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God of Tricksters – Chapter 521: Movements Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 521 – Movements

“As I said, you have three big assignments. First, you are going to learn how to speak while making sure no one hears you. Second, you’re going to control your transformation. It grants you power, but it’s useless if you can’t control it. Last but not least, you are going to know about human culture. This is for you if you wish to follow him. Understand?” Avarice raised her voice.

“Kyu!” Ava nodded furiously, knowing that it was impossible to go with Theo right now.

Theo had stayed for a night in this place and needed to go back, settling everything else. He also hadn’t updated his status due to many things going on.

Before going, Avarice turned to Theo, “When Ava is ready, I will send her to your house. Don’t worry. It won’t be more than two months. I promise.”

Theo looked down, muttering inwardly, ‘Hmm, I have several things I need to do at home. First, it’s to update my status in both Temples. Then, I need to train my Control, especially Materialization. I also need to prepare my Awareness for my meeting with the Goddess.

‘I also need to take care of the contract and the others. In that case, I will leave one or two weeks after my birthday. That’s the only thing I can do right now…’

After understanding what he needed to do, he looked at Avarice and nodded. “Yes. I don’t think I will go anywhere unless it’s something big.”

“That’s good.” Avarice smiled and turned to Ava. “Say your goodbye to him.”

Ava raised her head and lowered it again with a sad expression.

Theo bent his knees and extended his hand, “It’s okay. We will meet soon.”

“Kyu.” Ava leaped forward and clung onto Theo’s chest as if she didn’t want to let go.

Theo simply stroked her head until she finally let go.

“Kyu!” Ava waved her hand to Theo, saying she would meet him again.

Theo waved back while walking away with the Shadow Fox, who would lead him out of the canyon.

While Theo headed back, there were many movements from various places.

In the War God Family’s mansion.

Davi sat before the old man with white hair. He had a solemn expression while the old man calmly sipped his beer.

“Father… Are you sure about this?” Davi furrowed his eyebrows.

Ignoring him for a while, he finished the beer in his hand. “Ah! As expected, I love beer!”

“Father.” Davi squinted his eyes, urging him to answer his question.

“Hmph. That bad girl… To think she tried to trap me with all this.” The old man looked away.

“But she gave you an offer you couldn’t reject.”

“Yeah, but this old man still has some dignity to maintain! I need to spank her the next time I see her.” The old man sighed. “So, who has made a move?”

“Only our family and that Star Group. The UK was about to go to Thersland, but they canceled it at the last minute. I guess it’s related to the British Royal Family. Egypt, Japan, and China have chosen not to participate in this. As for India, I am not sure about them, but I don’t think they will invite him.”

Suddenly, he furrowed his eyebrows for one particular group. “You said Star Group? Not Starry Group?”

“Yes. It seems Star Group is planning to acquire him to present it to the Starry Group.”

“Ho? This is interesting.” He thought for a moment and smiled. “Fine, I change my plan.”

“Eh?!” Davi tilted his head in confusion.

“I will go there personally.” A smirk appeared on his face.

Davi simply couldn’t believe what he said. He thought Agata would be the one to come.

“Hmph. I haven’t even known the existence of my grandson for almost eighteen years. Obviously, I want to visit him as soon as possible. With this old man here, who dares to target us?” The old man laughed uncontrollably. “Besides, there is one more reason…”

“One more reason…” Davi opened his eyes wide.

“I bet that bad girl hasn’t predicted that I will come personally! Hahahaha!” The old man started walking away, satisfied.

“That’s not a reason…”

The old man raised his finger. “That bad girl is planning something big. Even I can’t see the extent of that plan. However, it may shake the foundation of the entire Griffith Family…”

“The entire Griffith Family?” Davi gasped. The Griffith Family was big. They could be compared to it, but even with the help of two other influences at the same level, they still had no confidence in destroying the Griffith Family.

And he said Valerie planned to shake that very foundation? Davi simply couldn’t believe it.

“Still, I don’t like the plan. How dare she hide a cute and capable grandson from me?! He even suffered because of that! Hmph, I am still mad! I will outsmart her with this!” The old man pouted while walking away, leaving Davi alone.

Davi scratched the back of his head. Even though the old man said those words, he still cared about Valerie and Theo. That was also the reason he planned to come to Thersland personally.

“Well, I guess I will call Agata here to accompany him. This way, I win the last laugh.” Davi chuckled. “I bet you’re not thinking about bringing her, right?”

Davi rose from the floor before finding two pieces of paper next to where the old man sat.

It turned out to be plane tickets. And considering there were two tickets meant he had considered bringing Agata with him.

“…Davi’s eyebrows twitched as he muttered, “Sly old fox. You just can’t pull your punch against your child, huh. Even though he hasn’t heard the information, he has speculated everything and made the plan already… No, he said he’s changing his plan, but in reality, he’s just trying to make me think that way. It’s not my first time seeing it, but I guess that’s why he’s blessed by Goddess Athena.”

Davi was impressed by his father’s ability, but he still underestimated his plan.

In another place, Maya was standing in front of her father, saying, “Dad, I would like you to go to Thersland personally.”


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