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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1538: New Comrade Bahasa Indonesia

Just like what Akbar said, more and more people came in. Of course, they didn’t dare to say it aloud at first since they were taking advantage of this shop to strengthen themselves. They could even become a hero of their small group if they took advantage of this shop that only they knew.

Though, some people also informed their boss, making them come. Akbar obviously didn’t mind making a transaction with him, but if they caused trouble, Felix would be the one making a move.

So, the business was booming and the people began ransacking buildings for Skill Cards.

However, Akbar was getting another surprise when he received a certain customer.

The customer was a female. By the looks of it, she was still young, only thirty or forty years old. According to the world’s lifespan, she was like a teenager transitioning to an adult.

However, there were a lot of bruises on her body, which was quite different from the rest of the customers.

Despite such a condition, her eyes were fierce and even emitted killing intent. She glared at Akbar and Felix.

Felix narrowed his eyes, preparing to make a move. On the other hand, Akbar smiled and asked, “Hello, young lady. Do you wish to trade something?”

“I want that!” She dropped the bag she carried and pointed at the only item left behind by a Mythical Rank Expert.

“Hoh?” Akbar was amused by this choice because no one had yet to buy this one. After all, there were only one or two thousand Mythical Rank Experts all around the world, so it was rare for them to show an interest in an item of this level.

Still, she was his customer, so Akbar took out the Skill Cards to count them. However, he soon furrowed his eyebrows and said, “I’m sorry, but you only have 14,807 Points with all of your Skill Cards. You are a few thousand short for that item.”

“I want that item.” She gritted her teeth, glaring at Akbar.

“I’m sorry, but a trade is a trade. I won’t take any loss.” Akbar shook his head helplessly. “I believe that the price I have given is already good enough. So, there won’t be any negotiation.”

“You…” She gritted her teeth and started loosening her button. “You want this, right? You are like the men who tortured and killed my sister!”

Akbar was baffled, not understanding why she could come up with this kind of reason. She completely misunderstood his transaction with her own body, which was already covered in bruises.

However, there was something that piqued his interest. As a master in psychology, he found three things from her, so he changed his way of talking.

“It seems that you misunderstand me. I’m simply trading with everyone fair and square. Do you think I’ll give you a discount or something for your body that has been covered in bruises? Can you even make men horny with that body anyway?” Akbar smiled slyly.

She couldn’t say anything since what Akbar said was completely correct.

“However, there’s also a way to get some points.” Akbar smirked.

“Huh?” The woman looked at Akbar in shock.

“I can give you some discounts or points for information. It seems that you haven’t had a good life in a while. Do you mind giving me the reason? I can deduct five hundred points for that.” Akbar smiled.

She was confused for a moment before realizing this was an opportunity. “You’re going to deduct it more?”

“As long as I’m satisfied with your first answer, I might ask another question.”

“…” She looked down, contemplating for a moment. “My sister and I lived in a group two kilometers away from here. We were bullied by the whole group and my sister decided to sacrifice herself to protect me. They raped her until she died and gave her to a cannibal group to feed them. I want this weapon so that I can kill them. I should be the one to die…”

Akbar paused for a moment when he saw the hatred in her eyes. He then asked again, “Then, do you think I should reduce the price again for you just so because I pity you? Since you have been living in that kind of group, do you think I will reduce the price just like that?”

“You…” She released her Spiritual Energy as if she wanted to kill him. Akbar tricked her. Even if he continued asking her questions, he would say that the last question didn’t excite him more and the price couldn’t be reduced lower than the cards she brought. In other words, he just took advantage of her weakness.

However, Akbar added with a small smile. “That’s the second question. Depending on your answer, you can get a thousand points deduction.”

“!!!” She widened her eyes in shock, realizing she had misunderstood him. Akbar was trying to see whether she was useful or not for him to lower the price. After all, selling this item to her also put him in danger.

‘She’s clever.’ Akbar thought while smiling, waiting for her answer.

“I don’t know.”

Akbar narrowed his eyes. “You don’t know?”

“My power is useless.” She raised her hand and summoned a small mouse. “This is my ability. I’m a summoner who can only summon moles. That’s why I should have been the one to die, not my sister.”

“Hoh?” Akbar smirked and asked, “I have been wondering how you can gather all these Skill Cards. It seems that you’re able to use the mouse to find them…”

“How do you…” The woman hurriedly shut her mouth again, not wanting to give the information for free.

He smiled and said, “Last question. If the devil gives you a deal for revenge, what kind of thing are you prepared to give that devil?”

The woman was dumbstruck. This time, Akbar’s smile contained his killing intent. She couldn’t help but start trembling as if Akbar was the devil itself.

However, she remembered what happened inside that base that was even worse than her own death. She gritted her teeth and said, “I will sell everything to the devil. I was supposed to die anyway, so just take everything for my revenge.”

“Thank you for your patronage.” Akbar grinned.


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