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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1579: Reality Saint Bahasa Indonesia

“This is the first time I’ve seen something like this,” Rea muttered, rushing to the temple. She had seen all kinds of phenomena that Theo had created, but this one felt different.

There was a tingling sensation bursting from the Friend Seal Theo gave her as if telling her something.

“What is this feeling?” Rea asked herself while looking at her hands.

“I don’t know either.” Isaac, who had just arrived, answered while feeling excited. There seemed to be another secret that could be researched, he thought.

“From what I’ve heard about it, it’s just a sign.” Felix appeared beside them with Millie while staring at the symbol on top of the temple.

“You know about it?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah. Though, it’s not something I can tell you. Sorry, but this is a bit sensitive.” Felix shook his head disappointedly.

Theo once told him that learning everything from the start about Order would just make them farther away from it. He didn’t understand much about it, but Theo had successfully taught many people to a great degree, so he must say it because he had comprehended it.

Hence, Felix didn’t say anything regarding the Friend Seal.

The rest of the people who felt it immediately came out of their houses and gathered in front of the temple, wondering what had happened.

They were questioning the feeling transmitted through the Friend Seal.

However, this wasn’t limited to those around him. Theo had put his Friend Seal on all his subordinates.

Maya and Ruth were staring at each other in shock.

“Did you feel that?” Maya asked while trembling. She felt a great surge of power that pumped her heart as if trying to make her body excited.

Even Ruth couldn’t contain her surprise. Although she had an Order, this was the first time she had felt the power transmitted by the Friend Seal.

She furrowed her eyebrows and nodded her head. “Yes. All I can say is that he must have done something great… Probably a breakthrough.”

Maya’s expression brightened. “Are you serious?”

“I believe so. This is what the feelings told me.” Ruth nodded without hesitation, confirming it.

Just like the two of them, Agata, Ryo, and Ergene also felt this shock.

“There is-!” Agata was speaking about her next plan before abruptly stopping.

“!!!” Ryo and Ergene were standing next to Agata, protecting her while she was working in the army with Zhao Jia.

Zhao Jia and the others were confused by the abrupt stop.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Jia asked while furrowing her eyebrows.

Agata closed her eyes for a moment as a smile appeared on her face. “Congratulations…”

“Congratula…What?” Zhao Jia completely didn’t understand, but there was no one who would receive a congratulation from Agata except for Theo.

By connecting what had happened recently, Zhao Jia understood what had happened.

“Did he…” Zhao Jia muttered in a low voice, wanting to confirm her doubt.

Agata simply said, “I’ll end the meeting in an hour. Is that alright with you?”

That question was enough for Zhao Jia. She thought for a moment and said, “I understand. You can stop it here too…”

Agata shook her head while pointing at the map she had shown earlier. “I’m not that irresponsible.”

The feeling lasted for a while as Theo gained the world’s recognition from evolving his Order to Authority.

Theo also felt the change in the world. Even though his eyes closed, his senses were heightened to a whole new level.

‘This is…’ Theo muttered inwardly. His senses were actually picking a few things: the elements in the air, the laws of physics, and other things that supported this reality.

He might not be able to understand all of them, but he could certainly feel them.

‘This is what shapes a reality…’ Theo continued focusing on his senses. ‘I see. This is what my Authority is…

‘I can sense all the things that shape this reality. However, my laws are not creating this reality, but what changes its shape. In other words, my Authority is the tool to control this reality.

‘My three laws consist of replication, conversion, and reversal. Each of them has the ability to change the rules of this reality.

‘In other words, this power can allow me to destroy or alter reality, but it will never allow me to create one.

‘I guess this is the difference between me and the creator, who wields all thirteen big Orders.

‘I see. That’s the difference. The creator creates this reality together with all the laws. The Saint is the creator’s hand, utilizing their power to create unique laws in a certain era.

‘After all, the laws in the Age of God, the Jurassic era, and the Modern era will be different. The Saint is the one manipulating the laws that have been set up before to match the civilization.

‘However, this power also comes with a risk. There’s a possibility that the Saint will end up causing destruction by setting up weird laws with its power.

‘So, I have to be a good Saint who shouldn’t use his power to destroy this reality since another apocalypse might happen.

‘Last but not least, the Kings. They’re beings who are tasked to be the law enforcement of a Saint. You can be called a King like that of a ruler, but they’re still bound by all these laws from the Saint.

‘These are the differences between Order, Authority, and Creation.’

Theo couldn’t help but remember the time when the world visited him, telling him that it had stopped loving all living beings.

‘A reality where the world doesn’t love the living beings that stay on it…’ Theo sighed and said, ‘It seems that there are a lot of things to do to fix it.’

Theo smiled and raised his hand. “I’m now stepping up as the Reality Saint. I might not be able to create reality because my power is only for destruction. However, I promise you that I’m going to make you question whether this power is meant for destruction or creation.

“Just like when a man who killed billions of people is regarded as a hero or when the illusion becomes a reality, I, too, shall make you question whether I destroy or create this reality.”

Upon saying his vow to the world, the symbol on his chest started to glow as if the world had acknowledged his vow.

Theo smiled as the surge of power entered his symbol.

Today, the Reality Saint is born.


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