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God of Tricksters – Chapter 756: Hard Fight Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 756 – Hard Fight

Theo instantly became the center of attention as all seven monsters were staring at him as if they were going to pounce him.

Maya furrowed her eyebrows and changed her weapon to pistols in both hands.

Suddenly, the monkey leaped toward Theo while covering his fist with yellow-colored flame.

Maya, who was next to the monkey, immediately fired at him.




The monkey noticed her movement and leaped around to avoid the bullets.

After that, the snake spat another venomous liquid from its mouth.

Maya turned back the pistol on her left hand into a bracelet before creating a green translucent screen on her left, catching the venom.

Although it managed to stop the venom, the shield instantly melted due to the poison.

It was at this time the monkey moved toward the venom before using it as a cover for him to get closer to Maya.

Maya remained calm and turned a bracelet into a shield, blocking the monkey’s fist.

She then aimed her gun at the monkey again and shot him a few times.

While she was occupied by the two monsters, Theo was surrounded by the other five.

The tiger jumped forward, pouncing him.

He immediately threw a fist at him, stopping the tiger with his Telekinesis. After that, he ducked down as the mantis appeared behind him and swung its scythe.

The rat hid behind the mantis’ body and leaped off when they arrived behind him, trying to kill Theo in this chance.

Theo frowned and used his Blink to appear on top of the mantis’ back with Magic Power Expansion covering his fist.

Sadly, before he could hit the mantis, the falcon dove down and intercepted him.

Theo abruptly stopped and turned his body around as though he had been waiting for the falcon. In fact, this might be his plan.

The falcon flinched and planned to fly up again while the worm appeared behind him. The worm had a circular mouth on the tip with so many sharp teeth surrounding it, so he would be shredded the moment the worm swallowed him.

Having no chance to hit the falcon, Theo used his Telekinesis to jump upward to follow the bird, but the tiger climbed the worm’s body and jumped up, pouncing him.

Theo ended up using the Magic Power Expansion in his fist to strike the tiger’s paw.

The energy burst out, ripping the skin on the tiger’s paw before knocking him down.


The tiger crashed to the ground with blood coming out of his right paw.

On the contrary, Theo had no time to focus on the tiger’s condition as he immediately waved his spear to the back as a clicking sound echoed in his ears.

It was the clash between the spear and mantis’ scythe. And because of Theo’s position, the mantis had the upper hand and grasped the spear, pushing it down.

Theo was dragged by his spear into the air. He managed to land on the ground safely with his Telekinesis, but the situation remained the same.

Knowing the situation had become a bit dangerous, Theo put back his spear before summoning the blue spear.

In that instant, multiple vines came out of the ground and tried to circle them. This time, Theo scattered the vines, so the mantis had no target to lock on.

The vines moved like a whip and smacked the monsters.

All five monsters knocked all the vines down without so much effort. However, the real reason for Theo to summon the vines was just to distract them.

After dealing with the vines, they found Theo with a hundred Magic Bullets hovering around him.

He released all of them at once, trying to kill at least one monster.

The worm flapped its body and shook the ground as a yellow-colored barrier appeared, hiding all the monsters inside. The barrier was a half-sphere, so Theo had no chance of attacking them.

Theo planned to attack them on the surface, so he hadn’t covered them with his Magic Power to penetrate the ground.

In the end, the Magic Bullets crashed into the barrier and caused several explosions.

As soon as they took care of the Magic Bullets, the tiger and the rat rushed to Theo’s position, surrounding him from two different directions.

Theo wanted to use his Ascension Step, but he remembered the warning from the Empress. Although he knew Maya would keep the secret, it wasn’t the time to use it yet as the situation was still under control.

While Theo kept the monsters busy, Maya had grown frustrated with the continuous attacks from the monsters.

‘My position is on the back usually and now I need to handle these two monsters.’ Maya looked around and saw Theo was surrounded by more monsters. ‘Yeah. Not going to happen. I won’t be able to deal with all of them, not without my armor.’

She kept dodging the monsters’ attacks while thinking, ‘Why Theo hasn’t made a move yet? His clone should be able to help us with his Magic Bullets. But then again, Agata and Ava are surrounded by more monsters.

‘I guess he will prioritize them. In this kind of situation, the only reason the monsters are not dead yet must be because he hasn’t used his trump card yet. There’s only that blue spear, but that’s not enough. Don’t tell me. Is he planning to force me to use mine first?’

After realizing what Theo wanted, Maya shot the monkey and snake a few times, which they avoided with ease.

Using that chance, Maya finally decided to go along with his plan.

“Theo. I need a favor from you.” Maya shouted from the other side.

“What? You can’t even handle those two and want me to help you?” Theo shouted back without even looking at her.

“Shut up! I just want to ask you whether you can send me the armor. Although I can kill these guys sooner or later. It’s better to end this as soon as possible. Don’t you want to see my full strength, considering you don’t even bother to use your trump card?”

“On it.”


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