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God of Tricksters – Chapter 537.1: Hel Vs Fenrir Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 537 – Hel Vs Fenrir Part 1

“Good.” She smiled, satisfied. “You’re going to fight me with all your power… No, wait. Just focus on three skills he has right now. Magic Bullet, Telekinesis, and Blink. I don’t mind about other abilities.

“As for me, I will choose three skills as well, but I will mainly focus on Awareness.” She waved her hand and said, “Understood?”

“Y-yes.” Fenrir nodded furiously.

Theo widened his eyes because he never saw the proud Fenrir become this docile.

She turned to Theo and said, “Tell us when you want to start the fight.”

Theo’s expression became serious as he stared at both of them for a few seconds before saying, “Start!”

Suddenly, the Magic Power fluctuated and shook the ground.

Fenrir formed two Magic Bullets on top of his head, split them into twenty, and fired them simultaneously.

Looking at these bullets, Hel took one step to the side and halted her step, not doing anything.

“Eh?!” Theo widened his eyes and shouted, “There is a Tracking Ability for those bullets!”

To his surprise, half of the Magic Bullets suddenly curved to follow her movement while the other ten remained in their tracks. But Hel’s action had another purpose.

The moment the ten bullets curved, it collided with another bullet, creating a chain of explosions with Hel standing before them, uninjured.

“Wha—” Theo dropped his jaw to the ground.

“This is the first one.” She started explaining what had happened. “I was using my sense of smell to understand the Magic Power fluctuation. This way, I knew if there was something in the mix. After that, I located those that were not pure by tasting the Magic Power.

“Hence, I formulated their paths and let them collide with the others. Of course, even though I said smell and taste, I was smelling them through my Magic Power. You will feel a kind of chemistry between the Magic Power to recognize them.

“The same applies to the taste. I tasted the Magic Power with my own Magic Power, comparing both of them. I soon learned all that information. All I can say is, these two are useful in the battle. Understand?”

Theo shook his head. “Actually, no.”


“Good?” Theo was bewildered by her reply.

“If you could understand something like that with a single explanation, I am going to test you later. You surely don’t want to lie to me.” She smirked.

Suddenly, Fenrir appeared behind her, trying to strike her head with her paw.

Before he could hit her, two hands appeared. One hand caught his paw while the other one grasped his neck.

They were made of bone as the actual body soon came out.

It was like Theo’s Death Avatar, but this one didn’t have clothes to hide his appearance. Instead, it only had a ragged cape tied to his neck. Red glowing light shone in the eye sockets, looking at Fenrir.

The skeleton grasped Fenrir and threw him away. Hel raised her voice, “I am still explaining my stuff to him!”


Fenrir landed on the ground and dragged thirty feet, struggling to get up.

“That is Underworld Dominion…” Theo looked at the skeleton behind her.

“Yes. It’s my Death Avatar.” Hel nodded.

“It can move?”

“Of course it can. You were just not qualified to use it yet, so you don’t know its true ability.”

Suddenly, Fenrir let out a howl while clutching his neck. The fur around his neck suddenly withered and his flesh decayed until there was nothing other than the bone connecting his head and body.

Surprisingly, Fenrir was still alive.

“Anyway, I will demonstrate it to you for now before explaining in detail after this fight. Make sure you watch it, alright?” She smiled.

Theo nodded furiously, making sure he didn’t miss anything.

The Magic Power fluctuated as Fenrir summoned another wave of Magic Bullets.

However, Theo soon widened his eyes because he saw the Magic Bullets turned into a blue-colored sword.

Followed by a howl, twenty swords flew toward Hel.

Even though she had felt the power from the twenty swords, Hel remained still as if she wasn’t scared of getting impaled. She simply stared at the swords that soon dispersed to all directions, stabbing the ground.

The blue swords suddenly turned into a pillar of light, shooting to the sky. Each pillar of light then formed a screen that connected each other, trapping Hel inside.

After that, the ground beneath her started to crack as even her Death Avatar lowered his head.

Theo obviously saw all this and muttered, “I can reshape my Magic Bullets too? He reshaped it to Swords as if trying to hit her, but in reality, he dispersed it to create those pillars of light. By using his Control, he created a barrier and successfully trapped her.

“After that, the Telekinesis shows its power and creates a pressure far above its normal state… After all, when I pushed someone down using my Telekinesis, the pressure that had touched the ground dispersed. To counter that, he created that cage, resulting in a stronger push. So, I can fight like this too…”

Theo was simply speechless because he finally saw how Fenrir fought. Although he might need a Grandmaster Level Control, if not Perfect Control, to do this, just looking at this scene opened various possibilities in Theo’s mind.

“Wait a minute… I know I didn’t have the qualification to control the Death Avatar, but I believe it’s not the Death Avatar that touched him…” Theo drew a gasp.

“Ho? You realized it?” Hel smiled. “That’s right. I am just using the sense of touch through my Death Avatar, controlling him as if it’s my own body. As for hearing, I am not that good, but you can think of it as listening to the Magic Power vibration. To be honest, smell, taste, and hearing are good to boost your sensitivity toward Magic Power.

“You can gain a bit more by reaching the Supreme Rank, but I am going to create the foundation for you now.” She smiled and raised her hand. “Also, you can use your sense of touch like this.”

The skeleton followed her movement and formed a translucent white half-sphere that expanded continuously, protecting both of them like a barrier.

It kept expanding until it touched Fenrir’s barrier.

In only a second, Fenrir’s barrier suddenly cracked as Hel’s spherical barrier shattered Fenrir’s into pieces.


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