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Chapter 874 – Confession

After calming his mind down, Theo rose from the ground with a grim expression, turning to Agata.

His gaze felt as though he had something important to announce, and there was only one last thing that needed to be said in their situation. Agata had been waiting for Theo to bring up this topic, but when she saw his face, she couldn’t help but feel scared.

“Theo…” Agata called her name as her face became serious. “I’m ready to hear your answer.”

Theo stood right in front of her and looked into her eyes. There was sadness and unwillingness deep in his heart, but Theo still revealed his decision. “I’m sorry, I can’t bring you to the US. And I hope you don’t go there.”

Agata closed her eyes. Disappointment filled her heart because she always wished for him to bring her there. Even if they couldn’t go together, she wanted him to say he needed her.

Unfortunately, that was only her wishful thinking. Theo had decided. Even though Theo would never stop her if she wished to pursue him to the US on her own, she would become a huge variable in Theo’s plan.

“Can you tell me the reason? Or is it because of the letter you’re holding right now?” Agata lowered her gaze, staring at the letter in Theo’s hand.

To her surprise, Theo gently placed his hand on her cheek and raised her head. When their eyes intertwined, he shook his head. “No. The letter indeed helps me finalize my decision, but the real reason why I can’t bring you there is that I want to create an influence.”

“I can help you manage the influence. After all, I’m your assistant. Just like taking care of you, there shouldn’t be a problem in controlling an influence. I only need to manage my time.” Agata replied, showing her unwillingness to let him go.

Theo put on a gentle smile and said, “This is why I can’t bring you. You always prioritize me more than yourself.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Agata bit her lips and complained. “Your words earlier feel like you’re rejecting someone because she’s too good for you. If she’s good, why would you reject her?”

“You misunderstand me.” Theo shook his head calmly. Suddenly, Theo did something that never appeared even in Agata’s wildest dream.

His hands reached for her hands and gently held them. The warmth of his hands started to get transferred to her own as she finally realized how big his hands were.

“What are you doing?” Agata’s body trembled. She wanted to take a step back to regain some distance, but her body refused to move. Deep in her heart, she also didn’t wish to let go of these hands.

“The letter is indeed a great help to finalize my decision… However, it’s not the decision whether to bring you or not. Instead, it helps me to confront myself.” Theo smiled.

“You are skeptical about men because you have been living under their lustful desire. I am always in denial because I have been living under someone’s plot… The letter makes me realize that the environment is the one that makes us like this.

“So, from now on, I wish to be the one who will decide my own future and who I am. Not the environment or the people around me… I wish to live for my own sake this time.

“And the first thought in my mind is you.” Theo gently raised Agata’s hands and smiled. “I’ve realized that when I make a decision, I think of you.

“I will admit it right now. I enjoy your company. You respect me and think of me. There’s a sense of longing when I imagine myself living in the US alone.

“Even though I’m aware of this right now, I’m not a romantic person and might disappoint you. But if you don’t mind my flaws… Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Wh… what did you say?” Agata muttered in a low voice. She was staring at Theo in disbelief.

After all the time they spent together, she had prepared to persist for another few years. But it turned out the chance was right before her eyes.

“You… You are not joking?” Agata always wanted to hear these words from Theo, yet, when the opportunity arrived, the word ‘Yes’ stuck on her throat.

Theo looked left and right with a wry smile. He felt embarrassed because he once lost the feeling of caring or loving someone dear to him after realizing the truth of his family situation.

Nevertheless, he didn’t wish to run away from this matter anymore. He took a deep breath as his calm expression returned.

“Yes. A bit embarrassing for me to say this, but I feel uncomfortable with the thought of me going to the US alone. I hope you’re there with me… I love you, Agata. Will you be my girlfriend?” Theo finally confessed his feeling with an awkward smile as this was the first time he had done something like this.

Her body shook when she heard it again. It felt surreal as this was the one thing she had been waiting for.

Theo had made it clear of his feelings. If they didn’t know Theo’s personality, they would think Theo’s confession was actually because of the occasion.

With him leaving to the US alone, their relationship would soon crumble. But the Theo she had been watching this whole time wasn’t that kind of person. Even if they were separated, Theo wouldn’t hesitate to contact her.

And she felt like there was a change in Theo’s demeanor. Theo’s calm and indifferent aura that had been shrouding him turned into a gentle and mature aura. Just a single look could make her feel it was fine to trust and rely on him.

‘Is this the true him? Not someone created to oppose the Griffith Family or the person that succumbed to the situation… The real Theo that had been buried because of his circumstances? Am I… the first person to see the real Theo?’ Agata’s heart started beating rapidly.

A big smile appeared on her face as tears couldn’t help but come out of the corner of her eyes. She was just too happy. There was one answer that she had prepared this entire time.



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