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Chapter 811 – Death Eyes




A series of roars echoed across the forest as they were coming toward Agata and the others.

“Hmm…” Agata turned around, realizing the monsters had surrounded them. “Maya, activate the Cubicar’s shields. We’ll take care of these monsters until Theo comes out.”

Maya nodded and entered the Cubicar to turn on the shields. Because the monsters were already close by, she didn’t spare any second to check on Theo.

As soon as she came out, she wore her armor and focused on a particular direction.

Ava also did the same, creating a triangle.

Little did they know, Theo was already awake at this time.

Even though he couldn’t see the situation outside, his Awareness already told him enough about the situation.

Theo didn’t bother to take a look at the outside, knowing he still had some time.

There was one thing he absolutely needed to do before fighting those monsters.

[Level +1]

[Free Attributes Points +50]

[You’ve acquired the Underworld Dominion Skill.]

[The Underworld Dominion Skill is activated.]

[The Death Avatar has been created.]

Skill: Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (B)

Effect: Personification of Death, the ruler of the Underworld. There are four Authorities contained within the Death Avatar. Death Eyes, Underworld Body, Unknown, Unknown.

Name: First Authority – Death Eyes

Description: Enhancing one’s perception and radiate death, terror, hopelessness, and even despair onto others.

Name: Second Authority – Underworld Body

Description: Enhancing one’s body to prevent all kinds of afflictions such as curses, poisons, diseases, illness.

‘Oh, wow?’ Theo widened his eyes when he read the second authority’s description. ‘All kinds of afflictions? Well, physical and magical power can still harm me, but if someone curses me or even poisons me… It won’t work. Damn, this is so overpowered.

‘Then again, Helheim is supposed to be the realm for the deceased, right? She had a rotten body… I had seen that before. I guess that rotten body is the one giving me this power. In other words, it’s like an antivirus that prevents any type of afflictions that can create that kind of body. Whether it’s a curse, poison, blindness, and other stuff…

‘Having that type of body is painful, so I kinda understand why there’s a power like this. No wonder Death Avatar is a Divine Ability. Now, I’m wondering what the third and fourth authorities are… I guess I can only see them after ranking up the skill to A or even S Rank.

‘Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with my current skills. Seeing that this is related to the body, maybe I can use my Sense of Touch to amplify this power.

‘That’s right. She once formed a barrier with her Sense of Touch when fighting Fenrir… What if I channel this Underworld Body to that barrier? Won’t it be like a domain?’ Theo thought wandered around, thinking about all possibilities.

He was excited as this might be the strongest skill he had ever received.

‘Death Eyes and Underworld Body, huh…’ Theo closed his eyes for a moment and nodded with a serious expression. After that, he assigned his attribute points.

Name: Theodore Griffith

Status: Supreme

Level: 501

EXP: 4,657,599/ 7,061,887

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Blink (B), Clone (B), Illusion Construct (B), Illusion Destruction (B), Illusion Manipulation (B), Magic Augmentation (B), Magic Power Expansion (B), Metamorphosis (B), Telekinesis (B), Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar(B)

Attributes: Strength 650, Endurance 466, Agility 463, Vitality 466, Magic Power 850

Free Attribute Points: 0

‘It’s sad, but I think this is the time to let go of the Magic Bullets. I can still rank it up, but the Magic Bullets requires three times the amount of ranking up the Underworld Dominion. And looking at the price of an A Rank Skill alone… It already takes around a few billion to rank up the Underworld Dominion.

‘So, this might be the right choice…’ Theo let out a long sigh. ‘Well, I don’t have a supply problem with Supreme Rank Skills since I have many of them after killing many Supreme Rank Monsters… mostly the Rare Class ones.

‘Nevertheless, I still need the A Rank Skills, and it’s impossible for me to kill them unless I’m close to Mythical Rank or around level 700… My only option is to buy it, but the A Rank Skill is rare, and only appears in an auction most of the time. I guess this is the only option.’

Theo took another look at the upgrade requirement for the Underworld Dominion.

Skill: Underworld Dominion – Death Avatar (B)

Upgrade: 2 Rank A Skills and 30 Rank B Skills.

‘Well, I can’t really complain since I can get far more powerful as long as I have money. I guess there’s really a gold mine in front of me.’ Theo thought of Maya.

After a while, he shook his head, brushing the thought off. Then, he spread his Awareness around and realized more than 50 monsters were attacking them.

“I guess it’s time to test this skill.” Theo smiled as half his vision turned purple. The dark purple flame appeared in his right eye. He muttered in a low voice, “Death Eyes.”

Meanwhile, Agata raised her foot outside and stomped the ground. “Ha!”

That stomp cracked the ground before various vines emerged from the ground, catching the monsters’ feet.

“I’m not going to let you reach this place.” Agata snorted and formed her spear, preparing to cut them down.

On the other hand, Maya had been shooting all the monsters that dared to come at them. Because of the Blue Star Crystal Mine, she didn’t care about her bullets anymore.

Ava also released all her power, wanting to kill every monster before another action from the Death Avatar.

“Shaaa!” Suddenly, a huge roar resounded across the forest.

Agata and the others turned around as they knew the one that let out that sound earlier was Theo’s Death Avatar.

The purple light flashed for an instant, creating a shock wave that stunned everyone.

The monsters came to a halt as they were shivering in fear.

Ava was already clutching her ears, not wanting to experience the same thing again.

“This is…” Agata raised her shaking right hand while Maya clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. “I’m actually afraid?”

The entire battlefield reached a stalemate in one instant.


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