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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1697: Question Bahasa Indonesia

Since they had a lot of time after running, they were discussing what to do when they reached the class.

Some of them seemed to be planning to ask Theo all kinds of questions to make trouble.

When they reached the class, they had sly smiles on their faces. Even Grace could feel how much trouble Theo would face in this class.

She could only shake her head helplessly, waiting for Theo to give an explanation about the training.

As soon as three hours were up, Theo opened the door and entered the room with a calm expression. The people who looked at him became angrier because Theo didn’t seem to feel bad at all.

Theo looked at their expressions and said, “It seems that you want to ask me some questions. Since that’s the case, then you can raise your hands and ask.”

Without hesitation, all of them, except Grace, raised their hands.

Theo frowned and asked, “You don’t want to ask me any questions?”

“I want to. It doesn’t feel right if I can’t understand why such training is given.”

Theo then glanced at the rest of the students and asked, “So, you also want to ask me what’s the purpose of the previous training?”

“Yes!” All of them answered in unison.

Theo sighed and walked to one of them, saying, “You…”

The student trembled, thinking Theo would harm him or anything. But Theo only said, “Open your system right now.”

“System… what?!” The student was baffled. There was no way he could do it since the apocalypse had shut down the system, causing them to be unable to get stronger.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s no way I can open the system. All of us can’t even do it after the apocalypse.”

Theo shook his head in disappointment before he walked to the student next to them. “You follow me and hunt some monsters. We’ll kill as many monsters as possible to level up.”

“Level up? He already said we couldn’t open the system anymore. So, why do we have to kill monsters to level up? The only reason why we need to kill the monster is to protect our home!”

Theo ignored him and walked to the next student. “Then, you. Allocate your free attribute points to your status right now.”

“Sir, we don’t have the system anymore. Why do you keep asking us to do something related to the system?”

The students became even more frustrated because Theo’s actions made no sense.

And this was when Theo said, “So, all of you can’t access the system anymore and now you have no choice but to be stuck at your current level?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Of course, we’ll be stuck at our current level for the rest of our life! We have reached our limit the moment the system is taken away from us.” One of the students interjected out loud, glaring at Theo.

“So, you’ve reached your limit?”

“Of course.”

Theo frowned and asked, “Then if you have reached your limit, why do you come here? Since you can’t get stronger anymore, then is there any point in coming here?”

“We want to get stronger. That’s why we come here!”

“But you said you have reached your limit.”

The students were frustrated because of Theo’s petty argument. However, Theo added, “The limit… is something you set up yourself.”


“When I asked you to run until you reached your limit, what did you do? Raise your hand and give up, right? But then, if you have reached your limit, why can you still run more?” Theo looked at the previous three students.

“Albert ran two more laps after reaching his limit. Celesta ran four more laps after she gave up. Khamur managed to finish more laps.”

Their bodies trembled because Theo had just said what they had done previously. It seemed he truly watched them and remembered them even though they hadn’t introduced themselves yet.

“Why could all of you run for more even though you’d reached your limit? Is that truly your limit or is it just your brain that gives up while refusing to do more by creating all kinds of excuses?”

The students became tongue-tied. They wanted to rebuke him, but Theo didn’t say anything wrong. Why could they run a few more laps after reaching their limit? Why did they make excuses they couldn’t get stronger when the system had been taken away?

Theo walked to Grace and asked, “Then, can you utilize one of your skills for me?”

Grace nodded and formed a water bubble on top of her palm.

“How big can you make it?”

“Mhm?” Grace thought for a moment before saying, “Around fourteen feet in radius, I think.”

“Can you do it for me?”

Grace nodded and started pouring more Magic Power into the water bubble, expanding its size. When it was about to reach the fourteen feet mark, Grace bit her lips and said, “Sorry, I can’t do it more.”

Theo looked at the bubble and pointed at her lower arm. “Try to shrink it a bit and pour the Magic Power into this point. After that, infuse all that Magic Power into the bubble at once.”

She followed his instruction and finally expanded the bubble to more than fourteen feet radius.

“See? You can even make a bigger one than you think.” Theo smiled.

“That’s because you helped me…”

“No. I didn’t do anything. You clearly had enough control and the capability to do it. But why did you stop before reaching your goal? Was it because you thought it was your limit?”

“That’s…” Grace looked down, feeling ashamed.

Some of the students understood what Theo wanted to say.

Theo simply asked them again. “Have you seen that? The system has been taken away, but she still can use the skill from the system. The system has been taken away, but you can still raise your status through the herbs or artifacts. You might not have the system anymore, but it doesn’t mean you can’t level up. Just like how you can keep going after reaching your limit, you still can get stronger like before the apocalypse. It’s just you have given up on finding that path and trying to get another alternative. Why? Is it because of your limit? Or is it because you just don’t want to do it?”


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