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Chapter 762 – Running Away

“Human! How dare you steal a flower from my garden!” The monster spoke as Maya gasped.

“What is that?” Maya’s face became pale. There was always one thing they needed to fear when they explored a new area. It was the unknown.

Name: ???

Level: ???

No Description

There wasn’t a single piece of information about this monster even though the data in the Skynet was updated by people around the world. In other words, this monster was world-first. The monster could be weak or they could be far stronger than they could imagine, so Maya’s reaction was normal.

Theo didn’t even bother to turn around as he continued carrying her back to the Cubicar.

He said, “I’m the one who wants to ask you. This is your turf, so you should know.”

“There’s no information. We’re the first one to find this monster.” Maya gulped down.

Theo mentioned earlier the monster was still a Supreme Rank Monster, so she felt relieved a little bit.

At the very least, it wasn’t a Mythical Rank Monster. If that was the case, they would die no matter what.

As long as the monster was a Supreme Rank Expert, they should be able to combine their power to confront him until they had enough time to escape.

“Anyway, we need to leave this place immediately. It’s a shame that I can’t level up in this place anymore, but that’s not important. If we can’t survive, there’s no more leveling up…” Theo clicked his tongue.

She circled her hands around her neck as if she was trying to hug him, but Theo suddenly felt a hard rod touching his back. It was clear that she was taking out her gun, aiming at something behind them.

“There you are! Kill them!” The monster looked at Theo.

In that instant, there was a great movement inside the forest as if they were acknowledging his order. It was clear that this monster was the leader of this place.

“Sorry for the recoil… I’m going to shoot down every single flying monster that comes at us,” said Maya while looking at the sky.

Theo also summoned his clone to hold any monster that planned to attack them.

“Ava, signal Agata to start the turbo mode. We need to get away as soon as possible.” Theo shouted, noticing many monsters that were coming at them.

“The situation is not good…” Theo gritted his teeth and glanced at the flower. “We need a bucket of water to decrease the plant’s temperature while getting chased by thousands of monsters and the big one over there.”

Some monsters stood in their way and leaped toward him, trying to bring him down as ordered. Theo skillfully used his Telekinesis to fly around, avoiding them. At the same time, he also shot them down with his Magic Bullets.

After that, Maya asked him, “Is this truly because of the flower?”


As expected from Theo and Maya, despite getting surrounded by numerous monsters, they still had some spare time to talk.

At the very least, these monsters weren’t Rare Class monsters like the seven monsters that surrounded them on the first day.

Since Theo was using the full speed of Telekinesis, they reached the Cubicar within five minutes. Surprisingly, the giant monster didn’t attack them this whole time.

He only ordered the monsters to attack them instead of attacking them himself. It was clear that the magma monster was far stronger than any of them, so it was quite a surprise that the monster didn’t attack them with that giant body.

The moment they saw their Cubicar, Theo landed on the roof and put Maya down.

“Grab your armor. We’re going to break through to the east. Use every single bullet you have.” Theo ordered while turning around, finding numerous monsters.

He and his clone immediately turned around, saw all the monsters, and released his Magic Bullets to slow the monsters down.

“Turbo Mode!” Agata immediately activated the Turbo Mode according to Maya’s teaching and levitated themselves above the trees. This way, there was nothing on their way other than the monsters.

Agata also activated all the shields that the Cubicar possessed, including the one at the bottom.

To Theo’s surprise, he found the reason why the monsters didn’t attack them.

“We’ve been had!” Theo’s face became grim as he looked at the magma monster.

The latter began raising his hand and moved them to the side.

There was a fifty feet gap between the two hands as if he was carrying something.

Suddenly, the magma flowed out of the volcano and flowed upward, forming a huge ball.

When Maya finished putting her suit on, she returned back to the roof and saw the giant ball.

“Is that a ball of magma? Will he throw that at us?” Maya gulped down. “The shield can block a Supreme Monster’s attack, but it won’t be able to contain something that melts it.”

“Oi, get a grip!” Theo gritted his teeth.

“Now I can see all of you, humans!” The monster chuckled as he had been waiting for this.

The only reason why Theo could arrive at the Cubicar without receiving a single attack was to make him reach this place, so he could wipe them out in one single attack.

Ava came out of the Cubicar to bring the bucket of water and see what was going on before finding a huge figure in the middle.

“Maya, go to the front and kill all monsters that approach us. Ava, take care of the sides and back. Don’t let them destroy the Cubicar. I will buy us time from this monster.” Theo’s expression became grim, wondering whether they could escape from this place or not. At the same time, he put the flower inside the water to cool it down.

“You’re dead, humans!” The monster raised the ball of magma before throwing it at them.

Theo and the others knew that the moment they received this attack, they would be destroyed.

So, Theo and his clone flew forward, trying to destroy it.

Both of them grabbed their spears and covered them with Magic Power Expansion that had been strengthened by Magic Augmentation.

They crossed their spears together before waving them forward.

The Magic Power Expansion burst out, releasing a powerful shock wave and flying toward the ball of magma.

It soon clashed with the ball of magma from the monster as their clash somehow painted the world in red and blue.


The magma shone brightly and dispersed in all directions while Theo’s Telekinesis prevented it from harming anyone, including the Cubicar.


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