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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1634: Agreed? Bahasa Indonesia

Salvatore had been provoking them continuously. However, Agata remained calm and said, “That’s the plan. Theo had said in his letter that his student’s word was his word. In other words, you’re getting the plan from Theo himself. Major General Logan should be able to testify.”

Logan nodded his head, confirming the content of the letter.

“Still, Miss Agata… Although I don’t mind risking my life with this, I have to consider the situation where I get ambushed as well.” The one who tried to de-escalate the situation earlier spoke again. “The enemies have a King Class Monster, but this is only what we can see. There’s no way the enemy will show their cards easily. It’s better to play conservatively first.”

There was no flaw in his logic either. The loss of a single Transcendent Level Expert was massive, especially in a battle like this.

Even Agata nodded in understanding. “Indeed. Then, what do you suggest we should do, Rea?”

“Mhm…” Rea looked down, contemplating her decision. On the one hand, she believed her plan was the best one. It was risky but gave the best result. On the other hand, she couldn’t really rebuke his words, making it hard for her to decide.

Suddenly, she remembered the second letter from Theo.

“Ah… Please wait a minute.” Rea walked away for a bit, bringing the second letter to the meeting. “My Teacher left this letter when someone disagreed with my plans. I understand my plan has a big risk, but I still believe we can get the best result.”

This was the first time she commanded a battle of this scale, so Agata could understand her action. She looked overwhelmed because she had a hard time adjusting to the plan.

At the same time, she was also curious about the letter. She took a peek at the letter and smiled as if knowing Theo would always be Theo.

‘There must be some bastards who disagreed with my plan because the result of that plan was a complete failure.’

‘However, my decision is still the same. I know my student, Rea, is thinking about the best result we can get in this situation. Hence, I shall trust her decision and go along with her plan.’

‘I know how my student thinks. That’s why she shall inform the other bases about her plan. Whether they agree or not is up to them.’

‘If you don’t follow my plan, then I won’t be responsible for the loss you’ll suffer in the future. Whether you agree or not, the people from my group shall carry out her plan. So, don’t hesitate.’

Rea’s expression was distorted. She felt moved by how he trusted her unconditionally, but she felt a bit disappointed in herself because Theo’s words looked like he also expected this bad result and had low expectations of her.

Agata grabbed the letter and told them about the letter from word to word.

As expected, Salvatore’s anger erupted. He slammed the table and shouted in anger. “Who does he think he is?”

Agata raised her hand, stopping his outburst. She immediately said to Logan, “Can you connect the other two bases? If possible, you can contact Leonardo personally. And if I’m not wrong, Zhao Jia is in charge of the movement, so contact her as well.”

“Understood.” Logan’s face became pale, never expecting Theo just letting his subordinates die. At the same time, he still followed her order, thinking the others would reject this idea like Salvatore.

It didn’t take too long for Zhao Jia and Leonardo to enter the group meeting.

“Yes?” Zhao Jia narrowed her eyes. She looked annoyed as well because she had suffered the same loss. Meanwhile, Leonardo maintained his calm expression, asking, “Why do you call us?”

“I want to share Rea’s next plan. But before that, I have to tell you about Theo’s messages first.” Agata explained everything from the start before giving Rea’s plan to them. She was acting like Rea’s mentor since she had to deal with the mess Rea made. After all, she agreed that Rea was lacking in experience.

“That’s how it is. Do you have any thoughts?” Agata asked after the explanation.

Salvatore was smiling because he believed Leonardo, the War Saint, would be the first to reject this plan.

But surprisingly, Leonardo didn’t give an immediate rejection. Instead, he was falling into deep thought.

“Mhm…” Leonardo closed her eyes while looking around as if trying to find the answer.

“What are you doing, War Saint?” Zhao Jia’s eyebrows twitched, not understanding his action. She wanted to reject the plan but seeing Leonardo like this made her wait until she heard his decision.

And to everyone’s surprise, Leonardo slammed the table and smiled, “Alright. The union will follow the plan. I’ll adjust my plan right away! Thank you for the information.”

“Huh, what?” Zhao Jia was dumbfounded by Leonardo’s reaction. “War Saint, you…”

Leonardo glanced at her and said, “That’s why you can’t surpass your teacher yet. Glasses girl. If you understand what I mean, that is…”

“This is why I can’t surpass my teacher?” Zhao Jia furrowed her eyebrows and saw Leonardo hanging up the call. It took Zhao Jia two minutes before understanding the plan.

“Ah!” Zhao Jia sucked a cold breath and nodded. “United Asia shall do the same. I’ll adjust my plan right away!”

Their decisions stunned all the people, including Rea, who gave the plan.

“What? Are they insane?” Salvatore burst out, not understanding why those two actually agreed with the plan.

“That’s their decision, Mr. Salvatore.” Agata stopped him. “It’s up to you whether you want to follow the plan or not. But our side will follow her plan.”

Seeing their reaction, the reasonable one understood one thing. There was actually a hidden meaning in Rea’s plan, which the person herself wasn’t aware of.

So, one of them said, “With my name and my life on the line, I, Magi, shall follow the plan. Even if I have to go there myself, I assure you that I will disturb them to the best of my ability.”

“You…” Salvatore didn’t expect he was betrayed at the last moment. They thought they could berate Theo’s side as they liked, but this ridiculous plan actually managed to convince this guy.

Agata smiled. “That’s enough. Since we’ve reached an agreement, we shall end this meeting since we will make our preparation as well.”


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