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God of Tricksters – Chapter 662: Crisis Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 662 – Crisis




The light of the Magic Bullets illuminated the cave a little bit, allowing them to see the monsters clearly.

To their surprise, the monsters had transparent bodies. They could see their organs with naked eyes.

‘This…’ Agata narrowed her eyes. Her focus remained on something else as she raised her vision, finding a pair of antennas on each monster’s head. ‘I have heard that the monsters living in the darkness have a chance to get a transparent body and a pair of antennas to move around. I guess it applies to the monsters here…’

After knowing what they were dealing with, Theo finally opened his mouth. “Kill them one at a time while separating the monsters from the rest. There are more behind them, so even if the tunnel vibrates or the noise travels there, make sure you hold them back.”

“Got it.” Agata nodded.

From one glance, Theo could see their bodies were similar to a worm, centipede, or even a crab.

Since they were new species, Theo didn’t care about their appearance. Instead, he focused on their abilities.

The moment they spotted all three of them, their organs began to glow as if they were releasing energy.

After that, a colorful aura permeated their bodies, covering them like a gentle fire.

“Here they come!” Theo shouted as his clone turned into an ant while the real body stepped forward, using the shield from the Ring of Honor.

Three out of twelve monsters suddenly appeared in front of the shield as they crashed into the barrier.

After that, several other monsters began to run toward them, followed by the rest.

However, that wasn’t the only case. Because Clone Theo had grabbed everyone’s attention, more and more monsters were coming.

“There are around thirty monsters.” Agata narrowed her eyes, feeling their presence with her Awareness.

“Okay.” Theo nodded and waved his hand.

The shield suddenly expanded big enough to cover half the tunnel. This shield turned into a wall to redirect the monsters as they split into two directions to go around the shield.

Agata instantly made her next move and formed another wall that covered the right side so that they could focus on the left side.

Now that the monsters were concentrated on the left side, Ava and Clone Theo charged forward.

Theo used his Magic Power Expansion and struck the air, creating a shock wave that blew them away.

The tunnel was also shaking but managed to withstand Theo’s power.

Now that the monsters were pushing each other with the wall on their back, Ava released her lightning bolt.

The bolt hit the monster on the front and exploded, engulfing the creature and a few others. The sphere continued for a moment, continuously electrocuting the monsters.

To their surprise, this just angered them. They started standing up to attack the group, albeit they were intercepted by Agata.

When they were about to stand up, several spikes emerged from the ground and impaled some of them.

Despite their levels, the monsters had tough bodies.

“Transparent but hard…” Agata frowned, feeling that the monsters would be harder to kill than they originally thought.

Theo had expected something like this, so Clone Theo emerged from above and struck the first monster with his Magic Power Expansion.

The explosive power from the Magic Power Expansion finally cracked a monster’s body.

Clone Theo used this chance to sneak a few Magic Bullets inside the monster’s body and explode them. Contrary to the hard skin, their organs were very brittle. With just a single shake from within, the organs were destroyed and the creature died.

[Killed a Deep Cave Centipede.]


“You see that?” Theo asked Agata while letting the monster butcher his clone.

“Yeah. I will target their organs. No matter how small the crack is, as long as we shake their organs, they will die.” Agata nodded in understanding, knowing what she was supposed to do.

Ava also wanted to try it and arrived before a monster’s body.

Before the creature could attack her, Ava hit them from below with her palm that had been covered by lightning.

The lightning spread around the body, including the organs, jolting the monster’s mind. But as Theo said, the organs melted in that instant.

“It’s confirmed.” Ava took a step back as Agata attacked them with more spikes.

This time, she didn’t try to hurt all the monsters since she knew it would be useless. Instead, she focused all her spikes on one monster to crack its skin.

Only then did she create a smaller spike to enter the monster’s body and destroy the organs.

“Alright. The monsters seem to have fallen for our wall tricks and we can eliminate them one at a time. I will use their body to construct another wall to buy us time.”

“Got it.” Agata and Ava replied at the same time.

Agata used the wall, the floor, and the ceiling as the base of her spikes.

On the contrary, Ava was sneaking through Agata’s smoke with Ant Theo on her back.

Since the monsters didn’t seem to be smart enough to realize Agata’s pink wall was nothing but a normal smoke, Theo and Ava took advantage of it to attack the monsters from behind.

Clone Theo used his Magic Augmentation, Magic Power Expansion, Telekinesis, and Magic Bullets to kill four monsters from behind.

Ava also struck several monsters and electrocuted their organs.

However, everything soon changed for the worse.

A small blue light appeared from deep inside the cave and hit Theo’s shield.

“!!!” Theo, Ava, and Agata were shocked as they looked at the small flame burning inside the darkness. It was too far from them, so they couldn’t discern the flame’s identity.

Still, the blue light managed to crack Theo’s shield.

This one small gave birth to many cracks all over the shield before the residual power from the light exploded and shattered the shield into pieces.

“Not good.”

With the shield gone, nothing stopped the monsters anymore from charging toward Theo and Agata.


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