

“Yeah. Do you have Theo’s contract?”

“I do, but that’s…”

“Just give it to me. I’m going to change it a bit.” Hendry demanded the contract with a stern tone.

Seeing his father so adamant about this, he could only send the contract to him.

“Wait a minute,” said Hendry while looking through the contract and replacing some clauses. He noticed a clause and asked, “So, you’ve prepared for this clause…”

“Which one?”

“Him acting alone.”

“Ah, yes.” Bernard nodded in agreement. “That was what I promised him when I first offered the contract.”

“It’s good then.”

After a while, Hendry made the summary for the contract.

“This is the summary of the contract. You can check the full contract after agreeing to these.” Hendry then handed him the Skylink so that Theo could read it.

He made it pretty simple so that Theo could understand everything in a single glance.

1. Theodore Griffith shall exchange 20% of everything he got from the other side with Star Points.

2. Theodore Griffith will be working for the Star Group five years after reaching the Mythical Rank. If he breaks this clause, he will need to pay the Star Group 100 Billion Zils, 5 A Rank Cards, and 10 A Rank Material Cards.

3. Theodore Griffith is required to accept one local mission and one international mission every year as well as one main event every three years.

4. Theodore Griffith’s salary shall be set at 10,000,000,000 Zils every year.

5. Theodore Griffith is entitled to use any Leveling Facility for one week every year.

6. Theodore Griffith is allowed to use all Star Group’s facilities according to their respective requirements.

7. Star Group will provide all the tutors Theodore Griffith requests in Five Aspect Training.

8. Star Group will provide a Private Mansion equipped with training facilities and utilities.

9. Star Group will provide basic Equipment and Skills under A Rank.

Theo read them carefully before asking, “What is Star Point?”

Hendry glanced at Bernard, asking him to explain it.

Bernard sighed and opened his mouth. “Star Point is our currency in managing our experts. You can exchange Skill Cards, Material Cards, and other items for Star Point.

“This point can be used to exchange for days off, a weapon made by us, or even the training facility that you used a few months ago. You can exchange anything that the Star Group can provide. I’ll give you the list later.”

“I see. This 20%… can I choose which item I want to exchange?”

“Yes. It’s up to you. However, there will be a person assigned to check everything you got from the other side and measure it with points. So, I hope you don’t cheat us by hiding some important cards. Don’t worry. We’ll also give you a fair rate. And I think it’s already generous since normal people will need to hand over a portion of their loot to us.”

“I guess this Star Point is used to develop the Star Group without the use of money.”


“Well, I can agree to that.” Theo nodded and looked at the second clause. He thought the penalty would be harsher if he broke the contract, considering they had shortened the agreement. However, saving the couple seemed to have impacted this clause greatly.

As for the third clause, he didn’t care much about it because the War God Family was stricter than the Star Group.

He had no problem with the salary. Surprisingly, the leveling facility was quite tempting for him because he had no Ava to support him. This made his leveling speed decrease by more than 30 percent.

So, he had no comment for the leveling facility. Though, he believed he had no need for a tutor in Five Aspects since he had the best teachers (his blessings).

“Facilities… Are the ‘Hotels’ included?” Theo asked.

“Obviously. Though, you still need to make a reservation a few weeks prior. After all, we can only send people to deliver a message once in a while.”

“I understand.” Theo nodded in understanding. “How about the basic equipment and skills? I don’t think I need them… The same can be applied to the tutors…”

“That’s kinda true with how you are now.” Bernard thought for a moment and asked, “I can exchange them with another thing. Do you have anything to add?”

“Before that, I want to ask a few questions.”


“This is only for me. How about the other experts from the Star Group?”

Bernard’s expression turned serious as he understood the real meaning of Theo’s words. “First of all, you’re required to help each other when you meet other people from the Star Group or the Starry Group. They have a badge on them, which I’ll also give you later.

“But in the case of life and death, you’re allowed to act based on your own thoughts. You can abandon them, kill them, or whatever. After all, we can’t expect you to protect someone who is chased by a group of assassins, especially if the assassins are stronger than you. We don’t want you to die.

“Of course, this only applies when you’re on the other side. In this place, it’s pretty much safe. If there’s a conflict, please resolve it peacefully in the public eyes… No one cares about anything you do in the shadow as long as no one knows it.”


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