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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1574: Aftermath (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“I’m going to retire.”

“What? If you’re retired…” Marzio took a step back, seeing the trouble ahead.

“I was supposed to have retired two decades ago. You people were the ones forcing me to take this shitty job.”

“But the people truly need your wisdom, Father.”

“Then, you take my job.”

“… Did you listen to me, Father?”

“I’m giving you an opportunity, Marzio. Don’t you see the hidden intention of the public outburst? It’s basically enhancing our family’s name and if I’m retiring, you…” Leonardo stopped, letting Marzio understand the rest.

“!!!” It didn’t take too long for Marzio to understand the real intention of this retirement. “Father… You don’t mean…”

“Yeah. This is the best start I can give you to start your career.” Leonardo nodded. With good public opinion, Marzio could reform the union from the inside, allowing him to gain more achievement. This was a good start for Marzio’s career in the union.

Leonardo was also tired of dealing with all these matters, so it was time for him to step down.

“But Father…”

“There is not but! I’m going to retire. But well… I’ll take care of the radiation problem before stepping down. During that time, you’ll learn everything from me. Understood?”

Marzio clenched his fists and lowered his head. “I understand. I won’t disappoint you, Father.”

“Good.” Leonardo smiled, knowing everything would be fine. This time, he could finally rest.

US Base.

“Hahahahaha!” The laughter echoed inside the room as a blond woman was having fun reading all the news she had just received. “This is hilarious! Have you seen the news, Ruth?”

“…” Ruth maintained her calm face while sipping her coffee. However, the corner of her mouth was tilting slightly, showing her happiness.

Maya said, “Anyway, we’re going to bring Theo here in a few months. Also, I have to prepare another flight for Agata…”

“Won’t Theo be the one going there?”

“That’s true.” Maya nodded. “What’s the situation with our airplane?”

“The airplane is using Magic Power to fly, allowing us to produce a system without a single noise. This should enable us to fly stealthily in the sky.

“The last problem for this airplane is dealing with the Magic Power itself. Like Supreme Rank Expert or Mythical Rank Expert, the natural release of the Magic Power can disturb the monsters, so we’re working to solve that problem.

“There are several ways that we’re experimenting right now. And since traveling is dangerous, we also prepare several weapons and protective equipment from the attacks.

“If everything works just fine, we should be able to solve the problem and travel all around the world. It’s just… we have to know where to fetch him.”

Maya nodded in agreement. “True. But knowing him, he would have told us later when everything was finished. For now, we can continue our research and finish the airplane as soon as possible.”


“Then, let’s move on to the next topic. How is the public’s opinion about Theo?”

“It’s pretty good. They’re talking like if they don’t want Theo, he can come here. If you release news that you’re working on the airplane to bring him here, you’ll surely get a good opinion from the public.”

“That’s a good idea. Though, I’ll consult with him first since I can’t release that statement only to be rejected by him because of a change of plan or something.”

“Understood.” Ruth thought for a moment and said, “There is one thing that I’m confused about.”

“What is it?”

“It seems that he has a good relationship with the monsters over there. Is he going to bring them here? If not, what about the monsters?”

“I don’t think he will bring them here. But I think Theo is going to utilize that relationship for a future plan. I mean, Theo has a base over there, and I don’t think he’ll abandon it completely.”

“Then, is he going to be alternating between two places? It’s going to cost him a bit.”

“That’s true. But Theo has two ways to solve that problem. First, he can upgrade someone’s skills!”

“Ah!” Ruth forgot that Richard was actually Theo. Theo had informed it a bit later after that incident.

“With this ability, he can simply become a rich person without our company. The cost is nothing to him.”

“Indeed. I can see that.”

“The second way is his clone. He can simply leave his clone there.”

“But won’t he need them to fight?”

“Who is he going to fight in this place? Our company has reclaimed its previous glory and if the airplane business is a success, we can rise far higher. Is there even a need to be afraid of anyone other than him?”

“Other than him…” Ruth rolled her eyes, understanding why Maya emphasized that one.

“Haha. I mean, who can resist that guy? With that popularity, he’s basically like the world’s idol. Even the union is in a mess with just a simple outburst. If Theo wants it, he can simply destroy this company in an instant.”

“I can see him doing it.” Ruth nodded in agreement.

“But this also means I have lost to him again, tsk.” Maya clicked her tongue. She had challenged Theo that she would become the most valued person in the world to the point he didn’t dare to claim that she was his subordinate.

But Theo had become a hero in people’s eyes; a single action from him could cause her company’s stock to fall to the bottom. “I don’t want to admit it, but this is my 4th defeat against him.”

“Well, you’re going to continue fighting him?”

“Of course. This is just a challenge for me to improve. Anyway, let’s start our plan.”

“Which plan?”

“The Skill Rank Plan.”

“Ah! Then, we shall start procuring Skill Cards from all over the countries?”

“Yes.” Maya thought for a moment. “I’ll take care of the negotiation while you are going to roam around to find Skill Cards from the ruined buildings, especially temples.”

“Got it.”

“Then, I’ll leave it to you.” Maya smiled. With Theo on her side, her dream of becoming the most valued company in the world was just right around the corner. Even though she had become his subordinate, it didn’t mean she had lost her own goal.


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