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Chapter 508 – Difficulty

Theo recognized the monster’s mobility to be beyond what he had encountered so far. Its ever-changing pace was troublesome even for him.

“This… its level is only ten to twenty more than the monsters in Dinosaur Mountain Range, but they seem to be far stronger than them… The dinosaurs couldn’t even escape my attack.” Theo summoned his Magic Bullets and fired at the ringo.

All forty Magic Bullets flew toward the ringo, surrounding him from all directions.

The ringo simply moved forward to avoid all of them. Unfortunately for him, the Magic Bullets had tracking on them. They chased after the ringo automatically, not allowing him to escape.

The monster simply stared at the bullets in silence while running away. He took a few turns to the left and right but soon noticed the bullets kept following him.

Luckily, his speed seemed to be quicker than theirs, and the distance between them kept growing. If not, the Magic Bullets might hit him sooner or later.

With the Magic Bullets in his tail, the ringo started going around the grassland while trying to shake the Magic Bullets off.

However, Theo and his clone came to his front, trying to stop him.

The ringo already saw their figures from afar and turned sideways.

Theo obviously didn’t let him and kept following his movement in order to stop him. His clone even stomped the ground with his Cannon Blast, forming a crater that made the ringo lose its balance.

To his surprise, the ringo kept running in the air, not affected by the crater at all.

“What?!” Theo widened his eyes. “Does the monster step on the air as if running on the ground?”

The ringo couldn’t understand Theo’s words and kept moving forward without getting bothered by him. Then, he rushed toward Theo as though he had a plan.

Theo thought this was his chance and raised his spear, planning to strike him. But he needed to abandon that plan when Clone Theo noticed moving grasses not far from them.

Clone Theo hurriedly made his way between them and saw another monster approaching them.

The monster was a small white rat that seemed to be releasing white light from its body. The rat was small, so the white light didn’t shine that brightly with the grass as its cover.

When Clone Theo was standing in front of the rat, the white light shifted from the monster’s body to the ground.

Seeing it keep moving toward him, Theo used his Telekinesis to crush this light by pressuring it from above.

But the light continued as if nothing happened, forcing Theo to move away.

The real Theo also knew the incoming light and leaped backward.

To his surprise, the monster could coordinate using this method. As soon as Theo moved away, the ringo hurriedly charged toward Theo and hit him with his two feet.

Theo raised his spear and blocked it, but the force still knocked him to the ground.

“Kh.” Gritting his teeth, Theo hurriedly rose but soon saw the incoming Magic Bullets chasing the ringo. He had no choice other than to lay down again until all the bullets passed him. “What?”

Theo simply couldn’t believe what had happened.

He found three ridiculous facts from his first two monsters.

The ringo could utilize Theo’s own attack to hit him. It was unthinkable for other monsters. On top of that, the ringo started working together with the rat, allowing him to make a coordinated attack.

Normally, if Theo fought against multiple monsters, unless they were from the same species, the monsters attacked him as they saw fit, not caring about the other monsters.

However, the ringo before him certainly cared about it, and the mouse knew he would use that attack.

“What is this?” Theo muttered in a low voice. “They can work together now?”

He got his answer in the form of action. The mouse that aimed at Clone Theo leaped into the air and shone brightly, illuminating the field.

Theo and his clone had no choice other than to use their Awareness while closing their eyes. However, the ringo continued without care, ramming his body to Theo.

Luckily, Theo managed to use his Blink in time and avoided the ringo’s charge, but it was enough to tell him that the monsters could help each other.

“Magic Augmentation.” Theo planned to overpower the monster in order to defeat one of them, so he poured the Magic Power into his Telekinesis, resulting in a stronger push.

And he used it to launch the mouse into the air, allowing Clone Theo to kill.

Clone Theo moved forward and thrust his spear, but the mouse shone again, blinding the clone’s eyes.

Even Theo couldn’t see, resulting in both of them closing their eyes instinctively.

The mouse ended up turning his body and using Theo’s spear as a foothold to kick him in the face. Theo also faced an attack from the ringo by simply looping around him, letting the Magic Bullets hit him.


Everything happened in an instant. Clone Theo was blown away and rolled a few times on the ground. While it was true he didn’t have any injury on his face due to him blocking the kick at the last minute, his spear was still knocked away.

On the other hand, the real Theo managed to stop all the incoming Magic Bullets.

The ringo then turned around and stomped Clone Theo before he could recover.

“!!!” Theo gradually opened his eyes as they were still aching due to that bright light. “Ugh. To think my clone would become my weakness at this point…”

He never expected that the shared senses between him and his clone would become a deadly weapon that might potentially kill him in the future.

“I guess I should say I’m lucky to find this now.” Theo clicked his tongue and looked at the two monsters. “But… Who would have thought the monsters could match each other’s movement, especially when they are of different species? Even the dinosaurs’ coordination wasn’t this good…”

The ringo and the mouse started moving in his direction as soon as they eliminated Theo’s clone.


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