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Chapter 545 – New Life

“…” Theo furrowed his eyebrows as this was the first time he saw someone from this family that seemed to be not an important person.

When he was about to approach them, Ava and the woman turned their heads simultaneously as if they sensed him.

Theo flinched.

Ava aside, the woman shouldn’t have an extraordinary hearing to notice him. Yet, the reality often surprised him.

After their reactions, Ignazio turned around while Agata stopped her dance, finding Theo walking toward them.

Without anyone realizing, Ava already reached him and clung to Theo’s shirt.

‘Since when?’ Ignazio looked down, finding no one on the grass.

When Theo arrived, Agata approached him while saying, “How is it? Are you done?”

“For the most part. I only need to wait now.”

“I see. Do you want me to bring you around?” Agata smiled.

“Ehm…” Theo thought for a moment and ultimately nodded. “Okay. I will be in your care.”

“That’s good.” Agata chuckled, feeling a bit happy.

Meanwhile, Theo turned to the other female and made an awkward face.

Before Theo said anything, the female had extended her hand and smiled, “Hello, cousin. I’m Mara. It’s an honor to meet you.”

Ignazio hurriedly added, “She is my older sister. She’s here for another business.”

“Oh.” Theo shook her hand and smiled back. “I’m Theo. It’s my pleasure.”

The moment he felt her arms, Theo couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. Her right palm was rough and bloated as if he had been swinging her weapon this whole time.

“Sorry I can’t stand up to greet you.” She apologized with a warm smile on her face.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Theo waved his hand as if it wasn’t a big deal. Although she was sitting in a wheelchair, he didn’t think Mara had retired from her palm’s condition alone.

“Anyway, since they have finished, I will go inside to get our mission.” Mara glanced at Ignazio as the latter pushed the wheelchair, leaving them.

“See you later.” Ignazio waved his hand and walked to the mansion.

Meanwhile, Agata looked at Mara and sighed. She introduced Mara once again to Theo, “She was also a participant in the Grand Gaia. That time, she managed to bring her team to third place, but she lost because her teammates were too weak at that time.”


“She was injured not long ago, and there seemed to be deformation and constant erosion on her bones. According to the information, she wouldn’t be able to stand up for at least ten years. This is her third.”

“Well, I don’t know what to say.” Theo made a weird smile.

“Haha, I guess so.” Agata chuckled, knowing about Theo’s relationship with his family. She then said, “Then how about we go to the town?”

“Yeah. Sure.” Theo didn’t reject her while Ava stood on Theo’s shoulder. She finally had the chance to go around the town openly.

After that, Theo, Ava, and Agata walked around the town as Agata introduced all kinds of places to Theo.

While walking around, Agata asked, “Do you plan on going alone on every mission?”

Theo glanced at her with a weird expression.

“I mean, you always go alone unless it’s something important.” Agata looked away while adding, “Of course, if you have a plan to make a small group, I would like to volunteer myself. My illusion has evolved to a deadly weapon this time, so I should be able to help you.”

Theo smiled but, unfortunately, shook his head. “Sorry. I will be heading for the mission alone. Though, I believe I can’t do it, despite them calling it a private mission.”

“Haha,” Agata chuckled as she couldn’t help but admit, “Well, their mission is not simple like the Temple, since the latter mostly have gathering, subjugation or escort missions.

“Their mission is more random like assassination, helping as a strategist, or even collaboration. I mean, you people from the War God Family have made your presence known as a trained strategist. So, it’s no wonder if they’re trying to commission your family to do stuff.

“That’s actually my plan…” Agata let out a long sigh before making an awkward smile, “But don’t worry. It’s not like I am going to abuse that system. I am sure you don’t like it that way.”

“…” Theo closed his eyes and smiled, “Thank you for your consideration.”

“There’s no need to thank me. Isn’t that basic courtesy?” Agata chuckled.

Theo shrugged.

They then continued to walk around with Agata, ultimately spending the night at the War God Family’s office.

Theo familiarized himself with the entire town while waiting for the contract. At the same time, he also visited the Fighter Temple to register while secretly sending his clone to do it with his Joker identity.

After two days, he was summoned again by Marzio, who later handed the contract. He double-checked the contract and signed it, making sure there was no time restriction in this contract.

Although Leonardo was a bit sad to let Theo go just like that, he didn’t say anything because it was clear Theo didn’t want to have a family relationship with them.

On the other hand, Leonardo could also make their relationship known so that everyone would recognize him as one of the sons of the War God Family.

After all, he couldn’t escape from his own bloodline no matter how much he hated it.

Theo had also seen this outcome and decided to accept it. Even if he didn’t recognize them as family, that name alone increased his worth. This would become very useful in his future negotiation.

Theo received the contract and headed to his mansion, located twenty miles away from the main office. The place might be a bit far from the busy city, but it also meant Theo could make loud noises without concern.

Theo’s mansion was also equipped with a pool, training facility, and the necessary items to update his status without the need to go to the temple, allowing him to stay inside the mansion for an indefinite amount of time.

Leonardo also moved in together since he would become his teacher for one and a half years.

Theo didn’t really mind and accepted that this would be his new life in this country.


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