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Chapter 507 – Exploring The New Area

The next day.

Theo hurriedly packed up all his belongings because he needed to leave as soon as possible.

Surprisingly, the three foxes looked very sad when they knew Theo was going to leave. It might be due to him getting used to having Ava around him that the foxes felt a bit safer near him, but Theo ended up leaving them.

Even Asran was curious why his children behaved that way.

After that, Theo and Asran made their way across the canyon. Surprisingly, Asran seemed to know the path where no monster walked around, allowing them to get past them without anyone noticing.

Still, Theo managed to see various monsters from afar.

There was a monster that splashed the water of a small river and created a fifty feet long trail without any water in a single attack. There was another one that caused tremor on the ground with just a single stomp. And there was even a creature that caused a landslide.

Although they didn’t accept outsiders fighting them, infighting was allowed, hence the situation.

Theo was surprised because all those monsters were Supreme Rank Experts.

In fact, half of the population in this place was a Supreme Rank Expert. They might not have the ability to think or talk like Rare Class or even General Class Monster, but they certainly had the ability to cause so much destruction.

While walking, Asran reminded him of one thing. “If you kill the creatures around you, please don’t kill the unrelated ones or those who can’t give you benefits. We never ban fighting or killing each other, but we hope that no one kills the younglings. After all, there will be a time when they grow up and replace those who have died.

“If not, there may be a time in the future where our population is significantly decreased. I’m sure that’s not something you want either.” Asran glanced at Theo.

Theo closed his eyes and understood what he was talking about. “I have no interest in them. I have spared hundreds of ants that just hatched on my way here.”

“That’s good.” Asran felt relieved.

The two continued walking for another few hours until Theo finally reached the other end of the canyon.

Standing on top of the edge of the cliff, Theo looked upon the vast grassland that stretched to the horizon.

“This place may be more dangerous to you, but it can shelter you from your pursuers. And you won’t need to care about the monsters from this place.” Asran pointed to the bottom. “No monsters will come around this canyon, so you can set up your camp near this canyon for the night. Just make sure you don’t climb the cliff.”

“I understand. Thank you for everything.” Theo nodded with a serious expression, finding several monsters roaming around the grassland.

“I will be waiting for you here as usual, but since I know you are not in danger by staying here, I won’t be here the entire time like yesterday. I will check on you every night…”

“Okay.” Theo smiled and waved his hand to him. “See you later.”

Before waiting for Asran’s reply, Theo jumped off the cliff and used his Telekinesis to land on the ground. He put down his luggage and picked only a few things that would help him.

There was one reason he decided to let go of his heavy baggage. The monsters around this place might not live in a pack, but they didn’t live that far from each other. If he couldn’t kill the monster quick enough, he surely would find another monster coming at him.

Now that he had lost the majority of the weight, Theo stretched his body and ran toward the grassland with his clone.

Little did he know, he still underestimated the monsters in this area.

Theo found his first enemy in the Sumra Grass Plain.

Name: Ringo

Level: 390-400

A high-speed beast with extraordinary mobility.

Looking at this four-legged monster, Theo’s expression became grim. The monster was three feet tall and ten feet long. The body had black skin coupled but covered with thorns.

The tail was one foot long, but the tip seemed to be bulging. Coupled with the thorns that covered his body, the tail looked like a mace that was ready to rip his body apart.

The monster stood tall like that of a tiger but didn’t seem to pull back when it was about to charge at him.

He simply started running, increasing his speed from zero to his max limit in less than a second. And before Theo realized it, the monster was already before him.

Theo clicked his tongue and saw its foot turning green, planning to stomp him.

“Blink.” Theo avoided it with his Blink, but the ringo simply turned around and dispelled the energy on his foot, charging at Theo.

Clone Theo made his way between them and thrust his spear.

As if knowing Clone Theo’s identity, the ringo halted its step.

“What is this change of pace?” Clone Theo muttered. “This beast feels like he is manipulating the momentum.”

He was a bit frustrated because his spear couldn’t reach the beast, so he ran forward with his spear in the front.

The ringo hurriedly moved to the side and disappeared.

Theo, who had turned around and watched the whole thing, waved his spear to the right, where the monster suddenly reappeared. “Cannon Blast.”

The ringo avoided it by running away from this attack, taking advantage of its speed to avoid Theo’s attacks.

However, Clone Theo used his Blink to appear before the ringo’s eyes while waving the spear, carried by earlier momentum.

Like the description, the ringo made another maneuver where he stumbled on the ground and slid on the grass. He lowered his head and went past Clone Theo.

“…” Theo and his clone gritted their teeth, realizing the Ringo was different from any monsters he had fought until now.

Meanwhile, the black fox was still watching Theo from the top of the cliff.

He muttered, “This is the path you have chosen… The inhabitants of this grassland are second only to those in this canyon… I had told you to continue hunting in those sharp teeth bastards area, but you rejected it… Whether you can survive or not, I will be waiting for your return.”


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