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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1565: Felix’s New Power Bahasa Indonesia

“!!!” Alexej widened his eyes, never expecting that Felix could actually get stronger when fighting.

He tried to stop Felix by shooting out another missile.

Felix only glanced at it for a moment before swinging his blade. The blade was sliding on the ground, creating a small spark. But one of the lights that looked like a snake fell down and ran through the ground as a flat line.

It was heading in the missile’s direction before a huge blade came out of the ground, splitting the missile into two.

“What?!” Alexej was shocked that his missile could easily be destroyed just like that. Previously, Felix would have trouble stopping this missile because he used his screen to release a light that disturbed Felix’s own light.

But if Felix actually let the light travel on the ground by becoming a flat line, there was no way he could disturb that.

Felix raised his sword once again, pointing it at Alexej as if challenging him. This time, he wasn’t planning to lose.

“You bastard!” Alexej roared and activated his screen again.

However, Felix waved his sword down, sending three lights from his sword to the ground.

The three white lines moved toward Alexej, and the blades immediately emerged as soon as they reached Alexej’s location.

“!!!” The speed was so fast that Alexej had to leap back and use his screen as a shield.

The three blades cut the screen into four, destroying it.

Felix pointed his palm toward Alexej before a light beam came out, forming a huge circle next to Alexej.

The latter immediately turned around and summoned another screen, summoning a bomb. He had seen this technique earlier, so he expected Felix to use this again to teleport himself to his place.

But to his surprise, the thing that came out of the circle was another blade that destroyed the bomb, causing a huge explosion.

“!!!” Alexej was blown away by his own explosion, causing him to crash into a tree.

“Tsk. What a troublesome tech—” Alexej couldn’t finish his words because he noticed that the white line had moved to him.

Alexej immediately leaped away to avoid this white line, but Felix gave him another surprise. Instead of summoning the blade, the white line circled the tree as if trying to gain some elevation.

When it was at Alexej’s neck level, the blade came out, cutting everything at that height.

“!!!” Alexej ducked down, barely avoiding this blade.

Another white line appeared before him, but Alexej was more prepared this time. He hurriedly jumped away while preparing himself for another blade.

But this time, the one coming out of the white line was actually Felix himself. Felix appeared before him and struck him.

“Kh.” Alexej summoned a screen to become his shield. Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to protect him.

In that instant, Felix’s eyes became bloodshot as he released several sharp and precise swings.

Alexej jumped into the air to avoid Felix, but soon, several cut wounds appeared all over his body. There was even a big one on his chest.

“What a troublesome technique.” Alexej never expected that Felix’s ability could actually change the form of the light itself. By utilizing this power, he could make himself even more unpredictable. This was why Alexej had a hard time even reacting to Felix’s attack.

Still, he was in the middle of the fight. He only had two fates. If he couldn’t become a conqueror, he would become a loser. That was why he had to kill Felix and somehow find a way to slip past the Empress to kill Theo before he could finish his breakthrough.

“Carpet Bomb!” Alexej formed a screen but faced downwards. The screen started moving as a few huge bombs fell off the screen.

He believed that Felix had no way to stop this. Even though Felix could send his blade to the air by shooting a light beam, his new technique wouldn’t be able to defeat this screen.

As he predicted, Felix shot a light beam into the air and summoned a light blade to split his screen into two.

However, the screen had another trick behind it. The moment it split, each screen would be able to do the same thing. In other words, there were two screens dropping bombs now.

“!!!” Felix furrowed his eyebrows, looking at the explosions before him. He tried to do the same thing, thinking the screen would stop dropping bombs as long as he cut them small enough.

But when the screen had split into twenty, the bombing hadn’t stopped at all.

Felix narrowed his eyes, knowing that no more attack was allowed to go past him. With his new power, he stabbed the ground with his sword, pouring his light into the ground.

Suddenly, the ground cracked a bit before a huge tree made of white light shot into the sky. The tree had numerous branches and each branch actually pierced through the screen, making it stuck.

The bomb still dropped, but it ended up touching the branches, causing the explosion to destroy the screen itself.

“…” Alexej became even more frustrated because he couldn’t find any way to go to Theo anymore. He took a glance to the side, wondering if there was any other person that managed to reach Theo, but the rest of Theo’s group had been maintaining their solid defense, stopping all experts.

It was true that they had some trouble keeping up with the fights due to the lack of Chris’ support, but they wouldn’t go down anytime soon.

At the same time, Clone Theo was still keeping the original Theo in check. Its Magic Power had been depleted significantly, but at this rate, thirty minutes would have passed first before the original Theo could free himself.

“Kh. Is there nothing more we can use?” Alexej gritted his teeth while looking around.

Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred in the distance. The explosion was so big that it grabbed most people’s attention.

“What is that?! A nuke?!” The Empress was staring in the distance, wondering what had happened.

“Our opponent is using the radiation to power up. There’s no way we can send nukes…” Marzio shook his head while wondering who caused the explosion. “But that position… isn’t it supposed to be…”

When he used his binoculars to take a look, he saw a small dark monster falling to the ground with his body covered in blood.


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