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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1776: Stupid Dragon Bahasa Indonesia

That was the most shameless proposal he had ever heard. The dragon was the one who had been hurting him this whole time, yet, he was the first to propose this truce.

There was no way the World Tree could accept it.

Still, there was truly no chance for them to survive if they fought for themselves. The only way to survive was to defeat Theo or severely injure him to the point he couldn’t chase after them.

At the same time, the tree was thinking about the possibility that this proposal was fake. Because he couldn’t move too fast, the dragon might have been planning to escape when he fought Theo.

After contemplating the pros and cons, the tree realized there was one chance that might be able to turn the situation around.

The World Tree surprisingly accepted the agreement. “Fine. But you should be aware that you are not good with your brain, so I’ll be the one giving you instructions.

“We still can defeat him if you trust me. But if you don’t, both of us might fall here. Do you agree?”

The World Tree seemed to have overestimated the dragon’s brain. He didn’t think about escaping this whole time. That proposal was simply a means for them to fight together since his pride still believed he could defeat Theo.

Seeing this kind of situation, Theo hadn’t made his move yet. He was simply staring at them as if he didn’t plan to do anything until they were ready.

The World Tree thought Theo simply gave some courtesy for them to talk so that they could struggle for their lives.

However, it was impossible to know Theo’s thoughts. Hence, the World Tree didn’t bother to see through Theo’s mind anymore.

Instead, he focused on giving the dragon instructions.

“I need you to hold him off for three seconds. I’m sure you can do it with your magma,” said the World Tree as his leaves turned to gold.

The dragon nodded and flew toward Theo, doing his task wholeheartedly.

The dragon raised the magma on the ground again, turning them into living magma balls. They were floating in the air while moving their mouths up and down as if trying to bite everything around them.

That bite would be extremely hot.

Still, the World Tree had shown him the uniqueness of these balls. So, Theo used his Twisted Reality to bend the balls, making them move toward each other.

“!!!” The dragon was surprised that the magma balls ended up devouring each other. Still, this was his magma.

With his Authority, all the magma was completely under his control. Hence, these magma balls simply joined with each other and formed a bigger ball before continuing to swallow everything around them.

“…” Theo narrowed his eyes, seeing his attack didn’t work. He took another approach, which was the World Re-Creation.

He expanded the reality backward so that the magma ball bit the dragon.

Surprisingly, when the magma ball bit the dragon, it was absorbed by the dragon’s skin and gradually turned cold, forming another skin.

“Hmm?” Theo was astounded by this ability. He thought, ‘He can heal himself with that ability? But if that’s the case, why hasn’t he done it in the first place? Although the dragon is a fool, there’s no way he would be that foolish.

‘So, the reason why the dragon hasn’t used it must be because he can’t use it easily. It doesn’t change the fact I shouldn’t assist him in his recovery though.’

Theo sighed. He glanced at the tree, which seemed to be prepared for his attack. After confirming the situation, Theo flew straight to the dragon, planning to challenge him head-on.

After seeing what Theo was capable of, the dragon thought this was a fake charge. There was no way Theo would fight him with a frontal assault.

Thinking there was a hidden gimmick in this charge, the dragon flew back, trying to regain some distance.

However, the tree suddenly shouted, “Don’t go back. There is no hidden trick. Just capture him!”

The dragon had to believe the tree this time since only with his help could he stay alive.

As soon as he heard the instruction, the dragon also flew forth while lifting up the magma again.

As soon as Theo reached the range of his attack, the dragon manipulated the magma and turned it into a giant sphere that isolated the inside space.

“In this place, you have nowhere to go. Unless you can withstand the heat of the magma, it’s going to be impossible for you to come out!” The magma dragon smiled, confident Theo wouldn’t leave.

Theo didn’t care about his confidence. He simply used the second law and changed the heat into cold only for a short period of time. The ability also affected only a small area.

“Huh?” The dragon widened his eyes and saw the affected spot become frozen. However, the magma around it immediately heated it up and slowly turned it into magma again.

Before it fully changed, Theo teleported right in front of the area and smashed the frozen magma into pieces, allowing a gap for him to escape.

“Wait!” The dragon gritted his teeth and hurriedly retracted his magma. He flew toward Theo desperately.

Theo ignored him for a moment and saw the World Tree doing something interesting. He suddenly acted as if he was stunned, stopping for two seconds.

Seeing this chance, the dragon desperately chased after Theo and grabbed him with his arms.

“What?!” Theo’s body trembled as he looked down, realizing he had been captured.

The dragon became even more proud when he heard the World Tree saying, “You must have used your teleportation ability, Theodore Griffith. After using that ability, you can’t use it again for a while. That’s why you can’t escape this time. Good job, Dragon!”

“Hahaha. That’s because I’m the mighty dragon.” The dragon laughed. He was proud because he managed to catch Theo. No matter how ugly it was, only the result mattered.

“Free me immediately, Dragon!” Theo shouted.

“Do you think I’ll listen to you again? No. We’re going to kill you this time!” The dragon smirked. His focus was still on Theo.

He didn’t see the tree had released its attack.

“Unhand me. Can’t you see that?!” Theo shouted in anger, glaring at the dragon. “The tree has betrayed you!”

“What are you say—” The dragon suddenly felt silent. After retracting the magma that required a lot of Magic Power, he could finally sense another strong fluctuation of Magic Power coming from the side. He turned around and saw the explosive fruit coming toward them. “Wha—!”


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