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God of Tricksters – Chapter 764: Battle Form Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 764 – Battle Form


Theo’s strike was witnessed by all the monsters and humans in this place. They were shocked that someone actually struck the magma monster, the ruler of this place.

The monsters were angry when they saw the figure in the air and immediately moved toward him, trying to kill Theo with their own hands.

However, there were actually a few monsters that continued their way toward the Cubicar.

Maya immediately found them because they made their presence known.

Unlike other monsters that acted with instinct, these monsters had enough intelligence to confirm that the one they saw in the air was nothing but a clone that had been fighting the magma monster. So, the best course of action for them was to deal with the main body.

For that, they needed to destroy the Cubicar first.

Ava frowned and saw these eight Rare Class monsters.

Without hesitation, Ava leaped forward while covering her body with lightning. She then pointed her foot toward them.


A bolt of lightning flew forward.

A monster came to the front and raised its arm, creating a giant barrier for the rest of the monsters. This monster seemed to be sacrificing itself so the rest could attack the Cubicar.

However, Ava’s lightning wasn’t that easy to deal with. The moment the lightning hit the shield, it sparked into the surroundings, electrocuting the monster behind that shield.

Maya immediately shot the monster’s head, killing it. After that, she observed the lightning sphere Ava created that somehow slowed down the monsters.

Her sniper rifle suddenly turned back to a bracelet. After that, a small shaft came out of the robotic hands and showed several holes in them.

Six small missiles came out, flying toward the monsters.




The monsters had no ability to defend themselves because of the constant shock from Ava’s power.

There were only two monsters that could escape from that shock as they were not as arrogant as the other monsters who thought they could handle the electrical shock.

Sadly, Ava had arrived in front of one of them and struck its head, blowing it away to the other monster.

The moment they crashed, Maya hit their head once to make sure they killed it.

While they were having an easier time because of Theo, Clone Theo certainly didn’t experience the same condition.

He was standing in mid-air, seeing how the magma monster returned to its original position while shouting, “Human!”

Theo was already tired of hearing ‘human’ coming from his mouth, so he didn’t react to his voice. Instead of waiting, he had summoned his Magic Bullets and shot the skull.

Surprisingly, none of the Magic Bullets hit him as they melted due to the extreme heat.

Theo had expected this, but the heat was far stronger than his imagination.

‘All skills that will directly touch him are useless. Unlike the magma ball, the temperature of this monster was far higher as he was connected directly to the magma inside the volcano,’ thought Theo while searching for a way to hit him again.

Unfortunately for him, the magma monster never let it happen anymore and formed a fire tornado right in front of him.

It engulfed Theo without giving him an opportunity to move away.

“Seriously…” Theo muttered in a low voice, looking at his clone that disappeared in the instant the tornado swallowed him. “I can’t handle that monster directly because he’s far stronger around the volcano.

“Everything will melt before I even touch him. On the other hand, I can handle any attack he sends to me, so I will stick to the original plan.” Theo took a deep breath, preparing to handle more attacks coming in their way.

And since his clone disappeared, the monsters immediately turned around and aimed for their Cubicar again.

Theo’s expression became serious as he knew that the magma monster would become more serious.

The magma monster’s anger rose to its peak. That single punch infuriated him as he never expected that a weak person like Theo could hit him.

“Fine. I’m going to seriously kill you now, humans. I hope that you don’t die that easily because I won’t be able to enjoy your agony.” The magma demon laughed.

Suddenly, black rocks came out of the magma as they flew toward the monster’s back.

They were forming a long line of black rock that was attached by the magma. And the worst part was the fact there were around six of them created by the magma monster.

As soon as they finished, those long shafts of magma and crystal rock attached themselves to the monster’s back.

Then, the magma monster raised his left hand as another wave of black rock appeared, forming a curved shaft.

Theo was confused at first, but when the magma suddenly appeared in both ends, connecting the shaft two tips like that of a string, he realized that the monster was creating a bow.

‘Holy sh*t!’ Theo widened his eyes, not being able to believe what he had just seen. This might be the monster’s battle form, he thought.

The battle form that was only a General Class Monster or above could have.

The magma monster didn’t stop there. He pointed the bow at Theo, preparing to shoot them.

The monster’s right hand pulled back and grabbed the long shaft made of rock and magma, pulling it forward.

‘Wait a minute. That’s not a rod but an arrow?’ Theo clenched his fists and raised both hands, trying to find a way to stop this kind of attack.

The magma monster pulled the bow and aimed at Theo along with the Cubicar behind him.

Maya felt something was wrong and turned around, only to find that giant monster aiming its bow toward them. In that instant, her face went pale.

She had seen the monster’s power when Theo deflected all of them and she knew Theo barely did that. With the monster releasing this concentrated power at the speed of an arrow, the destruction would be enormous. She thought, ‘No, no… You’re joking.’

Theo gulped down as he didn’t know whether he could even stop an attack like this. “You serious?”


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