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Chapter 558 – Expulsion

“I should have kicked both of you earlier!” Ignazio gritted his teeth, glaring at Felice and Velio.

Even Riccardo couldn’t say anything, realizing that Felice and Velio were indeed messing with them.

“This is my curse… This is my curse.” Alice dropped to the ground and clutched her hands. “I am sorry, I am sorry.”

“What?!” Felice raised her eyebrows. “On what basis you’re accusing me of this!”

“I believe I have told you the reason earlier!” Ignazio stepped forward as if trying to take her on. “Theo’s Clone is with us now, so only you and Velio have the ability to do it. Even if you keep lying to us, one of you needs to quit right now.”

“I haven’t done anything.” Velio raised his hands as if giving up. “How do you want me to prove my innocence?”

“There’s no way to prove it.” Ignazio snorted. “You may want to discuss it with this woman who will leave this group.”

“What? Isn’t this unfair?”

“Unfair? So, is sabotaging us fair?” Ignazio raised his voice.

“Since you’re accusing me, you think I am afraid of you?” Felice released her killing intent while raising her hands on the waist as if she was going to pull her sword.

Ignazio also put his hand on his sword, ready to fight. However, Felice’s action invited Theo and Riccardo in, forcing them to step up.

They seemed to be helping Ignazio to make sure the conversation stayed civil.

“You don’t even have real proof to judge me. Do you think I don’t know what you want? You want to trap me with all this and force me to quit. In fact, the real culprit here is none other than you, who have been manipulating people’s opinions.” Felice glared back, not afraid of the threat from Ignazio.

“Ho? Then can you explain to me why I can be the culprit? Unlike you, I was the farthest from the impact. Meaning, if you wanted to place the bomb, it could only be from your direction. I was already good enough to give you the chance to atone. Yet, you didn’t take that chance and did this.” Ignazio snorted. “I thought you could be my rival, but it turned out you were nothing but a scumbag.”

Theo placed his hand on Ignazio’s shoulder and said, “Ehm, I think it’s fine to stop here. We can just go back there to rebuild the castle.”

“Are you joking with me?” Ignazio’s body shook and glared back. “Just back off. As long as one of them is out, everyone can proceed to the next round. I am not going to be stuck here, going back and forth just to remake the castle again and again!”

Theo scratched the back of his head and looked down. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry.”

Ignazio turned around and looked at Felice and Velio. “I’ll give you a chance. If either of you can tell me the culprit, he or she can continue. I am not going to let any of you go.”

Felice and Velio gritted their teeth, wondering why they were in this situation. They thought that the other party was the one doing it, but they had no proof.

Hence, Velio hurriedly made up an argument by pointing his finger at Felice. “She must be the one doing it. If you take a closer look, she’s the last one to get up and leave. So, she must have planted something!”

“What did you say? I didn’t do anything. Your body is huge, so you must be hiding something underneath your clothes!” Felice waved her hand.

“Oh, I don’t mind opening my clothes to do a body check.” Velio shrugged. “Ignazio, Theo, and Riccardo can check if I have something like that or not. On the other hand, can you do something like that? Even if you dare, I can’t really trust you since you will be threatening Alica’s weak character to agree with you. As for the boys… I am afraid you don’t dare to get checked by them, right?”

Felice gritted her teeth, knowing that she had been losing in this argument.

“We should go back to build the castle again!”

“For what? To let you blow it up again?” Velio snorted, looking down on her.

“I wasn’t the one who did it. So, you should—” Felice couldn’t finish her words before Ignazio said, “I think we have come to an agreement. Felice shall be expelled from this party.”

Suddenly, their sunglasses received another message.

[Expel Felice Guerrero?]

Their watches suddenly let out a noise, alerting them.

To their surprise, there were two choices on the watch. Yes or no. It was clear that the watch was asking their opinion regarding Felice.

Ignazio and Velio chose “yes” without hesitation, leaving only Riccardo, Theo, and Alice.

“Wait, this is insane. Do you expect to believe everything they said?” Felice tried to stop the three by pointing at Ignazio and Velio. Unfortunately for her, she had lost her credibility in this matter.

The moment Theo tapped “yes,” the result was announced.

[The majority of the group have decided to expel Felice Guerrero.]

[Felice Guerrero is to wait in that position until the rescue team arrives to confirm the expulsion. The rest will go to their next destination.]

“See? It’s this easy. We should have expelled her from the start instead of losing this amount of time. I bet the other groups have arrived and set up some traps.” Ignazio snorted, glaring at Felice as it was all her fault.

“Well, I think you should stop…” Theo waved his hands down a few times. “It’s best to continue without talking about this. There is no telling whether there’s a group battle or not, so I would like to maintain our number as high as possible.”

“Well, that’s true.” Ignazio nodded and sighed. “I will stop then.”

After letting out a long sigh, he walked forward to the new destination marked on the map.

They all took another look at Felice’s aghast face before walking away.

It took them only five minutes to reach the destination as they believed they should be able to catch up with their lost time. Unfortunately, the next objective turned out to be more devilish.

[Objective: This is a battle royale. You are going to fight until you defeat one person in your group… You’re free to use your full power because there is a Mythical Rank Expert nearby to prevent any excessive injury.]


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