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God of Tricksters – Chapter 605.1: Friendly Discussion Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 605 – Friendly Discussion Part 1

After getting what he wanted, Leonardo killed all the goblins in the surrounding area to restore the orders and decided to come back together with Theo, leaving Agata, Enrica, and the other Holy Knights behind.

Theo didn’t say anything the whole time as he kept pondering Leonardo’s words regarding the orders. He realized that everything was related to orders and his actions might unintentionally poke the orders.

So, he wanted to think about what kind of action he could take in the future.

Ava might know something from Avarice, but Theo couldn’t ask her because of Leonardo. It was clear that Leonardo also wished to know everything about orders, but he remained silent To avoid getting entangled in something unnecessary.

There was also the fact that Ava might receive her own order later when she later became a King Class Monster.

After all, Avarice had been training her this whole time which made Ava her successor. If Ava couldn’t get the same order as Avarice, it meant more research was needed to understand the orders.

When he thought about it, he remembered Ava spitting out the hobgoblin’s meat. Normally, Ava wouldn’t even consider eating something she didn’t like.

Hence, the moment Ava ate the hobgoblin’s meat, she should be able to eat it. The only reason why Ava couldn’t eat it was the order.

The hobgoblin had been injected by other races, turning their meat inedible due to the contamination. Not only Ava, but other monsters that tried to eat the hobgoblin might spit it out.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t test his theory as he was already on his way home.

A few days later.

Ava was happily eating pizza in the garden while ignoring the purple-haired girl that was constantly watching her behavior and admiring her cuteness.

Meanwhile, Theo was sitting on the grass leisurely, playing chess with Lorenzo. The latter visited him to receive the promise.

While playing, Lorenzo asked, “Say, how about we discuss what grandfather did a few days ago?”

“Hmm?” Theo squinted his eyes and placed the knight on G2. “Sure.”

“Let me see… Where should we start.” Lorenzo thought for a moment. “I’m sure you know about grandfather’s summoned creatures, right?”

“Yes. I feel like those summoned creatures are chess pieces.”

“Yes. My father told me the same. The one that was always behind him was the king. The one that protected us the whole time was the queen. There were also rooks, knights, and pawns a few days ago. I didn’t see any bishop though.” Lorenzo nodded.

“Wasn’t it just a normal summoning technique?”

“But wasn’t it weird?” Lorenzo furrowed his eyebrows. “The rumor says grandfather’s summoned creatures are a Divine Technique.”

“Hoh?” That statement piqued Theo’s interest.

“Yeah. That Divine Technique must allow him to channel his power there… I mean all his power. Awareness, Control, and other stuff.” Lorenzo added.

“That’s certainly interesting. The rook that stopped the Goblin King’s attack was extraordinary as well. He must have put immense Magic Power and Awareness into that shield. It was basically a fortress,” said Theo with a calm expression.

“I guess our answers are the same.” Lorenzo sighed. “I feel like there’s a trick behind each of them.”

“I feel like they can’t leave the blue rectangles he always sets up before summoning them.”

“Right! I believe that’s the chessboard. Unfortunately, every time he uses it, I can’t see the edge, so I don’t know how big that chessboard is.” Lorenzo sighed.

“Can’t you roughly calculate them with just a single rectangle?” Theo asked while pointing at the empty board.

“I can, but I feel like the chessboard is alive. In other words, Grandfather can move it according to his will.”

“You’re not talking about making the chessboard one block long, right?”

“Of course not. I’m saying that with grandfather’s movement, he can move the chessboard. For example, if he’s on the very edge…” Lorenzo pointed at his own king and said, “He will have a massive battlefield in front of him.”

After that, he put his king in the middle of the board. “But if he’s in the middle, he will have a perfect spot to launch an all-out attack in all directions.”

“Hey, that’s illegal.” Theo pointed at the king.

“…” Lorenzo’s eyebrows twitched as he put back the king. “I was just using it as an example.”

Theo shrugged. “Anyway, the chessboard itself is not important. What’s more important is the individual ability of each chess piece.

“For example, the rooks can form a shield and barrier to block an attack. The knight can literally wreak havoc on the battlefield with their speed. The queen…”

Theo suddenly fell silent as if he understood something. Even Lorenzo didn’t say anything because he had gotten the same answer as Theo.

Both of them raised their heads and exchanged looks with surprised faces.

“That’s it!” They shouted in unison.

“If you take a look at the pawns, you will know they’re the lowest of the ranks like in normal chess. They can kill goblins easily because of their power difference, but they shouldn’t have any special power.” Lorenzo smirked.

“Yeah. Then, the rooks must be the defender. In a game of normal chess, the rook can only move in a single line… Doesn’t this mean the rook can receive any attack from that one line?” Theo raised his eyebrows.

“That’s right. If you want to beat grandfather’s rooks, you need to surround them with your attacks!” Lorenzo nodded furiously, agreeing to Theo’s words.

“Then there’s the knight. The normal “L” movement the knights have manifests in the form of speed. That’s why they’re the fastest and can do some special power. Just like the barrier and shield of the rooks.” Theo continued.

“Right!” Lorenzo smirked. “The queen should reflect on chess too… Because the queen can move in all directions, or we simply know her as the strongest and most versatile piece in chess, she can do an omnidirectional attack. That sword rain is the prime example.”

“Last but not least, his king. The king can only move one block, so the king must be stuck around him. Although it means the king can’t attack anyone far away easily, he’s also vulnerable from afar.”

“There is that Sword Wave that can cut the hill, but the chess rule still applies. So, this is grandfather’s power.” Lorenzo came to a realization.

He and Theo exchanged looks and couldn’t help but smirk at each other.

“Heh… Nice one.”


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