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Chapter 752 – Almost Perfect Coordination

Some monsters somehow dodged Agata’s spikes and slipped past through her defense.

Theo and Ava immediately stepped forward to shield her. In fact, this was the first time they fought together since the last training, so Theo wanted to use this occasion to push Agata to the limit.

Ava raised her foot and pointed at one of the monsters.


A bolt of lightning flew out of her foot and flew straight to the monster in front of her.

The monster saw the incoming attack and leaped to the side to avoid it, but the lightning surprisingly followed it.

The monster ended up running away with the lightning on his tail.

On the other hand, Theo used his Blink to appear on top of a monster. As if predicting Theo’s movement, the monster simply leaped to the side.

Theo didn’t stop. He continued punching the air below him even though there was no monster anymore.

As one would expect from Theo, the punch contained Telekinesis that pushed the air next to him down, knocking the monster down.

However, the monster didn’t even have the chance to fall to the ground as Agata’s spike came out of the ground and pierced its body, killing it.

‘Well, that was fast.’ Theo was quite surprised when he saw Agata moving faster than his prediction. In fact, the movement looked smooth as there was no delay in their reaction time.

‘Good job.’ Theo thought as three monsters ran and leaped from behind, pouncing him.

Several branches came out of the trunks next to them and pierced their bodies. Due to them focusing on Theo, they couldn’t even avoid it.

Theo immediately turned around while swinging his spear, slashing all the monsters’ heads.

After that, he looked at Agata, whose back was exposed to another monster.

It was at this time, Magic Bullets came out of the ground and pierced the monster.

As if she had been waiting for it, Ava also kicked another monster between Theo and Agata.

This way, Agata had a clear sight of the two monsters as she pulled her hand back while summoning a huge scythe on her hand.

She made a full swing from the back to the front, cutting the two monsters in succession.

‘Ava aside, Agata has improved tremendously after getting that shawl from the dwarf… It seems to be helping her control her own power, which is good.’ Theo smiled, realizing that the group’s coordination was close to perfection.

However, there was another problem.

His clone, who had been standing on top of the Cubicar, noticed a few lights shining behind the trees.

They were monsters charging their power, preparing to shoot the Cubicar down.

Although he didn’t doubt the shield, Theo didn’t hesitate to move between them, not wanting to waste the Cubicar’s energy.

He used his Magic Augmentation while floating in the air with his Magic Bullets.

The moment those monsters released their power, Theo also sent his Magic Bullets to meet them.

He even controlled them perfectly to hit right at the attacks to prevent anything from hitting them.

Maya looked through the window and thought, ‘Well, I have heard of this, but it seems he’s really reached Grandmaster Level Control.’

She thought for a moment and wondered whether she could keep up with Theo or not.

While she was thinking, Theo and Agata had created another disruption in the area.

Theo raised multiple pillars inside the forest with his Illusion Construct and Sense of Touch while Agata circled the pillars with her pink smoke.

When the pillars rose to the highest limit, Agata’s pink smoke turned into thorns that somehow expanded and extended to the ground, impaling various monsters in the forest.

Half of them managed to avoid it, but they were soon shot down by Theo’s Magic Bullets.

As if she didn’t want to lose against them, Ava released her lightning, channeling it to Theo’s pillars.

The electricity soon sensed each other and tried to make a connection between the pillars, electrocuting every single monster that went past them.

Her attack caused a disruption in their body’s function, allowing Theo and Agata to have an easier time killing them with their power.

Surprisingly, there was no lag between their movements, and they could kill a hundred monsters within ten minutes. And these monsters weren’t that weak either.

Maya looked at the road while shaking her head helplessly. ‘Seriously. How long have they fought together? They seem to have fought together for at least ten years since their movement is so fluid.

‘They must trust each other. Now that I think about it, Theo told me that I need to kill whenever I can while watching others’ locations. This should prevent friendly fire while giving me the opportunity to kill monsters.

‘I see. It seems I don’t need to care about stealing the kill. As long as we can kill them, we shouldn’t let them live for another second. This is Theo’s strategy in hunting these monsters.

‘Considering normal monsters didn’t have enough intelligence to act reasonably, they could be killed quickly. Although I have some doubts, I think we can easily become a Supreme Rank Expert if this continues.’

Maya had been assessing them this whole time, trying to learn about their coordination. After all, she was the only outsider in this mission.

Although she couldn’t see them inside the forest most of the time, it was enough for her to listen to the sounds they produced because she could imagine their movement.

After that, Maya gradually moved the Cubicar forward at a low speed, so they could continue fighting in the forest without getting left behind.

As Maya said earlier, they met around seven hundred monsters within five hours because the monster population rapidly declined, making it hard for them to find more monsters.

However, during this period, Theo and Agata managed to raise four levels.

They were tired after the fight, so Maya put the Cubicar down the cliff and asked Clone Theo to drive before volunteering to defend the Cubicar on the roof.

They continued their journey to the Arkahan Volcano, anticipating the time they could fight together.


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