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Chapter 464 – Connection

“So, what is the power of artifacts?” Theo asked.

Nadia raised Theo’s hand and showed him the number on the bracelet.


Theo nodded and saw Nadia grabbing the second bracelet.

“This one is going to measure the Magic Power only. If it has the same number, it means your Magic Power is pure.” Nadia put it on Theo before answering his questions. “Anyway, the power of artifacts is random, but they must be related to their previous owner’s myth. For example, the blue ceramic you found…

“It was a fragment of Osiris’ crown, Atef. It contained his power of Death… We have no clue about the sword though.”

“I see. Doesn’t that mean humans can make artifacts as well?” Theo asked. “I mean, not every artifact was from Gods or Goddesses, right?”

“You’re correct. However, only a few people can make an artifact and the resources required are a bit too extravagant. Those who can make it are literally set for life.”

“Unless he kicks the bucket,” added Theo with a serious expression.

“Yep. Fame and danger go side by side after all.” Nadia nodded and said, “Anyway, those people are so important that it can literally boost some families to the peaks. Your Griffith Family has one too.”

“I am not a part of them.” Theo shrugged. “Anyway, what is the requirement to make an artifact? I mean, they will contain the power depending on their owner, right?”

“Yep. However, all the artifacts produced right now came from the help of the Elemental Stone.”

“Elemental Stone?” Theo frowned, learning the term for the first time.

“They are those stones that you see in the Magician’s staff. Some of them are in the equipment to create a more durable armor or something. The Elemental Stone can channel your Magic Power better and enhance it a little bit. And it will match the affinity you have, thus boosting your power. That’s why it’s quite popular, even though it’s expensive.”

“Where does the stone come from?”

“Mining of course. We are mining on the other side this whole time and finding some Elemental Stones mines. Or that’s what we call it. They just can’t put it inside the periodic table since it literally carries Magic Power. What? Do you want a new element added to the chart?”

Theo looked away and soon saw the same number as the first bracelet.

“Okay, there is no other energy fused with your Magic Power. Now, we are going to check whether there is something attached to your organ or not.” She nodded and brought a few needles. “I’m going to poke you a little bit. You should know about acupuncture, right? It’s similar to that.”

Theo nodded and let her do it. “By the way, may I know what the Griffith Family has done to you to make you this hostile?”

“…” Nadia’s eyebrows twitched as she stopped for a moment. “I am not gonna answer that question. However, you must be aware that I don’t really like you, right?”

“Yeah. Because of the Griffith Family.”

“That’s all to it. However, I won’t beat you or anything. I just won’t be polite to you, I guess.” Nadia shrugged.

Suddenly, Alea seemed to remember the meeting with Agata. That memory was still clear in her head as Alea couldn’t help but ask, “Mother, is it related to the main family?”

Nadia straightened her back, looking very surprised. She looked at her and asked, “Where did you hear that?”

Alea looked away as she couldn’t tell him it was Agata after all. “Someone.”

“I am telling you after this. If the Griffith Family knows I am telling him more than anything he needs to know, something bad is gonna happen. This is one of the reasons I don’t like them.” Nadia shook her head helplessly.

“I can tell them though,” Theo added with a calm expression.

“It’s not within the rules, so feel free. It’s not like they’re not aware of the fact they are hated by many, including their vassals.”

“Vassals?” Alea was shocked by that word.

“Well, I think I can tell you something about this…” Nadia thought for a moment. “Yeah, you are supposed to call this guy, Young Master, you know.

“All the parents from the Griffith Family will move to a certain country for their so-called tradition. There will always be their branches or their vassals in that country, so the parents can ask us to lend our strength to deal with a few things without lifting their hands.

“They absolutely need to hide their identity since they may get assassinated if they make a big move.” Nadia shrugged. “No one can help them if they are surrounded by ten or twenty Mythical Rank Experts after all.

“Meanwhile…” Nadia turned to Theo. “You were an unidentified one, considering we only got the confirmation a few months ago. Else, Alea might need to wait for another two years to get to the school, so she could protect you or something.”

“Eh?” Alea widened her eyes, never expecting the situation to turn out to be like this. Never in her wildest dream that she would be Theo’s bodyguard or something to the point, she needed to match everything he did.

If Theo’s parents were still with him, that might be what would have happened.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, they had left him when he was still a kid.

“It sounds like you are my slave or something.” Theo glanced at Nadia with a grim expression.

“Something like that. If we don’t obey, we’ll die. So, you know why I don’t like you? You don’t want to be killed by someone’s mistake, right? I do too.” Nadia shrugged.

“No wonder.” Theo nodded. “And here I am, sitting in front of you… defenseless.”

“You’re underestimating your Pocket Watch that much. That thing is connected to your own life. So, when you die, they will know everything, including the culprit. Only after you reach 18 years old and leave the family that you are free and the family won’t be involved anymore. There are a few exceptions in history… but I can’t speak more than this.”

“Mhm,” Theo mumbled with a cold gaze.


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