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God of Tricksters – Chapter 557: Second Time Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 557 – Second Time

After that explosion, they returned and discovered that their castle had been destroyed by the blast. All they found was a small crater on the ground with all the dirt had been scattered around the area.

“…” They all widened their eyes while Alice clutched her head. “Why is this happening? Is this a curse? Is this my curse? I am sorry.”

Alice dropped to the ground while lowering her head as if her trauma kicked in.

Meanwhile, Theo stepped forward and patted her shoulder. “It’s alright. It shouldn’t be your curse.”

“!!!” Theo’s assurance somehow alerted three people: Ignazio, Felice, and Velio. They seemed to have their own thoughts about his sudden actions.

And the one who first acted was none other than Velio.

“How do you know it’s not her curse, Theo? I am not trying to suspect you, but the way you’re so calm appears to be suspicious for me.” Velio pointed his finger at him.

Without a change of expression, Theo raised his head and furrowed his eyebrows. “I just want to confirm this… But, are you suspecting me?”

Before Velio could reply, Ignazio’s voice echoed in their ears. “You don’t have the right to do that, Velio… Especially since you and Felice are the main suspects.”

“Huh?” Velio turned around, glaring at Ignazio. “What did you say?”

Ignazio ignored him and bent down his knees, looking at the fan-shaped swirl of the dirt. At the same time, there was a half-circle on the ground, projecting the position of the explosion. “Take a look at the ground… the bomb seems to be coming from you and Felice’s side, so one of you must be the culprit.

“I am not trying to attack you, but I must do this because only you two can plant the bomb on this side.” Ignazio glared at Felice and Velio. “Are you trying to kick Theo out? The guy who knows nothing about the competition. Fair enough… You need a scapegoat after all.”

“What did you say?” Felice released her killing intent. “You dare suspect me?”

“Do you think I am afraid of you?” Ignazio rose from the ground, releasing his killing intent. “I am just telling the truth.”

“You are also a suspect!”

“No. We’re going to the west, and my position is the closest. Meanwhile, the farthest are Alice and Riccardo. Riccardo went first, so he’s not in suspicion, while Alice’s movement shouldn’t be able to hide under your observation. In other words, the two suspects are you and Velio. Care to explain?”

“Ehm, I think you need to stop this… There is also the chance that Sir Leonardo is planning to divide us like this.” Theo scratched the back of his head. “The battle after this may be a group battle, so we need to get together.”

“Shut up!” Ignazio shouted back as though releasing all his anger. “You’re not out of suspicion either. Do you think I don’t know you have a Clone Skill? You can send your clone here!”

“What?” Theo widened his eyes. “I haven’t even done anything. I can even summon my clone to prove it to you.”

“You still have the illusion ability. Do you think we will let that pass?” Ignazio glared at him. “Do you think just because I know you from the Grand Gaia, I will let you do anything. I am going to crush you thoroughly.”

Ignazio’s glare contained his killing intent and resolves, making Theo step back.

“Well, I just want to tell you that Sir Leonardo may be doing this to sow distrust among us.” Theo shook his head. “I can even summon my clone and let you all touch it to make sure it’s a real clone, not an illusion. That’s why I am suggesting we build this castle again. If it happens the second time, you will know it’s not me.”

Theo’s suggestion made sense as Ignazio had no words to retort his point. He took a deep breath and stepped back, glancing at Velio and Felice. “You two make sure I don’t catch you doing this…”

“That’s right. Sir Leonardo may be the culprit. How about we make another one? We will kick someone if this happens again.” Riccardo finally opened his mouth, calming down the situation. “Besides, Sir Leonardo has never used the same trick twice, so I believe this is the conclusion.”

Theo and the others exchanged looks, observing each other’s expressions.

Felice seemed to be angry at Ignazio while the latter directed his own anger to everyone else. Riccardo still had a happy-go-lucky face, removing him from the suspicion. Alice was in a similar situation as she was still clutching her head, trying to gather her thoughts.

Theo hurriedly summoned his clone and pointed it to everyone. “Here. I have him. You all can touch it whether it’s an illusion or not. I don’t like to be the suspect, so yeah…”

Theo’s expression remained calm as he conveyed his feelings honestly to everyone.

They couldn’t help but stop the charge against him for the time being and turned to Velio, who maintained his disturbed face.

“So, we build another one?” Theo asked while extending his hand, asking them to start again.

In the end, they had no choice other than to build everything from scratch to tell others they were not suspicious.

Theo also made his clone help them, increasing their speed.

It took them half the time they used previously because they had gotten used to building one.

After that, everyone walked together, making sure no one tried to cheat them. Theo’s clone followed close.

“I bet other groups have arrived at their destination.” Ignazio snorted, glaring at Theo, Felice, and Velio.

However, another explosion occurred in the same position as the previous one.


“!!!” They all turned around and felt the same thing as they experienced earlier. In other words, the culprit was the same.

[Someone destroyed the castle. Please go back to rebuild it or sacrifice a person to proceed.]

Ignazio gritted his teeth and glared at Felice and Velio… “You two… I am going to kick one of you! I should have done it earlier.”


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