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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1627: Negotiation Bahasa Indonesia

Rea was sitting in front of the one in charge of the military base in Kentucky.

He had long blond hair tied neatly on his back. His face was calm and relaxed, but it seemed he was assessing everything around him, including Rea. On his shoulder were two silver stars, signifying his rank.

“So, what’s the opinion of Mr. Theodore Griffith?” He asked with a serious expression, considering Theo’s decision would be important in this upcoming battle.

Rea hesitated for a moment since she still didn’t understand Theo’s plan. However, Theo must have given her the plan because he was sure it would work.

If he could even confuse her, the enemies wouldn’t know what Theo was thinking either.

So, Rea told him Theo’s plan. “According to my Teacher, he wishes to launch an all-out attack in two weeks. That decision came after considering the troop’s placement as well as the heavy machinery.

“Of course, the biggest reason was the fact that these two weeks should be enough to create an alliance between the three bases and attack those sea creatures at the same time. It should allow us to push them back simultaneously, making them unable to concentrate their force in one place.”

“The alliance between three bases and two weeks, huh? That’s understandable. Though, the problem is how we should deal with the enemies. I believe the one near us has completed their mountain, right?” He asked.

“We’re going to send elite teams to harass them and buy enough time for us to mobilize our troops. I believe you, Major General Logan, should be enough to handle this matter, right?”

“If I only have to dispatch an elite team to harass them, then yes. But if we’re talking about an elite team, wouldn’t it be better for your group to make a move?” Logan asked.

“That’s what I thought at first, but if we made a move first, the enemies would realize our strength and send strong monsters to stop us. On the other hand, if you first harassed them, they would send weaker monsters. When your team couldn’t handle them anymore, we would make our move. This way, we could prolong the time to two weeks.”

“I see. I can understand your reason. There is one problem. If I were to send my elite team, I would have to consider the movement of our headquarters too. After all, we might also need to bring the people from the headquarters.” Logan raised one finger, focusing on this one problem.

They had limited troops. Since this side had Theo, the other side could only rely on numbers. So, he had to consider the number of soldiers in this place.

“Don’t worry.” Rea shook her head calmly. “We won’t ask for reinforcement from the headquarters. Instead, we’ll protect this area with only the soldiers of this base alone. Just keep minimal personnel near all borders to stop any monsters around us and send everyone to the battlefield.

“Theo said, ‘that’s enough.’ Of course, I hope the headquarters can send us some heavy weapons and support.”

“You’re quite confident, eh…” Logan scratched the back of his head. “Don’t you think this is a bit too rash?”

“Well, I feel the same. However, we’re talking about Theo here. If he says it’s enough, it should be enough.” Rea sighed. “That’s just my desperate reason since I don’t understand his plans either. Well, the decision is up to you.”

“I’ll relay your request to the headquarters first. Do you want to add anything?”

“No. I don’t think so.” Rea shook her head.

“Still, where is Theodore Griffith? If he is the one explaining it to me, I’ll surely comply with his condition. I don’t mean to look down on you, but he is just different.” Logan sighed.

“I know.” Rea closed her eyes for a moment. Before Theo left, Theo had given her four letters.

“These are four letters for you. Each letter has time to open it. If you choose to open it, the battle plan might fail.” Theo handed the letters to her.

Rea was confused at that time and read the description of the letter.

After leaving.

If people couldn’t accept the battle plan.

In the battle.

Last resort.

The description was simple, but the message was clear. As soon as Theo left to prepare for the battle, she could open the first letter. Theo believed there would be people who didn’t want to accept his battle plan, so if she couldn’t contain them, she could open the second letter.

And after the battle started, she could open the third one. Only when there seemed to be no more hope that she could open the last one.

Hence, Rea had opened the first letter since Theo had left this place.

Rea told Logan what the letter said from word to word. “I’ll be leaving until the time for the battle has come. I don’t know if I can finish this sooner, but I’ll try my best. However, if I can’t come back before the battle begins, I’ll leave everything in your hands. Your word is my word.

“This is the message he left me. I believe this is enough to answer your doubt.” Rea looked at Logan with a serious expression. “I might not be experienced in battle, but I have followed him for quite a while. Although I’m not as good as him, I still can employ a few of his tricks.

“Don’t forget that the enemies are in Florida. The first thing they’re going to hit is our base which is located in the southeast of Kentucky. With Agata, his fiancee, staying there, do you think he will abandon everything and just leave?”

When Logan heard all these reasons, he couldn’t help but agree with Rea. If Theo didn’t care about Agata, he wouldn’t bother to announce their relationship in front of the world.

That was why he wouldn’t abandon Agata.

Logan contemplated for a moment before agreeing with her decision. “Alright. I’ll convey everything to headquarters. If you don’t mind, you can stay here today. I believe they’ll give us a reply tomorrow. What do you think?”

“Sounds good.” Rea nodded in agreement. “I’ll be looking forward to the reply.”


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