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Chapter 771 – Reflecting

While waiting for Agata to drive them to the flatland where he could take over, Theo was sitting next to the bed while closing his eyes.

He had a few things he didn’t share with Agata.

‘I should have done it better. If not because of my Grandmaster Level Control, I wouldn’t be able to create this powerful illusion. After all, I needed to assimilate my own Magic Power into the illusion.

‘If I didn’t do something like this, Supreme Rank Experts would realize they were inside my illusion, and everything would become far harder at this point.

‘Well, I believe my training with Goddess Hel contributed to my current level. Without her killing me, I wouldn’t know the pain of severed arms, dying, and other scenarios.

‘Still, do I really need to thank someone for torturing me? It’s true that this thing helps me, but it’s painful.’ Theo pinched the bridge of his nose. Mixed emotions filled his heart.

In the end, he thanked Hel for torturing him. After all, there would be too much loss he needed to suffer if he never experienced it.

The magma monster or Agata wouldn’t feel the loss of their arms, resulting in them breaking the illusion in a matter of seconds.

‘Magic Power and Senses, huh. This is what I told Agata earlier… Control and Awareness. These two things need to be improved tremendously.

‘I also need to add Breathing Technique. I think this is why the Empress told me that if I want to be good at illusion, I need to improve my Breathing Aspect immediately. By releasing that amount of Magic Power through breathing, I could control and assimilate them to my illusion.

‘This way, even Supreme Rank Experts won’t be able to see it. I don’t know about Mythical Rank Experts though. Maybe I should ask Sir Leonardo about this later.

‘Also, I can see the skills description. This ability allows me to understand how skills work. So, I can predict what will happen if a similar skill is used.

‘So, yeah, I don’t think many people can utilize the illusion like me. I’m not very sure though.’

Theo paused for a moment. ‘I guess this is clear. I have three objectives: Control, Awareness, and Breathing. Only then can I master my illusion.’

Theo let out a sigh, seeing that his day would be occupied with training again.

After thinking for a while, Theo remembered. He had met them six times. The first one would be his meeting with the serpent, telling him about his ability to upgrade skills while giving him the Blink Skill.

The second one was when he got a skill from Fenrir, Telekinesis. Fenrir didn’t talk too much at that time since the serpent was the one telling him a few things.

As for the third time, the God of Mischief actually invited himself and met him when he was hospitalized. There, he learned about illusion even though he couldn’t understand the true meaning of his words.

After a long fight in the grand competition, he finally met Fenrir again and received his guidance about Control. The more he progressed, the more he learned that Fenrir taught him more than he imagined.

As for the fifth one, he received his Metamorphosis and became a Hero Rank Expert. There were a few guidances that he hadn’t deciphered yet.

Last but not least, it was the special meeting with Goddess Hel where he learned many things about Awareness.

When he recalled these few events, Theo came to a realization as he asked himself, ‘Wait a minute. I think I should try to remember Fenrir’s guidance again. I’m too fixated on one form…

‘That’s what I’ve been trying to change this whole time. For that, I’ve created various forms like a spear, thread, and other stuff. Now that I think about it, I haven’t used Magic Bullet as my illusion.

‘I’ve put the Magic Bullet inside my illusion to camouflage them, but I’ve never used them in a way where my opponent is wary of my Magic Bullets because it might be a mere illusion. I should incorporate this as well.

‘It seems I can learn more from his teaching. Let’s continue…’ Theo paused for a moment and searched for what he could find more from Fenrir’s lesson.

‘Well, I guess I’ve completed the task to use the in-motion… He also told me that I’ve been using my Telekinesis together with the External Flow in a very straightforward way, copying Nella’s technique.

‘And he taught me to do the same with all kinds of movements. The Wind Emperor allowed me to realize that. So, it’s good for now.

‘Then, he talked about Blink… I’ve used the Blink’s momentum all this time, but I think I can do more now that I’ve learned about illusion. Maybe I can step up my game with this, but we’ll see. I’m going to try these techniques during this trip.’

He continued recalling his memory with Fenrir and Hel, realizing that there was so much stuff to learn.

However, what he truly learned from them were two things. First, they taught him with the highest standard, and it was up to him whether he could learn everything or not.

Second, they were pretty unique individuals.

Fenrir was like a nagging older brother who kept complaining even though he cared for him.

Jormungand was like a gentle uncle who always gave him motivation and lessons in order for him to improve. He used soft words, but he was surely someone who Theo didn’t want to anger.

Hel was similar to an older sister. She taught him everything, but for a price. She was unique because she was the only one merciless enough to kill him in the most brutal way. Even Fenrir only killed him in an instant while Hel tortured him.

As for Loki, Theo looked up to him like a father figure. His speech was unique, but he certainly had deep wisdom he always shared with him.

All in all, he was truly blessed to have four great existences train him.


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