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Chapter 821 – Arrival

After two hours of driving, they had finally arrived at the temple.

To his surprise, the temple seemed to be bustling with people. Although they weren’t aware of the event, they still recognized famous people.

Maya’s car was third on the line, so Theo took this chance to look at the people outside.

“Hey… Isn’t that…” One of them pointed at a young man that was surrounded by three people in a suit and accompanied by a beautiful woman.

“I think I’ve heard about them. The woman is an artist called Melissa. Her strength reached the Supreme Rank a few years ago.”

“But you should take a look at the man… If I’m not wrong, the man is supposed to be famous too for being rich. I believe he’s been featured in a magazine… I forgot his name.”

“Isn’t he supposed to be the 13th rank in the Asda’s Younger Generation List? His father has a big company in Nevada, while his talent is quite powerful too. His name… If I’m not wrong, he’s called Robert Batres.”


The people suddenly fell silent when they saw the next person that came out. He had long blonde hair tied on his back. His sharp blue eyes made his face look cold and aloof.

The one that accompanied him was a female of the same age. She had long black hair and wore a one-piece white dress to accompany the man’s black suit.

“Is there an event here?”

“That guy should be the 5th on the list. He doesn’t have any background, but his natural talent has brought the US to the final of the Grand Gaia Competition seven years ago.”

“That’s right. He’s the role model that shows that you can still become famous as long as you’re good enough.”

“After that competition, I heard he’s brought to Astarst Corporation to become the groom of their young miss.”

“But their young miss is also good. She is number 7th on the list. Her talent might be lower than him, but her family wealth manages to allow her to reach that point. Ah, I want money.”

“What you need is a sugar daddy, probably…”

The two entered the venue without saying a single thing.

Meanwhile, Theo narrowed his eyes as Maya said, “Hmm… Winston and Lexie?”

“You know them?”

“Yeah, Winston is quite good. He’s a powerful young generation. He reached Supreme Rank three years ago. I think he’s focusing on his Aspects right now instead of his level. Do you want to challenge him?”

“I’m not going to pick a fight here.” Theo shook his head. “How about the woman?”

“Lexie Marsh. Her parents are rich… Well, I can’t really call her a spoiled brat since she has made a bit of effort to achieve her current position.” Maya shrugged.

“By the way, what is your place?”


“Oh? There are two more people above you?”

“They’re simply older than me. If we’re at the same age, I can beat them.”


“Not really.”

“Oh?” Theo frowned. “Why?”

“The 1st rank is a guy with Space Affinity like Lorenzo. But Lorenzo is more focused on strategy… Unlike this guy who likes to fight. His sword is rather amazing.”

“How about the second one?”

“The 2nd rank is a female with Sedna’s blessing.”

“Sedna? Who is that?”

“Native North American Mythology, Sedna. If I remember correctly, it should be from Inuit Mythology. She is known as the Sea Goddess.”

“Heh?” Theo smirked. “Interesting. We can’t really remember all the deities’ names, especially the native ones, since there are too many of them. However, they are, by no means, weaker than famous ones.

“Each deity has their own power or else they won’t be called deities. That’s why it’s quite interesting to see them like this. I want to fight them, but not this time, I guess.”

“That’s a unique view you have there.” Maya raised her eyebrows. “So, the reason you want to travel around the world is to acquire as much experience as you can?”

“Yeah. Different culture, different fighting style… I want to learn from all of them.” Theo nodded with a serious expression.

“But then again, many are aiming at your lives.”

“Yeah. That’s why I can’t really go that often. It’s a shame, but I can work at it later.” Theo shrugged.

“Anyway, it’s time for us to come out. Don’t say anything.” Maya smiled.

“Okay.” Theo nodded and immediately opened the door, holding it until Maya came out.

Her bodyguards also followed around her. There was a reason why Bernard sent two Supreme Rank Experts as her bodyguards. It was to hide Theo’s presence from the crowd.

When they came out, the onlookers noticed them and shifted their attention.

“Oh! This time, it’s Maya Hamilton!”

“3rd on the list. She’s a capable woman who creates a multi-billion company before the age of twenty without the help of her father. After that, her company increases in value when she finally starts working with her father.

“At the same time, she was the one who brought our country to the first spot in the Grand Gaia Competition.”

“But that was because Theodore Griffith lost in the semifinal, and the UK team was heavily injured in their fight against Thersland.”

“That’s true, but it doesn’t change the fact we’re number one now.”

“Seeing her here means one thing. This event should be related to money.”

“That’s right. She’s rich and beautiful. She’s a perfect woman!”

“Don’t ever think about it. I still remember some people taking advantage of her in a broadcast and ending up getting butchered. I mean, she completely wrecked that guy.”

“She’s also very arrogant. It pisses me off.”

“But she has the right to be arrogant as she’s the only one among the younger generation list to create a multi-billion company by herself. Others are relying on their families.”


There was hatred and admiration at the same time. Maya simply ignored them and walked inside, making her way to the auction hall.

Theo chuckled inwardly, never expecting to hear all that from the spectators.

Without even saying anything, she knew Theo was going to tease her with all these.


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