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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1628: Approval Bahasa Indonesia

A muscular man knocked on the door.

“Mr. President. General Reyhan is visiting.”

“Tell him to come in.”

The security leader opened the door for the general before leaving the room after noticing the Time God sitting on the couch as if trying to protect him.

General Reyhan was a man in his nineties. He had a long scar that ran from one cheek to another. His spiky brown hair and fierce eyes made people scared of him.

But in front of the president, he politely greeted him. “Mr. President.”

“General Reyhan. So, why do you wish to meet me today?”

“I’ve brought the report regarding Theodore Griffith’s stance in this battle. We’ve discussed this together with the secretary of defense and agree with this plan. But we’ll need your final approval.”

“Mhm? So, you’re the only one visiting me? Where is Mr. Secretary?” The president furrowed his eyebrows before chuckling. “Well, that’s less important. For now, let’s hear about the plan first.”

“Understood.” Reyhan retold the entire report with the help of the map. The explanation was concise and the plan was reasonable.

“So, that means we can rally all our troops to Oregon?”

“Yes, Sir. Though, they’re requesting some support too like heavy artillery and air support.”

“And how much do you think we should send?”

“Since we can rally most of our men, we shouldn’t be too stingy either. We can safely assume a third of our weapons. After all, Theodore Griffith only has about 15000 thousand soldiers in that area. So, this should be enough to show our sincerity in supporting him to defend the base.

“On that front, there will be Theodore Griffith and his two Transcendent Level Experts. On the western front, we have five Transcendent Level Experts and all personnel. This should be enough.”

The president nodded in agreement. “If that’s the case, I approve the mobilization. However, I still think two weeks is a bit too long for a surprise attack.”

“That’s understandable, Sir. However, these two weeks came after careful consideration. As he said to us, he wanted to create an alliance between the three bases.

“We should be able to finish our preparation within fourteen days, but if we want to rush it, we can finish it within ten days.

“However, we have to consider the other two bases as well. United Asia has the Heavenly Sovereign, the Sword Saint, and the Daemon. They all protected each side, so their mobilization could be faster.

“But it’ll be a different case if we’re talking about the union. The union has to protect two spots, and there is only Flora there. So, one of the spots doesn’t have someone that strong to support just like us.

“Still, we’re lucky to have Sir Time God to protect the capital, allowing us to fight without worry. Meanwhile, they’re going to leave their headquarters empty because if Flora takes one spot, the rest of the Transcendent Level Experts have to guard the other spot together.

“So, these two weeks are Theo’s gift to the War Saint. I’m sure you’re aware of his achievement, so two weeks are enough for the War Saint to fortify their defense, allowing them to defend a spot without relying on Flora.”

“I see.” The president nodded in understanding. “So, he is carefully considering everything and giving us this time.”


“What do you think about his plan? How high is our chance to deal with them?”

“Eighty percent if everything goes according to the plan. We don’t know much about the strength of the enemies, so we can’t be too optimistic.”

The president then asked the last question. “And where is Theodore Griffith right now? You said Nagasawa Rea was the one telling us about this plan…”

“That’s…” Reyhan scratched the back of his head, not knowing how to explain it. “Theodore Griffith is currently on leave. We don’t know where he is right now. Even his people aren’t aware of his whereabouts. He is only leaving this message…”

Reyhan handed him the message Theo left for Rea. He made sure to write it from word to word.

The president furrowed his eyebrows when he realized Theo was missing. “Two weeks, huh… And he doesn’t know whether he can go back in time or not. Should we extend our time a bit?”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that, Sir. Two weeks is the limit. We have to send people to harass our enemies, so we can’t make it too long or our enemies will be too pissed and launch an all-out attack first. All we can do right now is to pray for Theodore Griffith to go back in time.”

The president nodded in understanding. “Well, I don’t know what he is planning, but the fact that it takes this long, I’m sure he has prepared something big that can give us victory. For the time being, we have to give our all in stalling for time.”

“Yes, we’ll be sure to send our elites to handle this mission.”

“Good. You have my approval for this. However, what do you think about leaving some people behind in case Theo couldn’t come back in time?” The president asked.

“In that case, why don’t I go there to help?” The Time God finally opened his mouth, stunning both of them.

Although the president knew the Time God was neutral, it didn’t change the fact that the Time God seemed to be fond of Theo. So, him trying to help Theo was as expected.

The president thought for a moment and looked at Reyhan. “What do you think?”

“With Sir Time God’s guarantee, we don’t need to fear. As for sparing some people to help the other front in the worst-case scenario, please don’t worry, Sir. It’s not like we’re mobilizing all of our reserve armies. So, we should be able to muster thirty thousand soldiers to stall time.”

“I see. That’s good then. I’ll leave the planning to you, the elites. Just keep me up to date with the progress.”

“Understood.” Reyhan stood up, straightened his back, and saluted. “Then…”

He turned around and left the room, planning to give back the reply.


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