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Chapter 580 – Journey

“So, we’re going to visit the camp,” Enrica said while raising two fingers. “There are two things we need to do. Make sure we’re not exhausted or injured… Well, I can take care of your wounds if you’re injured, but internal injuries will take too much time, so please be careful. The second thing is simply for us to arrive there on time.”

“Okay, no problem.” Theo nodded without hesitation and pointed at Ava. “By the way, this little girl will be with me. Her name is Ava.”

Ava smiled cutely. “Kyu!”

“…” Agata took a step back and looked at Theo, “Why are you bringing her? She’s too cute.”

“Kyu!” Ava punched the air a few times as if telling her that she accompanied them to help Theo.

“I don’t understand much since I can’t see her, but I am assuming a small monster or something,” Enrica said politely.

“Yes. She is a rabbit. Are you not gonna take off your blindfold even in this situation?”

“Yeah, I am not allowed to open this unless we’re in extreme danger. Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.”

“Nah, it’s fine. I just want to make sure what kind of terrain you can cross and if there is a need for my help through the journey.”

“I can manage most terrains. Unless it’s a unique terrain, I don’t think I will have a problem. Also, Agata will be helping me so that I won’t bother you that much.”

“Okay then.” Theo nodded and thought for a moment. “Just confirming this one thing. We are not waiting for other people or bringing more luggage, right?”

“Yes. It’s just us. I will be having you lead the way.” Enrica handed a small watch. “This is our compass, time limit, and a small map.”

Theo grabbed it and put on this white watch. With a single tap on the screen, the watch projected the map with a marked destination. “I see. With this, everything is set. Let’s go then.”

“There is one thing I want to warn you about.” Agata stopped him. “The monsters around here may be similar to Thersland, but they have survived a harsher environment, so you can expect them to be stronger than the monsters in your mind.”

“Got it.” Theo nodded. “As long as we aren’t late, we’re free to hunt some monsters, right?”

“Yes,” Enrica answered without hesitation. “Of course, if possible, we need to arrive there as fast as possible.”

“Okay. Let’s go.” Theo agreed, and the group finally walked toward the southwest direction, crossed the trading area, and left the gate after getting their identification processed.

They ran according to the compass direction.

After an hour, Ava suddenly picked up something and pointed in three directions. “Kyu!”

Agata glanced at Ava while Enrica fell silent, listening to their conversation.

“I see. There are monsters in our way. If we go around them, it will take at least fifteen minutes.” Theo thought for a moment and asked, “Which one is the easiest path?”

“Kyu!” Ava pointed at the front before tapping Theo five times.

Understanding Ava’s signal, Theo warned them. “There are five monsters in front of us, but we’re going to break through them. I will be on the vanguard.”

“Understood. I will be behind you.” Enrica nodded.

“I will support you.” Agata gave a thumbs up.

After getting their acknowledgement, Theo continued for another two minutes before he spotted five monsters roaming around a plain.

This four-legged monster had a six feet long body and a big round head. The mouth took half of the head with that oversized jaw and numerous sharp teeth inside.

Theo summoned his clone without hesitation and handed him the spear.

One of them spotted Theo and the others as it informed the rest of the approaching enemies. Then, the monsters turned around and prepared for a charge.

Without hesitation, Theo raised his spear with Ava standing on his blade. “Ava, get ready.”


Theo waved his spear, throwing Ava a few feet next to the group.

Obviously, they became distracted because Ava arrived next to them in an instant. She even released her lightning, challenging them.

These four-legged creatures released green-colored energy and covered their heads together.

When they were distracted, Theo and his clone had already sent the Magic Bullets to the sky.

The monsters raised their heads and used them to cover their bodies, resulting in the Magic Bullets being blocked without doing any damage.

However, Theo never intended to harm them with the Magic Bullets. His real aim was to cover Ava’s movement.

The small rabbit managed to arrive next to them without a problem due to Theo’s distraction and jumped at the farthest monster, kicking him to another monster not far from him.

“Groar?” The monster was confused as he pinned down his friend’s body.

Before he could do anything, Theo appeared on top of them with his Blink. His spear was covered in blue fog that revolved crazily.

While waving his spear like a hammer, he recalled the new skill that replaced his Cannon Blast.

Skill: Magic Power Expansion (B)

Effect: Gather and concentrate Magic Power in one’s spot before expanding it to create an unstable flow of Magic Power. Once released, it creates a massive shock wave and Magic Power explosion.

When he learned this technique, he realized this skill was similar to a monster’s breath. They concentrated the Magic Power in their lungs or belly before spreading it to the area. However, Theo didn’t plan to use it the same way as he gathered it around his spear, letting it burst out at point-blank range for a more powerful blast.

‘Magic Power Expansion.’ Theo muttered inwardly as he hit the monster, testing its true power for the first time.

The concentrated Magic Power burst out and destroyed the two monsters’ bellies and created a fifty feet radius crater, engulfing the other monsters as well.

Before letting them react, Clone Theo arrived next to one of the monsters and pierced the monster’s neck, ripping it apart.

“Groar!” He heard the other two monsters’ roars, but when he turned around, he already saw Enrica and Agata next to them.

Enrica covered her hand with golden light as she slapped the monster’s big head. Surprisingly, the green light covering the monster’s head dispersed and Enrica’s slap hit the monster’s head, snapping its neck.

Agata, on the other hand, summoned a scythe with her illusion. However, she covered her illusion with Magic Power and Awareness, specifically her sense of touch, giving the illusion the power to become a real one.

Without hesitation, she sliced the monster’s neck and killed it.

“I hope you don’t think we’re burdens, okay?” Agata smiled.

Theo closed his eyes and said, “Of course not.”


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