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God of Tricksters – Chapter 631: Suffer Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 631 – Suffer

“Fall.” Theo looked at how the giant tripped and fell to the bottom of the hill.

The drop caused the ground to tremble, and the snow on top of the hill started to break. Soon, it would gather and cause an avalanche.

“Theo, are you insane?!” Lorenzo shouted while gritting his teeth.

“Come on. Don’t be such a pussy, an avalanche wouldn’t kill you guys.” Theo shrugged and pointed at the giant. “Pin him down.”

“Huh?” Lorenzo looked at the giant, who was still struggling to get up. Due to its size and the loss of his fingers, the giant had a hard time supporting his body, so this was a perfect time to attack.

Theo had calculated this and said, “Bury him.”

“!!!” Alea, Ana, Lorenzo, and Nella drew a gasp, never thinking Theo would use the natural disaster to his advantage.

Since the War God Family was facing the hill, Theo turned to Agata and said, “It’s your time to shine.”

Agata looked at the avalanche and smirked, realizing what he wanted. “I understand.”

While Agata moved toward her new position, Alea had arrived in front of the other toes and cut them down before the giant could do anything.

The same applied to Lorenzo. Although Theo’s idea was crazy, he still agreed to it because he saw the potential of that plan.

With this, all toes had been cut and they started making their way to the fingers, planning to render the giant useless before it got swallowed by the avalanche.

“Curse you, humans!” The giant was angry, but he couldn’t get up because Nella and Ana had started making their move.

“Ice Field.”

A massive snowflake half the size of the giant body appeared on top of his stomach. It exploded and formed huge ice crystals on top of the belly.

“Gah!” The giant felt the impact of the ice. His body felt numb and his mind was filled with the tremendous pain it inflicted.

It didn’t stop there. Theo, standing in the sky, raised his hand and formed a giant boulder on top of him. He waved his hand and dropped the boulder on the giant’s chest.

“Kh!” The giant raised both hands to catch the boulder, albeit the boulder ultimately passed his hands like a ghost. In other words, the boulder was just another illusion. And behind that illusion was a small girl with her fist filled with Magic Power.

“Saint Fist Style, Induction Fist.”


Nella punched the giant head with all her strength. Unlike the previous punch, the shock wave had nowhere to go other than spreading to all his body, so the giant coughed and gasped for air.

“Hehe. I’m good.” Nella smiled, feeling happy that she managed to work together with Theo. She secretly took a glimpse of Theo as she thought, ‘As expected. His illusion influences reality and can be used in many ways, including as a cover for me. If only he agrees to marry me and we work together, everything can be solved easily.’

While she was distracted, the giant raised its head and opened its mouth, spitting the poison breath once again.

“!!!” Nella hurriedly turned around and planned to punch the air to split the poison breath, but Theo had already landed in front of her while waving his hand.

The poison breath disintegrated into nothingness as Theo provoked him once again. “That’s all?”

“What did you do?” The giant was surprised that Theo managed to disintegrate his poison breath, but this was just Theo slightly manipulating reality with his Illusion Destruction. He believed destroying or turning the skill into a mere illusion was more beneficial to him than having a shield, so he replaced the Three Great Defense with this skill.

Of course, the effect was similar to Lorenzo tearing the space. There was a certain limit, but with Magic Augmentation and his artifact, Theo managed to turn all the poison breath into an illusion.

“Instead of thinking about that, why don’t you look up?” Theo smiled and used his Telekinesis to bring Nella to the air with him.

Ana and Alea retreated not far from the giant as they made their own respective shield to disperse the avalanche. Lorenzo used his Teleportation to send him into the air, watching how the avalanche buried the giant.

‘I see.’ Lorenzo squinted his eyes, fully understanding Theo’s plan. ‘He wants to use the snow to bury the giant. And with that big body, we can easily know his position and hit him. If this continues, this giant will only be a punching bag for us until he dies… Now, I kinda pity him. Though, the most important part of this plan is…’

Lorenzo raised his head and looked at the War God Family’s squad.

Velio was using his barrier to protect everyone from the snow. And as soon as the avalanche passed them, Velio opened the barrier for Agata as she clapped her hand.

Numerous pink spikes emerged from the ground and pierced all the monsters in the surrounding area. Just like the snakes from earlier, some of them died with a single stab while some managed to dodge it.

Still, Agata’s spikes launched them into the air, which made them a perfect target.

Ava was the first to react as she crushed several monsters with her lightning, followed by Felice and Luka. With them not being able to do anything, it was the perfect chance to eliminate a large number of monsters.

It was no wonder why Theo used the giant to create an avalanche.

After that, Lorenzo looked at the other groups. Zhilov and the others easily blocked the avalanche, but they had difficulty taking advantage of this opportunity to kill some monsters. The same applied to the Griffith Family Members.

Without Theo saying anything, Lorenzo already knew the real reason why Theo used this tactic.

‘Hahaha, he is elevating Agata’s status or you can say his assistant’s status while making those he hates struggle. I’m glad that I am not his enemy…’ Lorenzo let out a sigh of relief.


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