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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1573: Aftermath (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey, have you seen the news?”

“That’s right. I saw that video. To think there’s such a thing happening behind the scenes.”

There were two people walking while talking about a certain video. The video wasn’t long. After all, they couldn’t capture what Theo said since he didn’t talk out loud.

However, everyone’s attention came from Rea’s outburst. She was letting out all her emotions as well as the information of what transpired in the dark.

It stunned all the people who watched it.

“I was angry as well. To think that the real Theodore Griffith was actually from a hidden family called the Griffith Family… And to think he wanted to destroy the world.”

“Yeah. And the one who wanted to save them was his clone. This is already wrong in the first place. Cloning? Are they practicing cloning? It’s not a skill, right?”

“How can that be? The clone has a personality of his own. If it’s a skill, the clone that the other one produces should be able to summon another clone.”

“That’s true. In that case, the Theodore Griffith that we know this whole time has come to love the people and wants to stop the Griffith Family.”

“Indeed. Unfortunately, the Griffith Family always tried to kill him.”

“Not only that… Do you remember Nagasawa Rea’s outburst? From my perspective, no one could release that anger unless it truly happened.”

“That’s right. In that case, the union truly abandoned him. And I heard the Lexon Group was the one spreading the video.”

“Yes. It was said that Alexej had fallen in battle as well.”

“It seemed Theo was the one killing him… well, it was justified. Where is his grave?”

“Does a person like that deserve a grave?”

“That’s true. If he has a grave, I will go there and fill it with trash. He’s the one causing all this mess after all.”

“We can’t disrespect the dead. Fuck that saying… That one is not a human but an animal! Even I will go there to dig up his grave.”

“Indeed. Still, the situation in the union is not that good right now.”

“That’s true. I can feel it too. I actually participated in the previous demonstration.”

“For Theodore Griffith… Despite being betrayed all the time, it didn’t stop him from helping us on that battlefield. Even the current union was built from his idea. Those guys are just running it.”

“That’s right. It was no wonder Theodore Griffith left the union back then. It was such a shame, but I felt like he deserved a better place.”

“True… But where did he live right now? I actually wanted to live in his place. Maybe there is a base somewhere?”

“Living together with the monsters?”

“But those monsters didn’t look like they were going to harm us. He could even order King Class Monsters around. Don’t you think it’s already a mystical place that no one has ever discovered before?”

“Living together with monsters, huh? Now that I think about it, the animals have turned into monsters after the apocalypse, right?”

“Are you saying that the monsters were once an animal too?”

“That’s probably correct. They just evolved on the other side… If we think that way, I can somehow see us living with them.”

“But those monsters are special. Other monsters will surely attack us.”

“True, but we can’t really go to his place since no one knows his whereabouts right now.”

“Maybe the union knows, but they don’t want us to know.”


The conversation continued. They were mocking, criticizing, and letting out all their emotions in the conversation.

Unfortunately for the union, this kind of conversation happened all over the union. The trust in the union vanished, and Theo was hailed as their savior.

After all, Theo’s group stopped the Griffith Family, Theo himself stopped the original Theo, and the King Class Monsters handled the mutated King Class Monsters.

Without Theo and his reinforcement, there was no way the union could handle all that. If Theo didn’t come, the union would have been completely destroyed, and another few hundred million people would have died.

The union also faced another problem. After the battle, Leonardo immediately picked another job to deal with the aftermath.

He was in his room, watching the public’s outburst. He understood that this was Theo’s plan, and it was probably his last retaliation for his dissatisfaction.

However, he also caught a hidden intention in this public outburst. Theo was actually creating an opportunity for him.

In the past, he was completely suppressed by Flora. But after the incident with Richard and Ricky, Leonardo was known to be a just person inside the union because he protected the Czar and the Empress Palace before they were harmed by the union or the Griffith Family.

If he wanted to reconstruct the union, he had the chance to do it. After all, public opinion supported him.

While thinking about it, Marzio suddenly entered his office and reported, “Father. We have checked the aftermath.

“The monsters are filled with radiation, so we have to bury them with concrete. This way, the water can’t penetrate the concrete, and the radiation won’t be washed away, affecting other things beneath the ground.

“As for the land they crossed… To be honest, we don’t find too much radiation. It’s kinda surprising even for me, but that’s the situation. So, we don’t have to worry about it for now.

“It’s just that there is another problem. The corpses of the King Class Monsters are emitting quite high radiation… It’s already affecting the ground. So, we have to dig up the soil and bury it under itself to prevent radiation and sickness.

“And we have to make a surveillance team that will supervise Chernobyl and other similar places with high radiation to prevent the appearance of another disaster.”

“…” Leonardo listened to him and asked two crucial questions. “How much money do you need? How many men do you require?”

“We can’t use the monsters’ parts to get some money, so we have to open our coffers… It requires around 12 billion and approximately 10,000 people. The work will be done within a month.”

Leonardo thought for a moment before looking at Marzio. “Well, it sounds good enough. Marzio…”

“Yes, Father?”

“I’m going to retire.”


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