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Chapter 758 – Finishing

With only four monsters remaining, Theo and Maya could finally focus on killing the monsters.

Theo didn’t hesitate to approach the mantis with his spear. The rat also approached Theo from the side, trying to stop him from attacking the mantis.

Theo suddenly came to a halt and waved his spear down, utilizing his Telekinesis to push the rat to the ground like the monkey.

The rat gritted its teeth and struggled to raise its claws.

Taking this chance, Theo aimed at the rat first before he jumped into the air as the mantis swung its left scythe.

In the air, the mantis waved its other scythe, planning to take him down.

Due to this, the Telekinesis also dispersed into the area, allowing the rat to help the mantis take down Theo.

Unfortunately for them, Theo used his Blink again to arrive at the martis’ back. Before Theo would have stopped by either the tiger or the worm, but this time, there was no monster that could block him anymore.

Theo smiled and struck the mantis’ back with his Magic Power Expansion, snapping the thin body.

After that, he sliced the head to kill it.

As soon as he saw the kill notification, he summoned Magic Bullets and used his Tracking Ability to shoot down the rat.

The rat waved its claws and released multiple crescent-shaped energy waves, destroying many Magic Bullets.

Theo took this chance to approach the rat while glancing at Maya’s condition that seemed to require her another minute to kill one of the monsters.

Hence, Theo formed a spear with his Magic Power before launching it to the tiger.

The tiger was taken aback and reacted at the last minute, using its paw to stop it. But Theo’s spear was stronger than expected as it obliterated the paw, making the tiger lose its balance when it stood on the ground.

Maya shot the tiger, whose reaction speed wasn’t as good as before due to losing one foot.

In the end, the tiger couldn’t do anything until it was shot multiple times by Maya.

On the other hand, Theo had delivered the killing blow against the rat since it didn’t have any friends that could stop Theo anymore.

After that, he helped Maya kill the last falcon by pinning the bird down with his Telekinesis.

As soon as they finished the falcon off, Theo immediately went back to Agata to help them like the original plan. However, there were only a few monsters remaining and Theo chose to just watch the battle, knowing Agata would finish them soon.

“Hah. We’re finally done.” Theo smiled and turned the blue spear back into the bracelet before grabbing his normal spear back.

“Yeah. Though, could you not do that?”


“You were holding back this whole time. I’d seen your power when you fought Afanaasia and Alea, so you couldn’t fool me.” Maya squinted her eyes.

“I was just fulfilling my agreement.” Theo playfully stuck his tongue out.

“Fulfilling your agreement?” Maya felt something was wrong and remembered what Theo said on the second day. “Wait a minute. You said you’re prioritizing me when we reach the Arkahan Volcano for a day or two. Don’t tell me…”

Theo smirked. “How many monsters did you kill? Four. How about me? Three. You’re welcome.”

“…” Maya facepalmed before shaking her head helplessly. “Normally, I would be the one playing with words, but it seems I’m not the only one who can do that.”

Theo shrugged while looking away.

“Is that the reason why you’re not using your full power?”

“What do you want me to say honestly? Oh, Her Highness Maya has declared to—.” Theo said in a dramatic way as if Maya was a queen that ordered him to do something.

“Stop it.” Maya’s eyebrows twitched as she sighed. “Now, I understand why I feel like I’ve become less arrogant in front of you. It’s because you’re a shameless prick.”

“What do you mean? I’m just responding to you.” Theo smiled as if he had done nothing wrong.

“Now that you have the status to compete with me, you’re not holding back anymore our meeting in Thersland.”

Theo abruptly stopped as he said, “Alright. Joke aside, they’re done.”

Agata had finished killing the last monster and noticed Theo and Maya joking around. She walked to them and said to Theo, “It’s the first time I see your playful side.”

Theo shrugged with a nonchalant face, pointing his finger at Maya. “If not, she would start flaunting whatever she has.”

“Wait! That’s not a joke?” Maya dropped her jaw, not believing what she had just heard.

“What do you think?” Theo made a smug smile.

“I somehow want to hit you right now. Now, I kinda understand why your enemies want to kill you. I’m not your enemy, yet, frustration is pilling up inside of me right now. I’m sure that you treat your enemies worse than this.” Maya shook her head helplessly.

“Oh. I thought I could see another side of you.” Agata’s face was filled with disappointment when she realized Theo was just acting to handle Maya.

“I’m just your typical serious guy.” Theo pointed at himself.

“Heh?” Maya rolled her eyes and decided to fight back by saying, “It must be boring with this serious guy all the time, right, Agata?”

“Not at all.” Agata chuckled.

“…” Maya fell silent, feeling bullied by Theo and Agata.

Even Ava leaped on top of her shoulder before patting her cheek.

When she looked at Ava, the latter raised both feet and sighed as if telling her not to mind it because it would happen all the time.

“Anyway, I’m going back to get my bullets.”

“Oh, you don’t need to.” Theo waved his hand as multiple bodies and bullets flew to their side.

He put down all the modified bullets in front of Maya while touching the monster corpses. Agata touched the monsters she killed.

Maya hesitated for a moment but finally let out a sigh of defeat. “I guess if he’s serious, you will feel secure and taken care of.”

She also touched the corpses and turned all the monsters into cards as Theo placed them on top of his head.

Maya grabbed all the customized bullets and followed him back to the Cubicar.


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