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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1625: Hint Bahasa Indonesia

Theo shrugged. “Inspired or not, they can always say it that way. Since I’ve gotten the support of the monsters, there’s a chance that it will happen twice.

“And what I’m worried about right now is the fact that this connection is formed by greed. There should be something that this person wants from the monsters. In exchange, this person is giving out our information.

“With the current state of the monsters, I doubt the person they contact is in a low position. So, the suspect is among the high-ranking people in the new capital.”

“What? Do they understand that if humans go extinct, they will…” Rea couldn’t even finish her sentence due to the frustration coming from the foolishness of this person.

“Humans. I’ve lost hope in humanity since a long time ago, so who cares about it right now? All I have to think about is how to deal with it and erase this tumor as soon as possible.” Theo shook his head while trying to figure out a way to handle them.

“So, what are we going to do?”

“What do you think we should do?” Theo asked back, wanting to see her progress.

Rea considered the situation before saying, “I’m thinking about launching a surprise attack. We don’t need too many people to attack them if we only want to delay them. So, if our group acts and strikes the trash mountain, it should be able to stall them for a while.

“That way, we can prepare for more cards to play in this battle and use them to solve them.”

“Hmm, not a bad plan, but I can’t say it’s good either. First of all, you’re missing one point. Even though they’re able to get a connection to one of us, it doesn’t solve the question of how they can find other small bases all around the world.

“I’ve seen fishes living on the ground, so there is a possibility of them going to the land and checking it themselves.

“The moment we attack them, they’ll be forced to launch an attack all around the world. This is what we should be careful of, considering the union had just dealt with the radiation problem.

“However, I don’t say it’s a bad plan because this can fool the spy they’ve planted on our side. This way, they’ll be shocked by our attack and might change their plan to the point they have to retreat for the time being.”

“I see.” Rea closed her eyes, recording his statement in her head. She had to learn this to make sure she didn’t make such a mistake in the future. “But I can’t find a better plan than this. The fact that there is a spy among us means we can’t launch a surprise attack while involving the government.”

“Nope.” Theo smirked. “We can sneak attack them.”

“Huh?” Rea was dumbfounded. No matter how hard she tried to find a way, it was impossible. They had to know about this spy first before doing it.

Theo explained his plan with a smile. “As you said, we must create an alliance with the union and United Asia to attack them simultaneously. This is the way to keep our casualties low.

“And I agree with you. We’re going to attack them simultaneously.” Theo gave her the command. “Tell the government and convey it to all people. We’re going to launch an all-out attack in two weeks. In the meantime, send a group of elites to mess with the monsters and the trash.

“Make it quite big so that the enemies think they’re under attack. However, don’t provoke them too much to the point it would start the battle.”

“Huh?” Rea became even more confused. She couldn’t see how this was a sneak attack. Although Theo could say the surprise attack would come two weeks later, the enemies would know about it. The continuous harassment would be considered as well after hearing the information from their spy.

So, no matter how Theo twisted it, it was impossible to create a surprise attack.

Theo glanced at her confused expression and sighed, “It seems you haven’t reached this level yet. Agata will understand my intention with just that clue.”

“For real? I don’t understand anything. Where is the surprise attack? And more importantly, why two weeks later? Two weeks later, the enemies would have made enough preparation for an all-out attack.” Rea scratched the back of her head as she couldn’t figure out Theo’s plan.

Theo smiled and said, “The all-out attack is two weeks later because we need time to prepare. As I said earlier, the union has just finished a big battle. They need time to rest. So, I choose this date in consideration of what’s happening all around the world.”

Rea could relate to what he said, but this was hardly a surprise attack.

However, Theo didn’t seem to be planning to tell her about his reason.

He only said, “Just tell the government about it. I’ll do the rest.”

“I understand.” Rea was disappointed in herself. This was Theo’s style of teaching. He was giving hints from time to time. If she still couldn’t find the reason, she had to go back and revise all the clues.

Sometimes, it would give birth to a completely new idea. Sometimes, she managed to guess Theo’s thinking correctly. That was why she had to consider all the clues after giving Theo’s words to the government.

Theo smiled and said, “Are you disappointed because I didn’t tell you anything? This is different from our usual lessons since it involves many lives.”

“No, I’m just disappointed I can’t figure out what you’re thinking. You might make this a lesson for me, but you won’t throw away the last bit of your humanity just to teach me. I’m sure you’ve considered what will happen if I still can’t find the answer within these two weeks. That’s why… I’ll make sure to use this opportunity to learn from you, Teacher.”

Theo smiled, satisfied with his student’s attitude.

“In that case, you handle all the preparation. I’m going to make some preparations, so don’t bother me for a while.”



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