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God of Tricksters – Chapter 613: Improvement Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 613 – Improvement

“…” Agata and Ava looked at each other, realizing they fought too seriously.

“Seriously, what were you two doing? Were you trying to kill each other?” Leonardo shook his head helplessly and said, “Theo, what do you think about this fight along with her power?”

“First of all, the fight only lasted for four minutes before I needed to stop the fight. You two were fighting too seriously. You should take a bit more time to build up trick after trick, but well…” Theo let out a sigh.

“Anyway, there are too many things to say, but I will summarize it for you two. It’s not a win if you need to sacrifice yourself. Unless this is a fight of the death where you need to defeat someone far stronger than you, there’s no need to do something like this.

“It’s foolish.’ Theo didn’t hold back in his words, not caring about their feelings. “Also, both of you are not properly using the terrain. This is especially true for Agata.

“Well, since I need to review your performance, I won’t hold back with what I’m going to say. First of all, you are completely wasting the power of the pink smoke.

“This smoke is very versatile in my opinion. After all, it can change its shape according to your imagination. Just like that one last move, you can turn the fog into other weapons. Each weapon has its own use, so you need to understand all different types of weapons.

“Then, your Sense of Touch is quite strong. You should use it to cover the edge of the smoke instead of controlling the smoke and maintaining its position. If you did this, the smoke would naturally bounce back to the center… Something like self-recovery.

“I’m sure this will make your job easier too. Also, this technique can stop Ava from getting inside the smoke. Ava will crash into an invisible barrier that’s supposed to be your pink cloud. This will make her a bit more cautious with your power.

“You can even use this technique to erect an actual wall inside the fog. If you can turn the smoke into a landscape, you can even make it look natural. This is why I said the skill is so versatile.

“Besides, you can trick Ava into thinking she’s hitting the barrier Sir Leonardo set up earlier by using this smoke. Ugh, there are more, but I will let you discover it yourself. You think of your own attack and execute it… Something like that.

“That’s your performance for now. All I can say is I expect more than this from you.” Theo sighed in disappointment.

Agata looked down as if Theo’s harsh words affected her. However, since Theo had become this harsh to her, she knew that it meant Theo had taken her seriously and expected great things.

Instead of mulling over her mistakes, she took every word into her heart, making sure she fixed her own style.

After that, she gathered her resolve to hear Leonardo’s opinion.

Leonardo thought for a moment and said, “To be honest, this guy has told you almost everything you need to know.

“I will just add two things. First, do you know what is the advantage of your smoke?”

Agata frowned and thought about it. Ultimately, she shook her head. “No, Sir.”

“This is an illusion smoke. What’s the purpose of illusion smoke? It’s to trap your opponent inside. But if you make it so obvious, no one wants to head inside other than Normal Class Monsters who act with their instinct.

“Hence, you should get a new skill that can be combined with your smoke like Theo’s Illusion Manipulation.

“If you can change your smoke into something that resembles the real terrain in your surrounding, you can invite them in without them even realizing. You will immediately get the advantage because they won’t know whether it is true if you add the Sense of Touch to the mix.

“The second thing is… Your cloud acts like gas and liquid at the same time. This means you don’t need to hit the enemy with weapons. You can create snakes, thorns, spikes, and other things.

“By using this smoke, you can create numerous things in the instant and use them to create a continuous barrage of attacks. This will make your enemy busy.

“Of course, I think your control is not at that level, so I’m planning to improve your Control and Sense of Touch for the time being. These two will be the foundation of your fighting style from now on.”

Agata opened her mouth in surprise, realizing she could do much more with this technique. She hurriedly lowered her head and said, “I will be in your care.”

“Well, whatever. You will fight together with this guy, so I don’t think the strategy will be a problem. I will just teach you all the necessary techniques to follow his tactics and tricks.”

“Yes. I will learn from his order what I can do with my technique. I will do my best.” Agata nodded furiously.

“Good enough.” Leonardo was satisfied with her answer. “Just make sure you don’t quit during this time.”

“I won’t,” Agata replied without hesitation.

“Okay. It’s going to be hard for you, but I believe you can do it.” Leonardo then turned to Ava. “As for you, you’re too dependent on Theo’s command. Even though you have this much battle experience, you’re adjusting yourself to Theo.

“Teamwork will be better if each individual can think of their own action. What you’re right now is not Theo’s partner, but his soldier. You need to think about your own plan and execute it. In other words, you’re going to clash your idea with Theo’s in every fight as both of you try to match each other’s movement. I assure you that this team will get scarier.” Leonardo smiled.

“Kyu…” Ava raised her eyebrows and looked at Theo, who nodded his head, showing his approval.

In fact, Theo never thought that way as he had been commanding the group this whole time… To think his action restrained Ava from doing more, he also needed to reconsider his commanding ability.


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