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Chapter 799 – Opportunity

Three weeks later.

Theo, Agata, Ava, and Maya were standing on the edge of the cliff. As expected from the Demise Forest, even the trees near the cliff or on the ground below had no leaves.

He was standing there because they needed to discuss a few things.

“Anyway, there’s a huge crater not far from here. According to some informants, the crater itself has been filled with leaves.

“However, this crater seems to be hiding a nest. The monsters inside that nest are like an imp. They have pale gray skin and a pair of little horns. Their height was half of ours, and they have a pair of wings.

“We need to be careful of their speed, but overall they’re weak. Other than that… Maybe their number and their nest entrances.”

“Entrances?” Agata noticed something and frowned.

“Yeah. Their entrances are completely filling that huge crater. No one has ever counted thoroughly, but there seems to be around a hundred holes in and around that crater. So, I’m assuming their number is a few thousand.” Maya explained.

“How many levels do you need?” Agata asked Theo.

“Hmm, since the trees are not dense, we can find monsters easily. And now, I’m at level 496. Just four more levels to go.” Theo answered.

“Do you think thousands of monsters in this place can make you reach Supreme Rank?” Maya asked.

“I’m not confident, but we can only try.” Theo shrugged. “By the way, there’s something I want to ask, should we fight them inside or outside their nest?”

“I prefer it outside. I’m going to use my armor this time and execute those that come out.” Maya smirked, knowing this was also a big stage for her to shine. After all, her armor’s firepower was superior in dealing with a lot of flying monsters.

“In that case, let’s do it your way. Their levels should be around 490-500, right?”

“Yeah. But some of them have surpassed the Supreme Rank.”

“Okay, good. Let’s hunt then.” Theo nodded with a serious expression before turning around, looking at the forest beneath him. “Where’s the crater’s location?”

“That way… around 5 miles from here.” She pointed at the west.

“Good. Let’s go then.” Theo smiled and used his Telekinesis to fly toward the crater while Agata drove the Cubicar. Ava was standing on his shoulder while Maya wore her armor.

After a while, they found a vast area where no trees could grow. Because the area was covered with dried leaves, they couldn’t see anything. Though, it was clear that the crater they were looking for was hidden underneath that layer of leaves.

Before doing anything, he landed on the ground to regroup with the others.

“Yeah. That massive land is just in front of us. Still, this place makes it hard for us to hide if something goes wrong.” Theo sighed. “I bet you also enjoy shooting on top of a cliff, right?”

“Yeah. My vision is clear there.” Maya nodded.

“Anyway, let’s not waste our time. For the first attack, we’ll send our best attacks to some of the holes, hoping to kill as many as possible. I bet they’re going to overwhelm us with their numbers, so we’ll attack them while moving away.”

“Got it.” Maya nodded.

“In that case, I’ll take care of the Cubicar then.” Agata raised her hand.

“Eh?” Maya turned around while furrowing her eyebrows.

“Unlike you, I don’t have any powerful abilities to hunt flying monsters. So, just spare more monsters after this.” Agata waved her hand and returned to the Cubicar.

Theo and Maya exchanged looks before eventually nodding at each other. After that, they turned around, planning to head to the crater to bombard some holes as a greeting.

But everything didn’t seem to be according to their plan. When Theo was about to summon his Magic Bullets, the ground started shaking.



“Huh?!” Maya fell to the ground, experiencing stress from her machine. “What is this?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t done anything.” Theo shook his head while frowning. He also started looking around and muttered, “I wonder if this is an earthquake…”

“No. The detector in my suit hasn’t said anything.” Maya shook her head.

Before they could talk any further, a series of roars resounded across the entire land.



“I guess it’s an earthquake…” Maya clicked her tongue. “But the roar should come before the impact…”

Suddenly, they heard various cries coming from the sky, alarming them.

“Theo…” Maya raised her head to the sky as the color gradually left her face.

“What?” Theo turned to her before following her line of sight. In the sky, he saw the monsters that Maya had just described a while ago.

And those monsters kept coming out of the holes, filling the sky.

“Have you done anything?”

“No.” Theo gulped down. There were around a thousand monsters coming out of the ground, covering the sunlight from reaching their place.

Maya soon found something and said, “Wait a minute. They’re looking down, which should be their nest. They don’t even bother to look around.”

“Then, are you telling me that they’re looking at something more important?” Theo frowned.

“Probably. I don’t know anything.”

The monsters kept coming out of the ground and remained in their place, staring at their nest.

One thousand…

Two thousand…

The number continued rising as though they had an endless amount of monsters inside the place.

“Are we going to fight with that number head-on?” Theo raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t think so. Should we retreat? This might be the last chance to retreat.” Maya observed them a bit more. “Before they notice us…”

Theo thought for a moment before stating, “No. I think this is an opportunity for us. If I say I want to take advantage of this chance, are you scared?”

“Heh…” She narrowed her eyes, feeling challenged.

Suddenly, the ground cracked before a huge burst occurred underground. All the rocks and leaves were thrown into the air before a giant white snake emerged from the ground.

The huge snake had a diameter of 30 feet, and no one could see its length as its body was still hiding underneath the ground.

“There it is… the answer.” Maya panicked for a moment to the point she couldn’t help but say… And of course, Theo corrected her, “Our opportunity.”


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