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God of Tricksters – Chapter 840: Challenging The Lightning Mountain (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 840 – Challenging The Lightning Mountain (1)

As soon as Theo landed on the first platform, he raised his head and saw the light behind the dark cloud flash.

A lightning bolt struck forth. Unlike normal lightning, the speed had been toned down to the level Theo could endure. Since he was at the lowest platform, it took the lightning three seconds to arrive at the platform, considering it needed to travel a mile first before reaching the first platform.

On the way, Theo could see multiple lightning strikes coming down in rapid succession.

Theo took a deep breath as he had already made a plan to deal with the lightning strikes.

He activated his Awareness to the limit and predicted the lightning movement.

Theo took two large steps to the left to avoid this lightning, but to his surprise, the lightning slightly curved as if following his movement.

But due to the speed and distance, the lightning only deviated one foot from its original direction.

At the same time, Theo could see other bolts of lightning changing their directions.

‘So they follow me huh… It’s gonna be a bit complicated.’ Theo’s heart started beating rapidly while his head remained calm, looking at the lightning.

Theo stepped to the left and right to avoid the next two lightning and waved his hand to deal with the fourth lightning strike.

He still remembered one move that Nina, his former Master, showed in Thersland. When fighting the ghost turtle, Nina clearly controlled the lightning. And it was through Materialization.

Although he had been using Materialization to create his Magic Bullets and other objects, he truly needed to go back to the basics.

With a single wave of his hand, he released a bit of Magic Power and attached the tip of the lightning strike with a string made of Magic Power.

Then, he swung his hand to the side, forcing the lightning to curve according to his will.

“Hoh?” The King Class Monster raised his eyebrows when he saw this. “He can use something like this to divert the lightning? As long as he doesn’t destroy the lightning, it doesn’t break the rule. I guess he’s prepared to go through these ordeals. I should observe him a bit more.”

Theo looked around and stepped leaped to the right. He somehow felt grateful to Maya as the platform in this place was two times bigger than the circle in the simulation room.

Since he had endured all those hurdles, Theo felt this lightning force was cute.

Ten lightning strikes…

I wenty lightning strikes…

Theo kept moving ahead of time and dodging all the lightning strikes effortlessly as though he was dancing on the platform.

It was as if he had gotten used to this kind of attack.

Even the King Class Monster was surprised by his calmness. “How? This is not a small feat. He should be able to predict the lightning movements… But still, with so many lightning strikes coming in rapid succession, it’s not that easy to do it.

“The lightning strikes also curve a bit to throw off your movement. Has he practiced something like this? No, has the Mountain King actually trained this guy?”

The King Class Monster suspected the Mountain King of taking Theo as his disciple. Little did he know, it was impossible, especially when Theo refused to drink with him, let alone after he wasted his wine by making his clone drink it.

He was simply unaware that Theo had practiced in the simulation room which was similar to this place. At the same time, Theo had even gotten used to an even more absurd situation in the simulation room. There was no way he would be beaten by all these lightning strikes.

While he was in shock, Theo had finished the challenge on the first platform as the lightning stopped coming.

“What?!” The King Class Monster dropped his jaw. Theo’s strength was supposed to be low, considering the lightning still needed three seconds to reach the platform. Yet, the result was overwhelming.

Theo wasn’t aware of his reaction as he immediately leaped to the second platform, which was three hundred feet higher than the first platform.

This time, the lightning strikes came in a group of three.

“Hmm?” Theo widened his eyes and leaped to the right to avoid all these lightning strikes. But the right lightning still had enough time to reach him, so Theo hit the lightning with his spear.

He didn’t put much power into it so as to not destroy the lightning. Instead, he used it to deflect the lightning.

Because of the numerous lightning that came at him in rapid succession, Theo used both of his hands continuously.

His left hand was used to attach the lightning and throw them away while his right hand waved the spear to deflect them. Theo then used his body to dodge the lightning one by one, making the situation similar to the first platform.

“This kid is indeed talented enough in his speed and control over Magic Power. I rarely find someone handling the lightning like him… Most of them are simply going to leap around the platform while the kid is barely moving from the center. He’s simply abnormal in this regard.

“Still, it’s only the first section. I wonder how his willpower is. Can he endure the extreme pain of the lightning? If he passes out, it’s all over.” The King Class Monster narrowed his eyes as Theo continued to avoid the lightning for another two minutes.

After that, the lightning had stopped as the sign of Theo finishing the second trial.

“He’s about to go to the third platform.”

Theo was unaware of the expectation that the King Class Monster put on him. He was simply staring at the third platform, ready to challenge the next one.

Before going to the third platform, he suddenly remembered one thing and had a question in his mind. “That’s right. My clone doesn’t experience any pain if I don’t share my senses… I wonder if this is legal or not. After all, the dragon knows about my clone as well as the sharing senses from my drinking battle with the Mountain King. Maybe I should ask…”

Theo went to the end of the platform and shouted… “Excuse me. I have a question!”


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