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God of Tricksters – Chapter 673.3: Reward Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 673 – Reward Part 3

Meanwhile, Theo and Dourner immediately went to the workshop. To his surprise, the workshop was directly beneath them.

He wondered what kind of workshop Dourner would have, but it turned out to be a normal one. There was a big anvil in the middle of the room with some tools near it.

Before proceeding with the modification, he opened the only door inside the room. Theo took a peek at it and saw various gems, metals, and stones.

He was surprised since he knew it must be Dourner’s personal inventory. Unfortunately, Dourner asked him to stay outside as he was going there personally.

Since this was his place, Theo agreed without hesitation. He waited for him in front of the door while looking around. Even though he was curious, he didn’t want to wander around and get blamed for it.

After a while, Dourner returned with a few metals and stones. He asked him to stand not far from the anvil and tell him to watch.

He opened the piping hot cover of his furnace.

Theo dropped his jaw slightly when he saw magma flowing inside the furnace. It turned out he was using the magma to refine something.

Dourner placed a stone tablet on top of the magma and warmed it up. After two minutes, he placed the spear on top of the stone as the spear began to become a molten metal.

It was at that time Dourner snapped the spear into two and worked his way to stuff a few mechanisms inside the spear.

He even turned a few stones into powders and spread them around the spear.

Theo kept watching his work for a few hours before Dourner finished making the sword.

The spear’s blade was already quite long, so he simply extended the blade inside the spear’s handle while using his skill to let the handle retract by itself after receiving Magic Power.

This would ultimately turn the spear into a sword.

After getting a satisfying response from Theo, Dourner began to move on to the second request, the sniper rifle.

Because of the complex design of the request, Dourner decided to simplify it to make the transformation faster. It gave less power than Theo imagined, but Dourner lessened that effect by placing the jewel at a perfect location.

If Theo summoned his Magic Bullet in the designated spot, the power would improve drastically. He even asked Theo to demonstrate the power of the bullet without the weapon and with the weapon.

To his surprise, the power was twice as powerful and the speed of his Magic Bullet slightly increased.

This would make the bullet even harder to dodge.

And due to the simplified design, Dourner could put some lens inside the hollow spear’s handle, allowing him to get a good scope to see his enemy from afar.

Theo could assassinate his enemy from farther away than his Magic Bullet’s range.

Although the power input required to use the weapon increased, Theo was satisfied. The monsters might be able to dodge the bullet, but he should be able to injure them depending on how he used it.

Still, he didn’t plan to reveal this weapon yet to the public, knowing there might be someone desiring this kind of weapon. After all, Dourner himself was the one who refined this weapon. There was no way it wasn’t good.

After getting some opinions from Theo, Dourner created several layers of the handle to create a small shield, the size of a human head.

It was a small shield and couldn’t do much, but Dourner incorporated the jewel into the shield.

As long as Theo poured enough Magic Power, the shield would create a projection to its surroundings to form a bigger shield. It ultimately would become sturdier than the shield from his Ring of Honor.

The real problem was how to combine all of these forms.

Dourner had already designed it, so he immediately worked on it. This process was the longest as he needed to infuse some special stones as the trigger to all five forms.

In the end, there were five thin layers at the bottom of the spear’s handle. These five layers connected Theo with the weapon and the jewel.

If he infused the second layer with his Magic Power, the bracelet would turn into a spear. Instead of transmitting his Magic Power directly to the jewel, he only needed to pour more Magic Power to that particular layer to utilize the jewel.

This increased the efficiency of the weapon drastically. The same applied to the other forms.

Dourner might haven’t increased the weapon rank from B to A Rank, but he certainly made the best B Rank Weapon that no one could ever rival.

Before handing the weapon to him, Dourner had one doubt in his heart. He wondered why Theo wanted a sniper rifle instead of a crossbow or a bow. He believed they would work just fine.

Theo’s answer was related to human culture. A bow or crossbow was great, but they needed to pull the string first before firing the arrow. However, Theo only needed to form the Magic Bullet and pull the trigger.

It was far simpler, even though their power wasn’t that different.

Dourner agreed with his decision and finally handed him the spear. After that, he turned the spear into a bracelet like usual.

While they were working with the weapon, Agata and Ava weren’t idle either.

Ava chose to ask the dragon many questions regarding Order and Authority. The dragon answered some to increase Ava’s understanding of her power.

Agata, on the other hand, moved away from them since their conversation was too sensitive for her to be involved. Instead of worrying about Theo and Ava, Agata used this opportunity to get used to her shawl.

She planned to hide this shawl even to her family since she couldn’t say anything regarding the dwarf. If they knew what kind of shawl their daughter got, they might even be actively involved in marrying her to Theo… Not that she minded though.

In the end, Agata didn’t take any rest and kept practicing while mumbling the dragon’s advice.

It was at this time she received something from the Goddess that blessed her.

[Goddess of Sexual Love and Beauty invites you to her abode.]


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