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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1566: Theo Reappeared Bahasa Indonesia


“Gah.” The Dark King spat a mouthful of blood as his body had become quite weak. While falling down, he glanced at the monster.

The latter wasn’t that good either. Although he seemed to be the one losing, the monster was covered in wounds as well.

But in the end, this was his limit. The mutated monster was simply too strong.

‘A King that can go against a few Kings of the same level. What a monster.’ The Dark King gritted his teeth, unwilling to take the loss.

‘Ugh.’ The Dark King used all his strength to move his body but to no avail. He saw that the mutated monster was prepared to deliver the killing blow. ‘My Magic Power? It’s almost empty. There’s no way to stop that attack.

‘My Order? Without enough Magic Power, I can’t do anything with my Order. Then, I guess this is it. I have injured this one quite badly, but it seems that I won’t be able to see it die…’

The Dark King sighed and said, “I guess I should have taken his offer to retreat. I might probably die if I get hit by this.”

The Dark King closed his eyes as if accepting his fate. The light from the mutated monster’s mouth became brighter and brighter.

After gathering enough energy, the mutated monster released a small ball that flew toward the Dark King.

The Dark King couldn’t move anymore, so he was just waiting for his death.

“!!!” The four King Class Monsters that accompanied him were shocked because they never expected the Dark King would die here.

When the light was about to reach the Dark King, it suddenly disappeared, and the explosion never happened.

Soon, a gentle voice echoed in his ears. “Seriously. Do you want me to break my promise to Frost Saint?”

“Ahaha…” The Dark King chuckled. “You could just blame me for acting on my own accord.”

“You know I can’t do that to my brother, right?” Theo smirked as he caught the Dark King.

“I guess it’s fine to leave this to you, right?” The Dark King couldn’t contain his smile when Theo called him a brother. He had considered Theo as one from a long time ago, but Theo was still hesitant to do the same. It seemed that his sacrifice broke the last barrier in Theo’s heart.

While the Dark King felt relieved, the others couldn’t feel the same thing. On the one side, they were filled with shock. On the other side, they were scared because this would cause a great change on the battlefield.

“He saved the Dark King!” The Steel King smirked, feeling excited to see Theo come here.

Meanwhile, the original Theo was in denial, hoping that Theo was forced to make a move because he had to save him, not because he had finished his breakthrough. “No. There’s no way he can become a saint in that instant.”

Clone Theo smiled because his consciousness was shared with the real him. “There’s no way I can become a Saint that easily.”

That statement stunned the original Theo, never expecting him to dare to release that secret.

However, his smile disappeared as soon as he heard the continuation. “Of course, there is another way to turn around the situation without becoming a Saint.”

“!!!” The original Theo felt the pressure from those words as he glanced at the one in the distance.

Theo looked at the mutated monster with a cold expression. “So, you’re the one who has harmed my brother. It seems that you want to die.”

The mutated monster roared and charged another bomb in his mouth.

“Theo. Beware, that guy is fast, powerful, tough, and filled with Magic Power and radiation!”

“It’s fine. He won’t be able to do anything from now on.” Theo suddenly stomped the ground and created a fissure. The wind suddenly rose to the sky and went back to the ground, hitting the monster’s head.

Ascension Step, Tenth Step.

This Tenth Step was not like his usual Tenth Step. The moment the wind fell down, it felt like the whole sky was falling down, pressuring this monster.

The monster tried to withstand the pressure, but the ground beneath it couldn’t, creating a huge crater on the ground. The crater was at least five hundred feet in radius.

The monster suddenly lost control over his breath and caused it to explode inside its body.


The monster still managed to contain the explosion, preventing himself from blowing up. But due to him pushing everything to his defense, he couldn’t put any strength to resist the pressure. His body and head immediately fell down as the monster felt like it was getting crushed.

“!!!” In an instant, there were two people who recognized this power.

“This is…” Leonardo gasped, never expecting to see this power. “The Wind Emperor’s Ascension Step. Its power is the same as him imbuing his Authority!”

“Did he get a Wind Authority? No, that’s impossible!” As a peer of the Wind Emperor in the past, the Empress denied it immediately because it was impossible for Theo to change his ability that easily.

But both of them were stunned because of Theo’s next ability.

Suddenly, the world felt like it was undergoing a big change. The ground disappeared as Theo levitated in the air, and the crater changed into a big basin on a small planet’s surface.

A few other planets appeared, and the sky turned dark like the starry sky.

“That is Heavenly Sovereign’s Universe!” Leonardo, the Empress, and other King Level Experts recognized this power as he was one of the strongest people in the world.

This was what the Heavenly Sovereign had shown Theo too when he visited him.

Theo smirked. He had chosen the third set of laws where he could replicate everything, including all elements with his illusion.

Earlier, Theo replicated the wind and added his S Rank Telekinesis to recreate the real Ascension Step. And now, he was using his new ability to recreate the Heavenly Sovereign’s power.

“Now, I invite you to my domain, Mirage World!” Theo smirked.


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