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Chapter 510 – Killing

Theo slightly raised his eyebrows when he saw those four notifications. He recognized all of them.

The God of Mischief was as formal as ever, so there was no doubt it was him. The one that seemed to contain disappointment must be Fenrir since he always got angry at him for no apparent reason. The one who praised him sincerely was the serpent, while the one interested in him must be the Goddess of Death.

Theo couldn’t help but smile when he realized they were still watching over him.

Still, what confused him the most was the period of silence after the Goddess of Death used her Underworld Dominion.

Unfortunately, Theo had no time to take care of that right now. What he needed to do was to kill the monsters around him with this newfound power.

With excitement filling his heart, Theo raised his hands and poured a huge amount of Magic Power into the gap of his hands.

Before the rat or the ringo could do anything, Theo formed another small spear from the Magic Power and launched it toward the other one-eyed monster.

“Go!” Theo shouted, raising his own morale.

Seeing his friend couldn’t block it, the one-eyed monster decided to do a different thing. He stomped the ground and formed one layer of dirt wall, but instead of waiting for it, he chose to jump to the side, actively avoiding Theo’s spear.

Unfortunately for him, Theo also put something special to his energy spear. Instead of letting the spear go alone, there was a train of Magic Bullets flying right behind the spear.

Although he couldn’t replicate what Fenrir did with all twenty Magic Bullets, he was able to form one spear to send all those Magic Bullets.

The moment the spear pierced through the wall, the Magic Bullets slipped past it. It was then the Tracking Ability of the Magic Bullets became active.

All Magic Bullets suddenly turned to the left and followed the one-eyed monster.

“!!!” The one-eyed monster opened his eyes wide, never expecting to find all those bullets. At the same time, he couldn’t dodge it because he just leaped to the side. The only thing he could do was to raise his club to protect his eyes.

A smile appeared on Theo’s face as he clutched his hand and said, “Disperse!”

The Magic Bullets suddenly went in all directions for a few inches, avoiding the club. After that, the Tracking Ability pulled all the Magic Bullets back and hit the monster’s body in twenty different spots.




They exploded in succession as some of them even penetrated the one-eyed monster skin.

“Guarah!” The one-eyed monster screamed in pain, enduring the pain that shook his entire body.

The blind one-eyed monster heard his comrade’s roar but couldn’t locate him. Meanwhile, the ringo and the rat tried to help them by taking Theo’s attention.

This was when Clone Theo reappeared with his spear. It turned out Clone Theo had been silent this whole time due to him slipping past all of them to pick up the spear on the ground.

Now that the spear was in his hand, Clone Theo summoned his Magic Bullets and aimed at the rat.

“!!!” The rat widened his eyes and waved his claws, turning his own light waves into a small platform that caught all the bullets.

Little did he know, Clone Theo had poured the Magic Power and shot another energy spear.

The spear couldn’t be contained by the light platform and continued to fly forward.

The rat opened his mouth in shock as the spear pierced through his belly.

Due to his small size, the small spear Theo created was enough to destroy the entire stomach.

The rat spat a mouthful of blood as his body collapsed to the ground.

[Killed a Light Rat]


Theo couldn’t help but smile and chase after the ringo.

Meanwhile, the real Theo already ran toward the blind one-eyed monster, planning to finish him off.

The blind one-eyed monster managed to sense Theo and waved his club sideways.

Theo leaped into the air and summoned another wave of Magic Bullets, raining the one-eyed monster down.


“Guaraga!” The one-eyed monster wailed in pain and dropped to his knees. However, he still maintained enough power to make another swing and struck Theo.

Theo used his Telekinesis to push him down, avoiding the one-eyed monster’s attack. After that, he thrust his spear to the monster’s back using his Cannon Blast.

The energy dispersed and shredded the monster’s skin. The blood spurted out of the wounds and pushed the monster’s body to the ground.

Theo used that chance to leap on top of the monster and sliced its neck.

The head then fell off to the ground with blood flowing out of its body.

[Killed a Green Cyclops.]


“Two down.” Theo turned to the other cyclops and saw him coming over.

“Good. I don’t need to go all the way to defeat you.” Theo smiled and charged toward him. “Magic Bullets.”

The cyclops’ body shook for a split second after seeing those Magic Bullets. This attack might have become a trauma in his mind, considering his body was covered with blood due to the Magic Bullets.

Even then, the cyclops continued forward and slammed the ground.

Another wall emerged, trying to block Theo’s attack.

Then, the cyclops climbed the wall and leaped into the air, planning to hit Theo using his weight and power.

Unfortunately for him, the Magic Bullets had tracking on them. They all curved upward and hit the cyclops again.

As if sensing them, the cyclops smashed the Magic Bullets with his clubs and destroyed all of them.

“As expected from a monster of that level.” Theo smiled and launched the dead cyclops’ body along with his club using his Telekinesis.

“!!!” The cyclops opened his mouth in surprise because he never expected Theo to be that shameless to use a dead body as his weapon.

Even so, he hit the body and the club to the ground, albeit Theo used that chance to appear behind the cyclops, thrusting his spear. “Cannon Blast.”

The cyclops somehow managed to spin his body and blocked Theo’s attack with his club that seemed to be covered in green light.

However, the force made him crash to the ground.

Theo landed on top of him while using his Telekinesis and External Flow to hit the club as hard as possible, knocking it away. Only after that did he jump to the side.

The one-eyed monster closed his eyes because he saw multiple Magic Bullets coming to his eyes. It turned out Theo used his body to cover his mission.


[Killed a Green Cyclops.]


[Killed a Ringo.]


“Oh?” Theo smiled and turned around, realizing the clone had killed the opponent.

However, he soon heard a series of roars and found two more monsters running toward him.

Raising his spear, Theo smirked… “It’s time to hunt.”


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