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God of Tricksters – Chapter 505: Solution Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 505 – Solution

A few hours later.

The moon had risen to the top of their heads, and Theo finally reached his destination with an exhausted face.

He panted a few times and dropped to his knees, sweating profusely.

In the middle of the journey, he had returned to normal, stopped using Telekinesis and continued the journey on foot by relying on his stamina. This allowed him to reach this place without exhausting all his Magic Power.

Even so, it drained his stamina, considering he rushed while carrying a big bag on his back.

He currently stepped on an orange-colored rock. Behind him was a huge plain without trees or monsters. However, when he looked to the front, he found the canyon, stretching from one corner to another.

The canyon had deep, narrow valleys with steep sides spreading all over the places. He also found several monsters sleeping, fighting and doing other things on top of the cliffs like him.

Luckily, they were minding their own business, and no one had yet to find him.

Theo simply wanted to rest after all this and planned to search for that place, but he was soon greeted by a male’s voice.

“Human, I don’t think this place is for you to visit.”

He instinctively turned around and saw a black-colored fox standing in front of him.

“Huh?!” His heart skipped a beat as Theo grabbed his spear, pointing it at him. Theo shouted inwardly, ‘Where did he come from? Was I too tired to even notice him?’

“You don’t need to raise your guard in front of me.” The fox shook his head. “You are the guest of our queen… Though, I do think you are unqualified to go beyond this cliff.”

“!!!” Theo instantly recognized the fox’s identity the moment he mentioned his queen. “You…”

“Yes. I am the guide the queen asked to stand by.” The fox nodded. “Not many people know my presence, so unless you are a Supreme Rank Expert, you won’t realize I’m standing behind you. Still, I need to ask… Why did you come here?”

Theo looked at this one foot high and three feet long fox while gulping down. He took a deep breath to calm his heart down and explained, “I am a few levels short, and my enemies ambushed me in the place a few hours from here. I don’t think I can continue leveling up there…”

“So, you choose this place to level up?” The black fox squinted his eyes. “I can only ask you to leave. This place is too much for you.”


The fox stopped him by saying, “I know you’re desperate, but your strength is not enough to challenge this place. I can let you stay in my place for tonight, but I want you to leave tomorrow and come back after you reach the requirement.”

“That’s the problem. I may die in that place!” Theo explained in frustration.

The black fox shook his head. “You need to get stronger to even fight one bastard residing in this place.”

Theo gritted his teeth, knowing the creatures in this place were at least level 400 monsters.

“I can fight them if it’s only one on one!” said Theo while raising his spear. “My attack managed to injure the Ground Dragon.”

The black fox closed his eyes as if contemplating Theo’s condition. “You sure you want to die here?”

“No. I’m going to get stronger here.” Theo shook his head. “It’s better than getting chased by five people who want to kill me. If I am here—”

The fox already understood his intention. “I will need to protect you, huh.”

Theo didn’t answer him, but this was his plan. Since the guide needed to stand by until he reached the requirement, Ben and his group wouldn’t reach this area.

The Dinosaur Mountain Range was indeed a huge area, but he had made a bit of commotion in the place he crossed. He was afraid Ben’s group managed to track him down by using those commotions.

That was why he made this hard and foolish decision.

The black fox was wondering what he should do in this situation. He checked Theo’s expression, realizing Theo was serious.

He also realized the only way to protect Theo was for him to hunt inside the canyon. Theo had no right to ask his help outside this place.

“You are foolish, human.”

“I know.” Theo nodded without hesitation.

“You are also bold and crazy.” The fox looked Theo in the eyes. “Even then, I still need to ask you to leave this place and go back to those sharp teeth bastards area.”

The area he mentioned was none other than the Dinosaur Mountain Range.

Theo gritted his teeth, realizing his effort was futile.

However, the fox continued, “This canyon has another name… We call this place the Queen’s Palace. Obviously, we won’t like to have an ‘outsider’ like you slaughtering others here.

“Though, I can guide you to the other end of this canyon tomorrow, allowing you to exit this place in the opposite direction. Even if your pursuers came, they wouldn’t have enough time to go around this area. They won’t be able to replicate what you do either since they will only find blood if they dare to do so.”

Theo opened his mouth in surprise, recalling his information regarding the area on the other end.

Although this meant he had no time to kill the T-Rex for the mission, he should be able to reach his target within a week if he stayed there.

After all, the enemies inside that place were close to level 400.

Going around this place alone would at least take three days, let alone when they needed to spread around to search for his clue.

They needed more than seven days to find him.

This was far better than fighting in this place.

“I understand…” Theo nodded his head. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. I am just doing my job.” The fox shook his head. “Follow me. I will give you a place to sleep since you will need a whole day to cross this place.”

Theo nodded with a solemn face.


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